Best Husky Air Compressors (2021 Honest Review)

| Last Updated: March 30, 2021

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As if it weren’t hard enough to settle for one brand, should you consider the Husky air compressors, the offer is overwhelming.

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Want to learn more about their top-rated products and how they match against the competition?

Read on, and you’ll grasp it at a glance! 

Comparison Chart of Husky Air Compressors

Who is Husky? 

First things first, what’s up with the Husky product line, you wonder? And how come it’s so popular? If there’s anything you need to know about it, chances are it would sum up to the following:

Who Makes Husky Air Compressors?

“Husky” is a private label brand manufactured for Home Depot. This means that Home Depot works with multiple manufacturers and sells these products as its own air compressor line. Basically, Husky is a house brand name for Home Depot, and the real origin of the products is quite challenging to pinpoint for the end-user.

Why Are Husky Products So Popular?

The Husky products have fairly won the reputation of being outstanding and in budget. As one of the best brands in the mid-range, it serves mid-sized workshops or individuals with small to medium needs. And it makes a decent alternative to the DeWalt or Campbell air compressors that are known to break the bank.

What Kind Of Warranty Does Husky Offer?

In most cases, Husky air compressors come with the standard 1-year limited warranty. Occasionally, you might encounter products with a 2-year limited warranty. In doing so, know that 2 years is actually a warranty above their average.

Review of the Best Husky Air Compressors 

Intrigued by the promise of a reliable and affordable air compressor? Let’s show you how it all translates into practice. Check the following best Husky air compressor reviews and see what’s in it for you.

Husky 8 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews:
Husky 0300816


  • Built with a powerful motor
  • Effective and easy to work with
  • Provides great value for its price tag
  • Sits on wheels, for easier transportation
  • Requires no assembly or special maintenance


  • Only 1-year limited warranty
  • A tad heavy, despite the fact that it’s portable

Our Review:

With a hotdog design and a pair of handy wheels, this small but relatively heavy air compressor at 60 lbs can be carried around for any job. It relies on an 8-gallon tank, it comes with an oil-free pump, and the powerful 1.8 HP motor can work up to 150 PSI.

Delivered ready for operation, already assembled, it saves you time and lets you get to work without delay. Speaking of which, operation is simple and intuitive. The unit is sturdy and built to last, not to mention that it comes at a low price.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This good quality compressor features just the right size for most of the small jobs you’d have around the house. It relies on a powerful motor, compared to other models with the same tank volume. And it’s not just easy to use, but also easy to store. Any homeowner would want to have it at hand, just in case.

Husky 4 Gallon Air Compressor Review:
Husky C041H


  • Great power to size ratio
  • Outstanding maximum PSI
  • Operates in all weather conditions
  • Can work with multiple tools at once
  • Oil-free pump for easy maintenance


  • Steel tank requires frequent draining
  • Not the quietest air compressor out there

Our Review:

Giving the Husky C041H a chance to show off, it will easily overshadow many of its 4-gallon competitors from other brands. With just the right size to be easily carried anywhere, it relies on a soft-start motor at 1.7 HP that supports a maximum of 225 PSI.

Adding its 5.1 SCFM into the equation, you’re looking at a small air compressor that can run an impressively wide range of tools, even more than one at the same time. To top it off, it’s a maintenance-free compressor built to start easily even in freezing temperatures.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Small, compact, and with an outstanding 225 PSI, this Husky compressor is well worth every penny. Compared to a 125 psi 4-gallon tank, it can hold up to three times more usable air, meaning it can fire up to three times more nails!

Husky 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review:
Husky C201H


  • Works with a low noise level
  • Provides superior power output
  • Vertical design with small footprint
  • Relies on high-performance motor & pump
  • Requires low maintenance from the operator


  • Somewhat on the heavy side
  • Issues with the regulator occasionally reported

Our Review:

Husky’s 20 gallon air compressor weighs a whopping 150 lbs. Yet size isn’t the only aspect that sets it apart from the crowd. And thanks to its 7-inch wheels, vertical design, and small footprint, storage and maneuvering are far from challenging.

Performance-wise, it is a corded-electric unit with a powerful 1.3 HP motor. The oil-free pump keeps up with it. The 175 maximum PSI allows it to run with up to 80% longer. All while keeping a noise level around 83 dB. Consider it for a wide range of medium tasks, and you won’t regret it!

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This air compressor delivers a higher maximum PSI compared to what you typically get from similar products. It delivers up to 175 (instead of just 150), with 4 SCFM @ 90 PSI. In practice, this translates into a longer run time and extra efficiency with every job.

Husky 60 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews:
Husky C602H


  • Operates with a low noise level
  • Offers a 2-year limited warranty
  • Comes with synthetic oil in the package
  • Large capacity backed by powerful motor
  • Ensures maximum protection while in use


  • Oil-lubed pump requires extra maintenance
  • Must purchase its cord separately

Our Review:

Given its generous tank size, this 60-gallon air compressor from Husky is no tool for the amateurs. It weighs 209 lbs, and sits on a sturdy tripod base, enjoying stability and minimum vibrations. While the 3.7 HP motor with its oil-lubed pump runs at 155 maximum PSI, with an airflow of 10.2 SCFM @ 90 PSI and 11.5 @ 40 PSI.

Protection is given not only by the integrated belt guard but also by the built-in thermal overload. And operation is straightforward, the design with On/Off switch and large pressure gauges adding to its ease of use.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

With such a large tank, the Husky C602H can certainly tackle a lot more than heavy-duty residential jobs. Its size, the powerful motor, the full-cast iron pump, and the portable design make it an outstanding choice for either challenging residential tasks or industrial jobs.

Hold up, are you interested in other topics related to air compressors? If so, these might be something to check out: 

Husky 33 Gallon Air Compressor Review:
Husky C303H


  • Features two hose outputs
  • Convenient, oil-free maintenance
  • Vertical and portable, designed with wheels
  • Reliable motor with a compressor that kicks in at 90 PSI
  • Delivered completely assembled and with heavy duty power cord


  • Really heavy, requires help at setup
  • Takes up to 10 minutes to fill to a full

Our Review:

Husky’s C303H air compressor is hard to overlook! It carries a huge tank and a powerful motor that works with a maximum air pressure of 175 PSI. Its air delivery is rated at 6.8 SCFM @ 40 PSI and 5.1 SCFM @ 90 PSI. And despite the recommendation of not running it more than 30 minutes at a time, the compressor is capable of continuous operation.

If size intimidates you, the solid wheels bring reassurance. The unit isn’t just relatively easy to maneuver despite its weight. But, also, easy to couple with more than one tool at once. Perfect for an impressive range of tasks, it makes for a durable investment, without a doubt.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

At 150 lbs and made of stainless steel, this corded electric Husky air compressor is massive and sturdy. It has a noise level rated at 78 dBA, which is below the average you’ll come around. And the 175 max PSI coupled with the 30-gallon tank facilitates a 40% longer run time with any tool.

Husky 26 Gallon Air Compressor Reviews:
Husky C271H


  • Has a low noise level
  • Starts well even in cold weather
  • Works at a great maximum PSI
  • Sits on wheels, for increased portability
  • Designed with small footprint, on vertical


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • Not the lightest compressor for its size

Our Review:

Yet another large-sized, vertical design Husky air compressor, the C271H is perfect for anything from inflation to nailing, fastening, or even roofing. You can pair it with an extension cord of up to 400 ft. And you can expect it to work as intended even in really cold weather. Competing with the 26-gallon models at 150 PSI on the market, this one actually has a slightly larger, 27-gallon tank.

The 80 dB noise level is quite attractive, and so are the 9-inch wheels that allow you to move it around effortlessly. The oil-free pump and the high flow regulator make operation a breeze and maintenance less of a headache. Through it all, it’s one of the Husky air compressors you’ll want to keep on your shortlist.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Without a doubt, the 200 max PSI is one of the features that make this air compressor particularly appealing. Compared to the other 26-gallon compressors with a maximum 150 PSI, this unit facilitates twice longer run times. In other words, it gives high performance operation, allowing whatever tools you hook up on it to reach their peak performance, too.

Husky Air Hose Reel Review:
Husky 588HR-RET-HOM


  • Features a lightweight design
  • Comes with wall-mountable bracket
  • Built to last, with crack-resistant case
  • Quite versatile, with good maximum PSI
  • Retractable function, saves you time & effort


  • Not the most affordable option out there
  • Takes up a bit of space, wherever you mount it

Our Review:

Here’s an interesting 50-foot air hose reel with a 3/8-inch hose. It works with 1/4-inch brass fittings and reaches 300 maximum PSI. Not to mention it features automatic spring-driven rewind. All these details considered, you’ll have a hard time not wanting to get it and pair it with your favorite Husky air compressor.

This highly-flexible hybrid hose is surprisingly lightweight and will work even in extreme cold weather. It sits in an enclosed, sturdy plastic case, crack-resistant. And it features a wall-mountable bracket. For your convenience and safety, it also has a ratcheting brake ready to lock the hose in place, at your desired working length.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

You can clearly tell that the design of this Husky air hose reel is meant to cover all bases. It is highly versatile, built to last and to facilitate comfortable operation. And it boasts a great 300 max PSI. To top it off, you can even mount it on a wall or a ceiling. 

In summary, here are the best Husky Air Compressors:

  1. Best Husky 8 Gallon Air Compressor: Husky 0300816
  2. Best Husky 4 Gallon Air Compressor: Husky C041H

Comparison Overview 

Kobalt, Harbor Freight, Craftsman, Porter-Cable, or Dewalt are some of the few big brands of air compressors that compete with Husky more or less. While they all manufacture – among other tools – air compressors, the competition is not always direct, because of specific nuances.

Take a closer look at the following comparisons, and you’ll understand what we mean:

Husky vs Kobalt Air Compressor

Just like Husky, Kobalt is a private label brand, only that it is manufactured for Lowe’s. It targets the same consumer profile, aiming to offer performance packed in a budget-friendly product. However, its air compressors seem to generally offer a slightly lower maximum PSI. And they do require a bit more maintenance, as in frequent cleanup.

Husky vs Harbor Freight Air Compressor

Affordability-wise, Harbor Freight competes with Husky and runs just a little behind. It appears that many users have been disappointed by a Harbor Freight air compressor failing on them when expecting it the least. Not to mention that they are known to promote oil-lubed models that are a bit more challenging to maintain.

Husky vs Craftsman Air Compressor

Craftsman, just like Harbor Freight, has its share of negative feedback in terms or reliability in the long run. By comparison, Husky seems to enjoy the reputation of providing better quality. For two – let’s say 26-gallon – air compressors from these two brands, when looking at the tools included, noise, SCFM or overall performance, Craftsman may be the second-best choice.

Husky vs Porter Cable Air Compressor

While the Husky air compressors seem to be more durable, Porter-Cable, also known for its dependable products, adopts a different tactic. It often sells an air compressor as part of a kit that includes several other tools, for an irresistible price.

The great value for the money delivered this way, coupled with the reliability of its air compressors, would make some buyers go for Porter-Cable just because there’s more in it for them. Yet more doesn’t always make it necessary.

Husky vs DeWalt Air Compressor

Clearly, Husky plays in a different league than Dewalt, and it’s a smaller one. Dewalt has won a reputation of selling top-of-the-range products, with very good quality, but that would also over-deliver for the beginner, and even for the average user. Moreover, it charges a lot for the quality it provides, which often results in Dewalt being the choice of pros with money to spend.

How Do You Use a Husky Air Compressor? 

Ready to make the best of your Husky air compressor? Here’s how to use an air compressor, in a way that is both safe and facilitates maximum performances for all the tools you’re using with it: 

  1. First, ensure the safety of your work area
    • Make sure that the floor is not slippery and that the place is clean, well lit;
    • Ensure an open area to place your air compressor, meaning it should be a minimum of 18 inches between it and any other wall or object that could impact the fresh airflow;

  2. Take a few moments to consider personal safety, too
    • Never use your Husky air compressor on unstable support or a ladder;
    • And whatever the position you’re working on, you should strive to keep proper footing and balance at any given moment;
    • Bring in a face mask or a dust mask, if you expect things to get dusty;

  3. Check your air compressor, to make sure it’s in good condition
    • Make sure that its switch is set to Off;
    • Close the drain valve;
    • Run a visual inspection of the fittings and airlines, for leaks;
    • Check that the hose is free of any snags or obstructions;
    • And pair it with an appropriate extension cord – if you’re working outside, you’ll need one marked as either “W-A” or just “W”;

  4. Get to the actual operation
    • Plug its power cord;
    • Connect the hose and the tool you’re planning on using with it;
    • Switch it to On;
    • Wait for the tank pressure to build – once the cut-out pressure is reached, you’ll notice the motor stops;
    • Then, turn on the regulator and wait until the gauge shows your needed pressure, then stop it there;

  5. Get down to work, now that your Husky air compressor is set up and ready to deliver the pressure you need! 


When it comes to choosing the best Husky air compressor out there, there’s no shortage of options. Now that you’ve seen their most popular tank sizes and engine capabilities, you’ll be able to decide for yourself which one offers the best value for your money.

As long as you’re aware you’re investing in a budget-friendly model dedicated to small or midsize jobs, there’s really no right or wrong answer here!