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Tool Tango was started because like you, we cherish long days in the shop and the fresh smell of cedar. 

Whether we are spinning something on the lathe or perfecting our dovetail, we believe our tools should stand the test of time. 

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Chainsaws aren't as daunting as they may seem. You would be surprised how functional they prove to be. We have a comprehensive list of chainsaw guides suitable for every project. 

Nearly one of staples of every project-goer, table saws continuously show they are one of the powerhouses of weekend-warrior projects. Our list of buyer guides covers every topic imaginable. 

Effective, compact, and powerful, a circular saw can be used in a variety of projects. From cutting 2x4s to tackling fallen tree limbs in the backyard, a circular saw may be the perfect addition to your collection. Check out our expansive set of guides. 

If you're a woodworker or someone who is looking to expand their shop, a band saw is a must. Known for precise cuts and incredible accuracy, these are great for a multitude of reasons. Learn which model is best for you. 

For some of us, turning on a lathe is one of the earliest woodworking memories we have. These fascinating machines are not only fun to use, but can create some beautiful pieces of art. We've covered several helpful topic so choosing one is that much easier.  

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