Bostitch Air Compressor Reviews (2021 Honest Guide)

| Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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Are you looking to buy your first air compressor or to replace an old one? It’s only a matter of time until the Bostitch name will pop up in your searches.

Below, you’ll find the answers to all the questions you may have regarding the Bostitch air compressor models! 

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are our favorite Bostitch Air Compressors:

  1. Bostitch 6 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor BFTP02012 Review: Bostitch BFTP02012
  2. Bostitch 3 Tool Compressor Combo Kit Reviews: Bostitch BTFP3KIT
  3. Bostitch Oil-Free Air Compressor: Bostitch CAP1512-OF

Comparison Chart of Bostitch Air Compressors


Our Rating


Bostitch BFTP02012

  • 1.5 HP
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 110V

Bostitch BTFP3KIT

  • 1.5 HP
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 110V

Bostitch CAP1512-OF

  • 2.0 HP
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 120V

Bostitch BTFP01012

  • 1.5 HP
  • 2.5 Gallon
  • 110V

Who is Bostitch? 

Bostitch is an American manufacturer of fastening tools. Started in 1896, it is currently one of the leading companies on the international market. They design and manufacture a wide range of fastening tools and fasteners. Plus air compressors, accessories, and their required attachments.

Where Are Bostitch Tools Made?

Since 1957, Bostitch has been manufacturing its tools in Kent County, U.S.. Their plant is in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Who Owns Bostitch?

Stanley Black & Decker owns Bostitch as one of its many subsidiaries. Tools with the Bostitch label have been sold by Stanley Black & Decker, starting with 2013.

Why Are Bostitch Products So Popular?

The company has been on the market for more than 100 years. It comes with the added benefit of being an American manufacturer. And it is one of the largest in the world when it comes to nailing & stapling tools.

Yet business size and brand popularity are not all. The products are also known for their professional use, innovative design, and reliable operation.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Bostitch Offer?

Bostitch backs up its air tools with a 90-day money-back guarantee, often followed by a 1-year free service, and a 3-year limited warranty. Some tools even have a higher warranty!

The biggest stipulation, however, is that the warranty is not transferable. It applies exclusively to the original purchaser. To benefit from repair or replacement, proof of purchase is required.

Make sure to check out your product documentation, or their website below for more information.

Review of the Best Bostitch Air Compressors 

If you’ve only known Bostitch by name, the time has come to see exactly what they have to offer. Let’s delve into the reviews of some of the best Bostitch air compressors!

Bostitch 6 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor Review:
Bostitch BFTP02012


  • Generates a low noise level
  • Facilitates maximized performances
  • Lightweight design, easy to carry around
  • Comes as a kit with useful accessories
  • Oil-free operation, with minimal maintenance


  • Only 1-year limited warranty
  • Air kit contains some plastic parts

Our Review:

This 6-gallon 150 PSI pancake air compressor from Bostitch weighs only 29 pounds at 16.9 x 16.5 x 19.1 inches. It comes with a 50-inch air hose, 10pc inflation, and blow gun accessory kit. So, to begin with, it stands out as a versatile tool with lots of accessories and an attractive price.

Built with a high-flow regulator and incorporating dual couplers, it delivers maximum performances, too. The 80 dBA noise level is considered low for an air compressor. And the 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI shows that it can tackle a wide range of tasks on a professional level.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

From small daily chores to expert skilled labor done on construction sites, this 6-gallon air compressor can handle it all. It features a clean, professional look. And speaking of looks, suffices to take it out of the box, and you’ll be happy to notice you have everything you need to operate it on the get-go.

Bostitch 3 Tool Compressor Combo Kit Reviews:
Bostitch BTFP3KIT


  • Acceptable noise level
  • Convenient, cordless operation
  • Great portability and maneuverability
  • Fast filling tank speeds up the process
  • Won’t leak if hose remains attached for longer


  • A bit pricier, given that it includes extra tools
  • A tad heavier compared to other 6-gallon compressors

Our Review:

This air compressor is accompanied by a brad nailer, a straight finish nailer, and a crown stapler. The price of the kit is somewhat over what you’d expect, but so is the offer! The air compressor itself is sized at 21.13 x 19.5 x 18 inches and weighs 42 lbs, featuring a 6-gallon tank and 150 maximum PSI.

As a cordless, oil-free, and maintenance-free compressor with a 15 feet hose, low noise level, and high-flow regulator, it can tackle anything you throw at it. The motor, of course, stands behind its outstanding performances. It facilitates straightforward, sound operation and an easy start even in cold weather.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Those researching the market for an air compressor will be happy to find the Bostitch BTFP3KIT as part of a 3-piece kit. It provides you with options for a broader range of jobs. Plus, it comes with a cordless design, offering you even more freedom and flexibility in working with it.

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Bostitch Oil-Free Air Compressor:
Bostitch CAP1512-OF


  • Oil-free, easy maintenance pump
  • Powerful motor facilitates easy start
  • Integrated control panel built to last
  • Smart design with LED On/Off switch
  • Compact design makes it easy to handle


  • A bit on the small side
  • Not fit for heavy-duty tasks

Our Review:

At 17 x 13 x 11 inches and 23 lbs, the Bostitch CAP15-12-OF has a 2 HP engine and a 1.3-gallon tank. Small but robust, it can fit any cramped space. It is suitable for operation in cold weather and will do well even on rough worksites.

With decent power and high portability, it stands out for its low-maintenance profile, too. The oil-free pump adds convenience. Whereas the additional safety features help you reduce operational risks to a minimum. It makes an excellent choice for trim and finish work.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This is a small-sized air compressor, but it still manages to deliver 2.8 CFM at 90 PSI and hit a maximum pressure of 150. To top it off, due to a low, 12-Amp draw, it will successfully stand any potential voltage drop. Expect it to start in a jiffy, not minding the circuit breakers at all.

Bostitch 2.5 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews:
Bostitch BTFP01012


  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Fires nails with quick recovery
  • Lightweight body, with a compact and sleek design
  • Works with oil-free pump and requires minimal maintenance
  • Key components are protected by a control panel and roll cage


  • Warranty limited to only 1 year
  • Slightly noisier compared to other air compressors

Our Review:

Yet another small-sized, suitcase-style air compressor that over-delivers. This 2.5-gallon unit facilitates 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI pump, with a maximum 150 PSI, as expected. It measures 20.87 x 14.96 x 13.39 inches, and it comes with a 50-feet cord.

The construction makes it stable and sturdy. The oil-free pump makes it a pleasure to work with. Not to mention that the motor is meant to start quickly in any situation, whether you’re using an extension cord or trying to do your job in a really cold environment.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Small but mighty, this Bostitch BTFP01012 will fire lots of nails, with a surprisingly fast recovery. It is designed to work in either horizontal or vertical position. And thanks to its ball valve drain, tank draining works fast and smooth.

Quick Take: Best Bostitch Air Compressors

In summary, here are the best Bostitch air compressors

  1. Bostitch 6 Gallon Pancake Air Compressor BFTP02012 Review: Bostitch BFTP02012
  2. Bostitch 3 Tool Compressor Combo Kit Reviews: Bostitch BTFP3KIT
  3. Bostitch Oil-Free Air Compressor: Bostitch CAP1512-OF

How Does Bostitch Compare to the Competition? 

Comparing Bostitch to its main competitors is difficult. Products in the same category from different manufacturers have quite close technical features.

The Bostitch vs. Competition comparison usually comes to a difference of 0.1HP or 50 PSI or 2.5 dBA. Consumers end up making choices based on brand preferences rather than actual specifications.

Bostitch vs Porter Cable Air Compressor

Bostitch appears to have a slight edge over Porter Cable, durability-wise. Its compressors seem to be preferred by professionals, who are willing to pay the slightly higher price tag. Amateurs, or those on a tight budget, will choose a Porter Cable without minding the slightly lower technical specs.

Bostitch vs DeWalt Air Compressor

Air compressors from Bostitch and Dewalt run shoulder to shoulder on the market. Compared by their tank size, you might notice how they both seem to provide the same features. A Dewalt model might bring in just a bit extra horsepower and a relatively lower noise level, but that’s just about all the difference.

Hitachi vs Bostitch Compressor

Kind of like the comparison from above, Hitachi vs. Bostitch will reveal a slightly higher horsepower and lower noise level for the first one. However, opinion is divided, and many buyers would still go for a Bostitch air compressor because they trust the brand and successfully used some of their other tools in the past.

How To Use a Bostitch Air Compressor

When you start using your Bostitch air compressor, always make sure that its power switch is set to Off. For smooth operation and to be completely safe, you should:

  • Check that the unit is plugged in and turned off;

  • Proceed to bring its regulated pressure down to zero;

  • Turn the regulator knob counterclockwise to make the pressure on the gauge decrease until it gets to zero;

  • With the regulated pressure gauge reading 0 PSI, attach the hose and the accessory you’re planning on working with;

  • Pull back the sleeve on the connector, insert the hose, and let the sleeve slide back;

  • Make sure that the sleeve slides back all the way, to avoid the hose shooting out when you turn on the compressor!

  • Depending on what you need, you could pick an accessory that spreads air, or that fills tires, or even a stapler or nail gun, and stick it to the other end of the hose;

  • Check that all covers and labels are in place, according to the user manual;

  • Only then you can switch the air compressor to On;

  • First, let it run a full cycle until the gauge of the tank pressure goes to the maximum PSI, and it stops itself;

  • Then, you can rotate the regulator knob clockwise, until its gauge indicates the pressure you need (according to the requirements of the tool you’ll use with the compressor), and stop it there.

At this point, the air compressor is all set up, with the hose and tool attached to it, and you can start doing whatever you need to!


While it might seem complicated for a first-time user, an air compressor is quite intuitive. Bostitch makes it even easier for you with its reliable tools, straightforward design, and comfortable operation. Keep the entire information above in mind and consider our selection of best-rated Bostitch air compressors when purchasing yours. Do so, and you can’t go wrong!