Blue Max Chainsaw Reviews – Best in 2021 Round-up

| Last Updated: February 7, 2021

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Blue Max is a brand that’s becoming increasingly popular for many reasons.

To understand who their target audience is and why you might want to take these chainsaws more seriously, here’s some valuable information about the company behind the products, the products themselves, and how they stack up to the competition.

Comparison Chart of Blue Max Chainsaws


Our Rating


Blue Max 6595

Best Overall

Blue Max 52cc


Blue Max 8902

Best for the Money

Blue Max 8901

Best Blue Max 2 in 1 Chainsaw

Who Is Blue Max

Blue Max is a label of the North American Tool Industries company. This manufacturer commissions a variety of power tools, including Blue Max chainsaws, in overseas factories. Most of the chainsaw components are created and assembled in China and then shipped to domestic and international sellers.

The company has decades of experience, according to their statements. However, specific information about the company is difficult to track down.

When all is said and done, this may not be one of the most public and well-known manufacturers. But the availability and popularity of Blue Max chainsaws is a known fact.

How Do Blue Max Chainsaws Compare to the Competition?

Blue Max chainsaws were never top of the line. But there are many areas in which they edge out the competition.


Pricing is what sets many Blue Max chainsaws apart. The company uses many of the same engineering and design concepts as more reputable manufacturers. That said, it does this at a lower cost by not always using the most premium materials or components.

Light-Duty Work

The main targeted user group or audience is the average homeowner. Blue Max chainsaws excel at smaller workloads. Between low pricing and impressive cutting power on gardening and repair work, homeowners often prefer them over more well-established brands.

Premium Design Features

As already mentioned, Blue Max chainsaws don’t lack modern high-end features such as anti-vibration handles, efficient motors, good balance, quick ignition systems and so on.

Although the quality of some of the components and parts may not be premium, the chainsaws themselves don’t lack modern features and anything else needed to improve cutting times.

Good Variety

Along with affordable pricing, Blue Max also offers good variety when it comes to chainsaws, bar sizes, and chain designs. Therefore, there’s something out there for every homeowner, and every type of project.

Quick Take: Blue Max Chainsaw Review

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are our top Blue Max chainsaws!

  1. Best Overall: Blue Max 6595
  2. Runner-up: Blue Max 52cc
  3. Best for the Money: Blue Max 8902

Review of the Best Blue Max Chainsaws

Blue Max chainsaws will definitely surprise you with their cutting power, not just their affordability. This round-up compares some of the most popular and well-received chainsaws that the manufacturer has to offer. Important stuff to know if you’re not sure whether to commit to another brand, or if you’re ready to make a switch.

Best Overall:
Blue Max 6595


  • Well-balanced machine
  • High-quality chain brake
  • Impressive build durability
  • Comes with blade protective sheath
  • Great cutting stability from the metal bucking spikes
  • Good anti-vibration features for handle, engine, and chain


  • No spare chain or storage case included
  • Lacks a tool-free chain adjuster that might slow down the workload at times

Our Review

The Blue Max 6595 is the company’s flagship chainsaw. It’s a light to medium-duty model that’s well-balanced and lightweight. It does a great job of reducing vibrations and offers impressive cutting stability.

The build is durable and backed by a one-year warranty. Although the tension adjustment is manual and not tool-free, the chainsaw is still user-friendly in both ignition and operation. The chain break is high-end and makes the tool safer to use.

This model will fit up to an 18” bar easily, without losing too much cutting speed or power. The 2,800 RPM single cylinder motor runs smooth, thanks to the automatic oil pump.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

There are two standout features, namely the fast-action kickback brake and the overall chainsaw balance. The brake offers a very rapid stop when the chain gets overwhelmed. Whilst the design and balance of the chainsaw make it very convenient to operate. More maneuverability also makes it safer.

Blue Max 52cc Chainsaw


  • Large oil and fuel tanks
  • Tool-free tension adjustments
  • Accommodates up to 20” bars
  • Reliable anti-kickback protection
  • Maximum 10,500 RPM under no load
  • 52cc engine displacement for extra power


  • May be pricey and overkill for most light-duty work
  • The included chain may need replacing quickly after unboxing

Our Review

This is one of the most powerful Blue Max chainsaws. The large 52cc motor offers plenty of cutting power and torque. The design will fit 20” bars and chains which means that it’s possible to tackle heavier workloads and thicker logs.

You may appreciate the auto oiling feature as well as the tool-free chain adjustments. Both features help a lot when operating in harsh weather conditions and when switching between different log sizes.

Although the engine is powerful and comes with large tanks too, the chainsaw is much lighter than you would expect, compared to other brands. However, it may run hotter than most. It’s recommended you use this one while taking more breaks in-between tasks.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Its motor power and ease of operation make this Blue Max chainsaw a noteworthy saw. It offers a good alternative for homeowners that need an extra bit of cutting power, yet still don’t want to commit to premium chainsaws from other brands.

Best for the Money:
Blue Max 8902


  • 45cc powerful motor
  • For bar sizes between 14” and 20”
  • Convenient placement of on/off switch
  • Two bar guides and storage case included
  • Safety trigger and hand guard for added protection


  • Doesn’t come with the best chains included
  • Might be a bit harder to start than other similar models

Our Review

The 8902 chainsaw boasts a 45cc single cylinder motor. It’s a configuration that Blue Max uses a lot for its economic fuel consumption and ease of use. This model comes with two bar guides, a 14” and a 20” bar.

It’s already suited for everything from cutting firewood, doing repair work, and cutting thick diameter logs around the house. The motor doesn’t overheat easily, but it’s still not recommended for long hours of continuous cutting.

That said, it’s loaded with safety and kickback protection features that should appeal to and help beginner users. It also probably offers the best price to performance ration of all Blue Max chainsaws.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Great value aside, it’s the included accessories that make the 8902 stand out. It comes as part of a complete homeowner’s chainsaw kit with two blades, for a wide range of sawing applications and a storage case. The case can double as a carry case too, even though it doesn’t cover the blade.

Best Blue Max 2 in 1 Chainsaw:
Blue Max 8901


  • Has a 57cc motor
  • Fits 14” to 22” bar sizes
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Quick Start ignition system
  • Pro tensioner with easy access
  • High-powered 2-in-1 chainsaw
  • Up to 15,000 RPM cutting speed


  • Not the most reliable oiler seal
  • May be harder to handle by inexperienced users due to engine power

Our Review

A very well-balanced cutting tool, albeit slightly heavy and hard to control for beginners. This chainsaw can make short work of anything from firewood to thick logs. It can accommodate a wide range of blade guides and chains, thus making it a very versatile tool for homeowners.

The auto oiler and tool-free tension adjustment allow for quick adaptability to various weather conditions and wood densities. You may also appreciate the very quick ignition system that helps save fuel and time.

The maximum 15,000 RPM that the motor provides is more than enough for any type of yard work or home repair work.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This chainsaw offers the best performance out of the entire 2-in-1 Blue Max lineup. Everything works together like a well-oiled machine. And since it doesn’t come with too many accessories either, it’s a bit more affordable than a complete chainsaw kit. A better fit for homeowners looking to switch brands.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Here are the main things to keep in mind before choosing a chainsaw:

Price to Performance Ratio

If you’re not in the market for a chainsaw good enough to level a forest, then Blue Max is a label worth considering. It caters mostly to homeowners and the types of small projects and repair work often done around the house. Therefore, the prices are much more accessible.

Great for Short-Term Projects

While the components may not be as high-end as those from other manufacturers, these chainsaws are still expertly put together. They can handle a variety of tough jobs, as long as they’re not run continuously. They’re better suited for short-term projects that won’t over exhaust the motor. Plus, they’re fairly priced.

All Modern Features Are Available

Many chainsaws are compared based on the quality of the chain breaks, how tension adjustments are done, how they’re balanced, and so on. Blue Max chainsaws lack none of these modern features you can find on any premium chainsaw.

Cross-Brand Compatibility

It’s easy to enhance the performance of a Blue Max chainsaw by using a chain from a different manufacturer. These tools are well-built and usually perfectly balanced in every engine displacement category. And while some aspects may be lacking in quality, the manufacturers left room for users to accessorize and customize their Blue Max chainsaws to enhance performance.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

However, keep these in mind as well:

Limited Heavy Duty Work

Most Blue Max chainsaws, if not all of them, are designed with the needs of most homeowners in mind. These chainsaws don’t boast the same durability of professional-grade chainsaws, if they do meet some of the same engine displacement capacities.

Because of this, it’s important to limit the workload of your Blue Max chainsaw. Taking shorter but more frequent breaks is a good way of preventing the motor from overheating.

Component Quality

Due to exercising lower prices, Blue Max sometimes doesn’t use the highest-quality components or materials. This is to be expected and won’t always reflect in the performance of the chainsaws.

However, this also means that Blue Max chainsaws aren’t as long-lasting as chainsaws from other brands. You may have to pay more attention to how often you’re using yours as well as be extra careful when doing maintenance and servicing the chainsaw. It will need more care in order to last.

Chain Quality

Blue Max isn’t the only chainsaw manufacturer that suffers from the syndrome of making good saws and average chains. This shouldn’t come as a surprise really.

That said, most Blue Max chainsaws are designed in such a way as to offer compatibility with a wide range of chains. Putting a slightly expensive but reliable chain on a Blue Max chainsaw can really improve the cutting performance, cut down on time, and extent the chainsaw’s life.


Blue Max may not be the brand you see on construction sites. But it is a brand that fits great in any homeowner’s workshop or garage. These chainsaws can be ideal for short-term projects, light-duty work, due to their price to performance value, ease of customization, and overall accessibility.