What is ToolTango.com

We all have to start somewhere. Created for DIY-ers, by DIY-ers, ToolTango.com is your guide to all the weekend-warrior projects on your to-do list.

Whether that be building a fence, installing some tile, or learning how to use some new tools, our team’s focus is ensuring you can confidently enter any project and come out victorious. 

Why trust us?

Fair question. “Who are these people, and what makes them experts?”

Let’s start there; we aren’t experts or mechanical engineers; we are people just like you who have either worked on a similar project or have a passion for the trade and want to figure things out.

When we don’t know something firsthand, our team scours the web and sifts through the B.S. to write a concise guide. Whether you’re after a step-by-step guide to learn something new or just need some advice about which chainsaw to choose, we’ll do our best to steer you down the right path. 

Meet our team

Known as a weekend-warrior hobbyist, Scott joined the team in spring 2019 to oversee content management and branding. You might see his name on a few articles here and there, but he’s mainly responsible for the SEO-strategy and design of Tool Tango.

Scott  //  Content Manager

Lathe-turner and mother of two by day, editor by night, Sheri ensures each article is written correctly and easy to understand. She once was a frequent visitor of the site, but one day reached out to the team and never looked back.

Sheri  //  Editor

Contributing author of Tool Tango since day 1, Cody’s knack for writing and love for woodworking has fueled dozens of articles and buyer guides.

Cody  //  Writer

DIY-enthusiast and self-proclaimed “master gardener,” Nora has been with the team since January 2020 and says she “loves being able to contribute to those who have the same questions as her.”

As someone who stuck initially to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration, her ability to give back to readers through guidance and advice speaks for itself.

Nora  //  Writer

Known as the “web guy” behind the scenes, Steven keeps the technical aspects up and running and has been Tool Tango's brand manager since 2018. His favorite hobbies include golf and spending time with his Basset Hound, Hank.

If you're interested in collaborating on behalf of a brand or related-website, feel free to reach out via, steven(at)tooltango.com. Note, this is not for guest post inquiries and such requests will be "accidentally overlooked". 

Steven  //  Brand Manager

How do we do it?

From start to finish, a guide can take anywhere from a week or two weeks to complete. It all starts with Scott’s SEO-strategy, and he lays the groundwork for which topics our team pursues.

From there, our writers go to work, and the magic begins. They curate a comprehensive article and ensure guides answer popular questions in a concise, easy-to-digest manner. 

How are the products chosen?

Depending on the topic, products are grouped based on a few aspects: consumer reviews, independent knowledge, and community feedback.

Consumer reviews

Consumer reviews are a fantastic way to learn more about people’s experiences with a particular product. However, we also consider that some reviews can be bogus or paid (yes, beware). To combat this, our team uses plugins such as Fakespot to highlight fake reviews.

Firsthand knowledge or experience

Sometimes a topic will come up, and someone on the team will have firsthand knowledge of the products or genre in general. For example, when we wrote about the best lathes for turning bowls, Sheri was our go-to. Having a diverse bunch has lent itself well to topics overtime, which we are incredibly grateful for and cherish.

Do we get paid to test products?

We don’t. We have received free products in the past to test, but collabs are not typically paid.

Community feedback

Who doesn’t love a great forum? It’s hard to get information that’s closer to the truth after you’ve made it to the end of a mega-thread. To better understand some topics, we stalk threads and learn from those who are active community members. Some of our favorite forums include:

Do manufacturers pay us for better ratings in buyer guides?

Ha, we wish! Just kidding, no, each writer determines the ranking of the products. While we understand that means it’s subjective, we are confident in our team members’ ability to deliver the truth. Plus, Sheri is a rock star quality-check and acts as a second set of eyes to anything the author may have overlooked.

How to Get in Touch

You can contact us by emailing admin(at)tooltango.com, filling out the form on our contact page, or reaching out to us on any of our social media accounts. Links to our social accounts are below.

Links to Social Media

Still feel like you’re missing something?

Just because you don’t see a topic on one of our category pages doesn’t mean we won’t get to it eventually. Scott has a particular method of rolling out content, so be sure to check back soon if you need a specific guide.

Nonetheless, we are always looking for feedback and suggestions to improve our library of articles. Feel free to contact us and send us a message!