Best 14 Inch Bandsaws – 2021 Round-up Review

| Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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A heavy, large, and expensive power tool, the best 14-inch bandsaw is not easy to choose.

The plethora of models from the market won’t help you, either. But our concise buyer’s guide and our selection of best-rated models will shed some light.

Want to understand this tool better and to get the best value for your money while buying it? Read on!

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best 14 inch bandsaws:

  1. Jet 714400K Jwbs-14SFX
  2. Shop Fox W1706
  3. RIKON Power Tools 10-326

Comparison of the Best 14 Inch Bandsaws


Our Rating


Jet 714400K Jwbs-14SFX

  • 13" resaw capacity and features an adjustable blade guide system
  • 116" blade length, 21" x 17" table
  • 4" dual dust ports, 1-3/4HP motor

Shop Fox W1706

  • Best for the Money
  • 93.5" blade length, 14" x 14" table
  • 4" dust port, 1 HP motor

RIKON Power Tools 10-326

  • Best Rikon 14" Bandsaw
  • 111" blade length, 21-1/2” x 15-3/4” table
  • 4" dust port, 1-3/4HP motor


  • Best Jet 14" Bandsaw
  • 105" blade length, 15" x 15" table
  • 4" dust port, 1-1/4HP motor

Delta 28-400

  • Best Delta 14 Inch Bandsaw
  • 93.5" blade length, 15-3/4" x 18-7/8" table
  • 4" dust port, 1 HP motor

Are All 14 Inch Bandsaws The Same? 

Apart from the size of the 14-inch bandsaw, everything else can stand out more or less. The best models currently on the market compete against each other in various ways. Some are heavy-duty, whereas others boast a lighter profile.

Then, they come with work tables made of aluminum, cast iron, or steel, at different sizes. The quick-release features are important, and manufacturers try to innovate it. But you’ll notice some of them including even work lights and blade-tracking windows. Onboard storage is yet another feature that some bandsaws provide.

When Would a 14 Inch Bandsaw Come in Handy? 

A 14-inch bandsaw can prove handy with many different projects. While it performs various cuts, a few situations will particularly demonstrate its utility:

Irregular Shapes

This is the most popular use of a bandsaw. With a 14-inch model, in particular, you can cut shapes in all kinds of wood stocks. As long as you have different blades at hand, you will be able to produce almost any irregular shape. Just don’t forget that you must always match your blade with the radius you intend to cut.


Need to get thinner stock out of thick stock? With a powerful bandsaw, it is standard practice. Professionals use it for a wide range of furniture projects, veneer sawing included. But more often than not, they make door panels. To try it out, always use the widest blade that your 14-inch bandsaw supports, along with a fence and a resaw guide.


From simple compound curves to fancier curves for unique designs, a 14-inch bandsaw can do it all. You will need to draw your cut lines on the working materials or use a printed model on top of it. And it is best if you use a thin blade. With practice, you’ll get firm cuts with smooth edges, and that’s where the fun begins.

Review of the Best 14 Inch Bandsaws 

Coming up next, we’ll review for you the best-rated 14-inch bandsaws. Popular manufacturers like Jet, Delta, Grizzly and Rikon are on this list, so, take a close look at it!

Best Overall:
Jet 714400K Jwbs-14SFX


  • Attractive, 5-year warranty
  • Allows swift blade guide adjustments
  • More than decent, 13-inch resaw capacity
  • Effective dust collection with dual dust ports
  • Sturdy, cast iron and tubular steel welded construction


  • Quite heavy construction
  • Blades are sold separately

Our Review

The 300 pounds, electric powered 230 volts, 1.75 HP Jet 14-inch bandsaw will instantly catch your eye. It makes an excellent choice for a wide range of works, with a resaw capacity of over 13 inches and a 116-inches long blade. You can rely on it for cutting large pieces of wood. But, also, for slicing veneers or cutting book matched panels.

Sized at 63.75 x 27.00 x 36.10 inches, it features a heavy-duty base for enhanced stability. The table, made of cast iron, gives you a generous 360 square inches work surface. And the structure is made of steel. There’s tubular steel on the frame, stamped steel at the doors, and welded steel pin for the hinges.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

With this 14-inch bandsaw from JET, you get to enjoy the manufacturer’s special adjusting blade guide system. It comes with an aluminum fence system that allows more accurate cutting. And dust collection is effectively handled through its dual 4-inch dust ports. Functional and affordable, available for an average price tag, it’s always a top choice.

Best for the Money:
Shop Fox W1706


  • Designed to allow table tilt when cutting
  • Solid, durable construction, made to last
  • Shipped with Deluxe Miter Gauge in the package
  • Convenient, hassle-free blade changing and tensioning
  • Includes features that you usually find in larger bandsaws


  • No work light built-in
  • Set up instructions could be clearer

Our Review

Whenever you’re looking for a top-notch choice with added value for the money, consider Shop Fox’s W1706 14-inch bandsaw. It has this 1 HP single-phase motor with 1,725 RPM. And the blade sized at 93-1/2 inches measures 14 x 14 x 1-1/2 inches. It sits on an all cast iron construction. And the cutting capacity is 13-1/2 inches, with 6-inches cutting height.

As expected, it comes with a 3/8-inch blade, miter gauge, and aluminum fence. The fence scale boasts a magnifying window and the blade changes in a snap. Depending on your needs, you can choose to run it at either 1,500 or 3,200 FPM.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This Shop Fox 14-inch bandsaw features an outstanding mix of value and affordability. You’ll hardly find a better bandsaw, at this size, for this price point. It is versatile enough to allow the table tilt with 450 to the right and 100 to the left. And its already decent maximum cutting height can be easily doubled by purchasing an optional extension kit.

Best Rikon 14’’ Bandsaw:
RIKON Power Tools 10-326


  • Offers a 5-year warranty
  • Facilitates high cutting capacity
  • Powered by an above-average motor
  • Allows selecting from two blade speeds
  • Features lots of quick adjustment options


  • Quite heavy construction
  • Expensive compared to other models

Our Review

With its extra-tall rip fence, 280 pounds and 25 x 30 x 75 inches, the Rikon Power Tools 10-326 14" Deluxe Bandsaw can't go unnoticed. You’re looking at a 1-3/4 HP dual volt motor (115/230) with a 13-inch cutting capacity. The blade works either at 1,445 or 2950 ft/min. While all adjustments are tool-less.

The spring-loaded blade guides adjust without wrenches. And you also have a quick-adjust rip fence and a quick-lock system for the working table. For anything from re-sawing to cutting lumber or simply working on metal, plastic, or composites, it will be your go-to 14-inch bandsaw.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This Rikon 14-inch Deluxe bandsaw is one of the most expensive options in our selection. However, it is also a sturdy stationary tool that reflects quality up to the smallest details. It has not one, but three innovative features (currently patent pending) for swift adjustments. And it is packed with loads of quick adjustment options.

Best Jet 14’’ Bandsaw:


  • Allows easy to view cutting track
  • Facilitates precision cutting with lots of safety features
  • Designed with an enclosed stand to declutter workspace
  • Sits on a super-tough, massive frame made of iron-cast
  • Features a high cutting capacity with retractable blade guard


  • No fence and miter gauge included
  • Blade tensioning takes a small learning curve

Our Review

Yet another outstanding 14-inch bandsaw from JET, the JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro raises the stake. It is a bit on the pricey side, though it does worth the investment. It boasts a 13-1/2 inches width cutting capacity. While the maximum height cutting capacity, given by a retractable blade, is 12 inches.

The cast-iron frame supports a 15 x 15-inch work table. Placed at 43.5 inches, you can tilt it at 45 degrees right and 10 degrees left. For your safety and accurate cutting, you have an easy-to-view blade tracking window. And just to know where you keep your tools, it comes with a built-in storage shelf with easy access.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The 14-inch JET JWBS-14DXPRO was redesigned. Apart from a sturdier design for the upper and lower frame, you’re getting a poly-v belt drive system. Thanks to the latter, you can choose between two blade speeds – 1500 or 3000 SFPM. From the high-tension spring design to the sturdier construction, there’s a lot that stands out.

Best Delta 14 Inch Bandsaw:
Delta 28-400


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Efficient dust collection system
  • Above-average cutting capacity
  • Well-built and suitable for any woodshop
  • Solid, cast-iron & aluminum construction


  • No work lights
  • Doesn’t include miter square or fence

Our Review

For the Delta fans out there, this 28-400 14-inch band saw is an option hard to ignore. It is powered by a 1 HP, 1 phase TEFC motor at 115V/230V. And it features two speeds of 1620 respectively 3340 FPM, for cutting either wood or non-ferrous metals. The cast iron working table is oversized to cover a 15-3/4 x 18-7/8 in surface.

It features a t-slot miter capability, though you’ll have to buy the miter yourself. And you can tilt the table 3 degrees left to 45 degrees right, with an option for a positive stop at 90 degrees. Add the overall aluminum frame, the two-seed pulley, and the accessible tensioning system, and you’re looking at a highly competitive 14-inch bandsaw.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

First of all, this Delta bandsaw comes at a price that would blow in the neck of our best for the money selection. What’s more, it is perfectly designed to fit any shop tool, for amateurs or professionals. All while combining a commercial-grade design with high-quality materials. 

Honorable Mention:
Grizzly Industrial G0555LA35


  • Competitive, budget-friendly option
  • Quiet operation with minimal vibrations
  • Powerful motor and good cutting capacity
  • Allows easy, angular adjustments of the working table
  • Quick to adjust, with three ball bearing rollers and quick-release lever


  • No on-board storage
  • Only 1-year warranty

Our Review

The Grizzly Industrial G0555LA35 is powered by a 1 HP, single-phase motor ready to operate at 110V/220V. It relies on a somewhat shorter blade of, 93-1/2 inches. But otherwise, it has a generous cutting capacity of 13-1/2 inches, and a maximum cutting height of 6 inches.

The ball bearing construction includes a heavy-duty stand, rubber tires and cast-iron wheels, along with a cast-iron frame and table. The open frame stand benefits from a 4-inch dust port and quick-release blade tension lever. And the bandsaw comes with its own 3/8-inch blade, plus a miter gauge and an extruded aluminum fence.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Without a doubt, it looks different compared to the other models you might have seen so far. But it is an anniversary edition, and it was designed as a lighter tool (compared to others!) of only 200 lbs. What you see in other bulkier and more expensive 14-inch bandsaws, you can easily get with this Grizzly Industrial model!

In summary, here are the best 14 inch bandsaws:

  1. Jet 714400K Jwbs-14SFX
  2. Shop Fox W1706
  3. RIKON Power Tools 10-326

Pros and Cons of 14-Inch Bandsaws

From occasional DIY projects requiring serious stationary tools to heavy industrial uses, a 14-inch bandsaw will find its utility. On the plus side, it is amazingly versatile. But there are some drawbacks, too, related to its size, noise, and dust. Let’s take a closer look at it.

14-inch Bandsaw Pros

  • Versatility Of Cuts
    The only thing you cannot do with a 14-inch bandsaw is internal cutting. Otherwise, from resawing large wood stocks to tinkering on small pieces, your imagination and practice are the only limits. You can even stack cut with it, which makes it even more versatile.
  • Safe Operation
    As a low-impact, friendly to operate tool, a 14-inch bandsaw is much safer compared to a table saw. Especially if you need to scale some small pieces of wood, you’ll appreciate how quickly and safely you can do it on a bandsaw.
  • Fast Operation
    Once you learn how to handle it depending on the cuts you intend to make, you’re going to prefer it over the table saw. Fast operation, with easy adjustments, and quick blade changes will make it your go-to saw.

14-Inch Bandsaw Cons

  • Portability Issues
    Large and heavy, a bandsaw either comes on its own stand, or it requires that you mount it on a working bench.. Either way, it is certainly not the most portable tool. And it will require a dedicated area in your working shop.
  • Noise & Dust
    Some models are noisier than others. But regardless of what brand you pick, you can’t expect silent operation. Same goes for the dust it produces. Some models come with special designs that allow collecting the dust. Still, having a vacuum line connected to it will prove necessary.


The 14-inch bandsaws currently on the market are large enough to fit all kinds of jobs. And they are also more affordable than other models in bigger sizes. Opting for a 14-inch Jet, Grizzly, or Delta should keep you happy for years, especially if you’re just starting to work with bandsaws.

These models are everything you need for you to enjoy your work, without feeling limited, without wanting to upgrade too soon, and without breaking the bank!

People Also Ask

So far, so good, but still want to get deeper into the specifics of a 14-inch bandsaw? Here are some extra questions that will help you have a clearer picture.

What Is A 14 Inch Bandsaw?

A bandsaw is a rotating blade held by a pair of wheels and set into motion by a motor. It comes with a table to support the work and sits on a frame. The distance between the vertical frame and the blade is called throat. A 14-inch throat gives you a 14-inch bandsaw.

What Size Blade For 14 Inch Bandsaw?

14-inch bandsaws can work with 1/8" to 3/4" wide blades. The maximum size blade a bandsaw can work with is written in the user manual. Choose it depending on the manufacturer's specifications, and also by the minimum radius you're planning on cutting with.

How Do I Tell If My Bandsaw Is 14 Inch?

Bandsaws are typically designated by the size of the wheels that hold the blade. This means to truly know the size of your bandsaw, you need to measure these wheels. Different from cutting depth, some bandsaws have multiple wheels to allow for less restrictions on cutting. If you still have the user manual, you can also check in there for the product’s technical specifications.

What Thickness Can A 14 Inch Bandsaw Cut?

A 14-inch bandsaw can handle a maximum thickness of 6 inches. Also known as depth of cut or maximum cutting height, you can either look it up in the user manual or measure it yourself. For the latter, check the distance between the underside of the blade guide and the work table.

How Much Is A 14 Inch Bandsaw?

Bandsaws are known to be on the pricey side. For a 14-inch bandsaw, you can expect to see models starting at $800 and going all the way to $1500. If you can find one around or under $1000 that meets your criteria, it would provide good value for the money.