Best 60cc Chainsaws in 2021 (Husqvarna Reviewed)

| Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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Finding a reliable 60cc chainsaw can solve many of your problems. But how can you do that if you don’t know what to look for?

Even the best 60cc chainsaws can look so similar in terms of specs and design to the untrained eye that it’s easy to miss important details.

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This article will address those details in the hopes of eliminating any confusion.

Comparison of the Best 60cc Chainsaws

  • Great fuel economy and smooth-running engine
  • 20" guide bar and chain
  • Designed with a side-mounted chain tensioning system and quick-release air filter
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  • 3.5HP, 62cc, 8500 RPM motor
  • 20" Bar and low-kickback chain
  • Comes with 8 accessories
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  • Best Echo 60cc Chainsaw
  • 27" guide bar and chain
  • Features G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner for optimal performance
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Are All 60cc Chainsaws the Same?

60cc chainsaws are powerful cutting machines. While they’re not necessarily the easiest to operate, they are very versatile and proficient at cutting through large branches, small trees, firewood, etc.

Obviously not all 60cc chainsaws are the same, otherwise which one you pick wouldn’t matter. But there aren’t different types of 60cc chainsaws if that’s what you’re wondering. The 60 in 60cc refers to the engine size, and therefore a specific category of chainsaws, though not without their differences in cutting power.

Other features that differentiate between various models is the durability and reliability of the power tool. Apart from craftsmanship, some models may feature more advanced engines and safety features.

Can You Really Find a Quality 60cc Chainsaw That’s Affordable?

The short answer is, yes. Some people are unnecessarily deterred from more affordable power tools because they think they’ll fall short in terms of performance. That’s not always the case. But, it is true that the budget-friendly variety of 60cc chainsaws is built for lighter workloads and not heavy-duty jobs.

That said, not everyone needs to use the same chainsaw. Some people need reliable cutting power while others need something easier to use. Sometimes, a lighter chainsaw is better-suited. But, a lighter chainsaw won’t always be cheaper. Lightweight models, when talking 60cc chainsaws, are considered a luxury for some.

If you’re a beginner or an amateur DIY enthusiast, then an entry-level model will be just fine. But if you’re serious about your projects and you want to guarantee you’ll do quality work, how much you spend will make a difference.

Review of the Best 60cc Chainsaws

The following reviews will paint a detailed picture of what you can expect from 60cc chainsaws in terms of performance, features, and ease of use. Although there is a model that stands above the rest, we’ve also included other alternatives that might suit some users better than others.

Best Overall:
Husqvarna 460 Rancher


  • Supports bars up to 24 inches long
  • An ideal option for cutting through hardwood
  • Features Husqvarna’s LowVib anti-vibration system
  • The 3.62-hp engine can handle all but the toughest jobs
  • Has an energy-efficient engine at only 437g/kWh consumption


  • Not as easy to set up the bar and adjust the tension on-the-fly as with other models in the category

Our Review

As one of the best 60cc chainsaws, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher has everything you’ll need in a chainsaw not designed for professional use. It’s a heavier saw with reduced emissions and a power-efficient X-Torq engine.

Its high tank capacity, as well as superior chain quality, make it a solid pick for anyone in need to handle larger repair projects or cut down small trees fast. The adjustable oil pump also helps extend the life of the saw while also providing assistance when cutting in rough weather conditions.

The 460 Rancher also boasts one of the best inertia-activated chain brakes. This makes it safer to use, which is important given its weight, size, and the power it generates.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

One of the best features is the X-Torq engine. It sets this chainsaw apart in terms of fuel efficiency, low emissions, and in terms of maintaining consistent cutting power. It also helps that at 3.62HP, this is one of the most powerful nonprofessional-grade engines on the market.

2. Coocheer 62cc Ladyiok Chainsaw


  • Has a low fuel consumption
  • Engine speed of up to 8,500rpm
  • Will comfortably fit up to 20” bars
  • Multiple safety features to prevent kickback
  • Ergonomic handle design helps provide a better grip


  • Lacks some cutting power
  • You’ll find that this chainsaw isn’t ideal if you need a longer bar

Our Review

Although the Ladyiok chainsaw boasts a 62cc engine, it tops out at 8500rpm. That’s terrific speed but not the highest you can get in a 60cc chainsaw. That said, the engine performs well even under hot weather conditions so it can take on daunting tasks.

This is something you’ll want to use for medium- to heavy-duty work. The saw comes with a quality 20” bar, and it can cut logs up to 33” in diameter.

While you may not be able to cut everything in a single pass, the ease of use in terms of starting, safety features, kickback prevention, and holding comfort make it a user-friendly chainsaw indeed.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The craftsmanship is what makes this chainsaw stand out. Because it uses a three-tiered gas filter, a split sprocket, and high-end ABS plastic with high-temperature resistance, the Ladyiok chainsaw won’t automatically shut off when it gets too hot outside. What’s more, it can handle operating for hours in scorching weather so it’s an excellent pick for summer jobs.

Best Echo 60cc Chainsaw:
Echo CS620P-27


  • High-powered engine for more torque
  • Fast ignition system to speed up the startup time
  • Long bar support so you can tackle thicker logs and trees
  • Ergonomic design that allows for a firmer grip and more control
  • Adjustable oiling system which keeps the chain spinning at optimum speeds


  • Not as fuel efficient as many of its competitors, despite having a low emission rating

Our Review

The Echo CS620P-27 packs plenty of power under the hood. Combined with support for 27” bars, it can be used to cut through massive logs and trees. The ignition system is reliable and the adjustable clutch-driven oiling system maintains cutting consistency through weather changes.

This isn’t the lightest 60cc chainsaw, nor is it the most economic. But, it does a great job on short projects that involve large pieces of softwood or hardwood. Also, just because it’s big and heavy doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable to hold and operate, especially given the aluminum and rubber ergonomic handle.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The bar length is its defining feature. Using a 27” bar will limit the engine’s power, but not by a lot. And, it will help when the bar is buried in wood on larger diameter logs. This gives you more torque and allows you to cut larger pieces in a single pass.

In summary, here are the best 60cc chainsaws of the year:

  1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher
  2. Ladyiok COOCHEER Chainsaw 62CC
  3. Echo CS620P-27 

Pros and Cons of 60cc Chainsaws

Here are the pros and cons of 60cc chainsaws:

Pro #1: More Power

Compared to electric saws, or even smaller gas engines, 60cc chainsaws have considerably more power output. Not only do they offer cutting ability but also consistency and reliability when working on thick trees and large-diameter logs.

Pro #2: Extra Bar Length

Being able to use longer bars means being able to make single-pass cuts into larger-diameter trees or logs. This also helps prevent kickback, engine failure, and chain breaks. These types of issues can arise when attempting to cut something big with a small bar and the bar gets buried in the wood.

Pro #3: More Versatile

Just because these are brute strength power tools, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be used for light-duty work. The fact of the matter is that 60cc chainsaws can be used for finesse work too when equipped with a shorter bar and the right chain. Unlike less powerful models that may only handle basic yard work, these give you more versatility.

Con: There’s a Learning Curve

A 60cc chainsaw will require you to learn how to mix gas and oil specifically for your model. You can’t fuel all chainsaws the same way. Furthermore, they require more upper body strength to handle, especially models that are on the heavier side.


60cc chainsaws are the bread and butter of anyone working on thick pieces of wood. They have high power output, just shy of what some professional loggers would use. And these days, it’s not hard to find very fuel-efficient chainsaws with low emissions that don’t trade off performance for a low environmental impact.

People Also Ask

Understanding a few specs is one thing. But it’s not always enough for someone to tell just how efficient a 60cc chainsaw will be for certain tasks. Here are some other common questions, answered for further clarification.

How Many Horsepower Is 60cc?

One horsepower is equivalent to anywhere between 14 and 17ccs. This means that most 60cc chainsaws will have an engine rated at up to 3.6HP. However, this is not always the case. Given that there’s no fixed value, you will find 60cc chainsaws with different HP ratings.

How Big of a Tree Can a 60cc Chainsaw Cut?

It all depends on the bar size. For reference, the most popular bar sizes for 60cc chainsaws are between 18” and 20”. A 20” bar should cut through 42” diameter logs in a single pass. So you can cut some pretty big trees with the right bar size. Especially since these engines are designed for heavy-duty work too.

How Heavy Are 60cc Chainsaws?

These chainsaws can get to be over 20lbs, depending on the quality of the engine and the materials used. Some are as light as 13lbs and easier to maneuver. But it’s important to remember that heavier chainsaws won’t necessarily indicate more power but rather more features and better build quality.

What Bar Length Is Best for a 60cc Chainsaw?

Cutting with an 18” bar would likely be more efficient and give you more power because the engine won’t have to work as hard. However, it really depends on what size log you’re cutting too.

A larger bar (say 28”) will take its toll on the engine but allows you to cut through bigger trees in a single pass. Choosing the best bar means understanding the situation and gearing your chainsaw for the occasion.