Best Chainsaw Helmets in 2021 – Safety Guide

| Last Updated: March 29, 2021

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Safety gear can spare you from a lot of trouble. Do you often find yourself working with a chainsaw?

Then you must protect yourself with one of the best chainsaw helmets. How do you choose one, you wonder?

Coming up next, you'll get all the facts you need for an educated choice.

Comparison of the Best Chainsaw Helmets

  • 6-point harness design for snug fit
  • Features 6 ventilation holes for breathability and earmuffs
  • Durable plastic face shield (flips up and down)
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  • 6-point design for one-size-fits-most
  • 25 dB NRR ear protection
  • Hi-Viz orange for safety and rain neck protector
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  • Best for the Money
  • 25.9 dB SNR ear protection
  • Features mesh guard and plastic face shield
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  • Best Stihl Chainsaw Helmet
  • 25 dB NRR ear protection
  • Built-in rain gutter to direct rain away from face
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  • Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet
  • 26 dB NRR ear protection
  • Pre-vented and approved for low and high temps
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Are Helmets Important While Operating a Chainsaw?

Chainsaws will always leave room for the unexpected. Think about it…

Debris flying from whatever you're trimming? That's why you have mesh and plastic visors. Chains that snap while the chainsaw is up and running? That's why you have full systems with a rock-solid hard hat and adjustable suspensions.

Each design element prevents some kind of discomfort or risky situation. Because anything can happen, you must protect yourself from everything. What's more, the helmet should be comfortable enough for you to wear it all the time!

Remember, a good helmet ensures both head and face protection. It makes your job comfortable and the noise levels bearable. And lets you see whatever you're doing, without worrying about the flying debris.

Pick the right size, and you'll do your job in no time. Pick the wrong model, and you might hate having to assemble it. Or you might not feel comfortable using it for extended periods.

Helmets are essential while operating a chainsaw. But more important is what model you choose and how you choose it.

Review of the Best Chainsaw Helmets

Aware of the entire above, you should now be able to choose the model that best suits your needs. Below, you'll find the reviews of five models. Some of the top-rated chainsaw helmets currently on the market, selected for safety, value, comfort, and of course, price.

For a complete overview, we saved the last spots for two of the most popular brands. So, we're also going to look into the forestry helmets from Stihl and Husqvarna.

Best Overall:
Oregon 563474


  • Six-point easily-adjustable harness
  • Shiny color that makes it stand out
  • Sturdy visor with flip-up/flip-down functionality
  • Hearing protection with cap-mounted ear muffs
  • Great for all weather, with ventilation holes & sun peak


  • Assembling instructions are not entirely intuitive
  • Suspension harness clips could have been larger

Our Review

The Oregon 563474 model meets the ANSI Z89.1-2009, Type I, Class E, G, and C standards. One of the best options for a wide range of activities, it is perfect for homeowners. Not so much for professional use, but great for doing things with your own hands, in your backyard. 

The 3-piece design with helmet, visor, and ear muffs ensures full protection. The six-point harness system with knob control is convenient to use. And the ventilation holes, detachable sun peak, and cushioned cups supply comfort.

In a nutshell, it makes an excellent choice for all domestic chores on all weather conditions.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

First of all, it’s the color that makes this chainsaw helmet stand out. Additionally, it feels quite robust and flexible at the same time. 

The straps from under the hard hat are super-easy to adjust. And with its 2.2 pounds, it combines all the necessary parts without unnecessary weight.

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet


  • Protects all sides and angles
  • Lightweight design at only 1.7 pounds
  • New Hi-Viz Orange color with built-in UV filter
  • Requires a few adjustments, as a one-size-fits-most model
  • Solid six-point suspension system with adjustable headband


  • Has no chin strap
  • Lacks the ventilation holes

Our Review

This Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet sits close behind the best overall choice. As a competitive runner-up model, it meets the ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class G-E-C standards too. It offers full head-face-ears protection and neck protection for rainy days. Whereas UV protection is a nice extra that you don't see in many models. 

Still, the lightweight construction-style hard hat design is standard. The no-foam interior shows it caters to work around the house. So, this three-piece system facilitates superior protection, and it is worth every penny.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The helmet is very light, easy to put on, and fits well. Its semi-rigid materials flex as intended under pressure. The earmuffs are very comfortable and convenient to switch on or off, as needed. 

Through it all, it makes you feel safe.

Best for the Money:
3NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet


  • Best value for the money
  • Simple assembly instructions, with video also available
  • Six configuration options and adjustments for every part
  • Convenient dial knob for the suspension headband system
  • Double face protection with polycarbonate shield & mesh visor


  • No air vents on the hard hat
  • Provides average hearing protection

Our Review

The NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry stands out as the best-for-the-money ANSI and CE approved model. Its many adjustment options are, indeed, surprising. It would fit anyone easy, thanks to the rear knob of the internal headband. 

Both visors can sit at different angles at the same time. And the ear protection can go backward on the hard hat when not in use. The system scores an average weight of 2.2 pounds, which will encourage you to keep it on all the time.

Even though it lacks the ventilation holes, at least it comes with a padded sweatband.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The design and the bright-red color make it stand out. But the wide-angle polycarbonate face shield is the distinctive feature. It is enjoyable to see that it provides full wrap-around protection. And it is encouraging to know that you can adjust all its parts and combine it in six different ways.

Best Stihl Chainsaw Helmet:
Stihl 7010-871-0199


  • Ensures premium protection
  • Boasts a full-face, durable steel mesh
  • Includes a six-point suspension system
  • Features a resistant shell made of ABS plastic
  • Feels comfortable thanks to the padded sweatband
  • Works on any weather, thanks to the built-in rain gutter


  • No replacement parts available
  • No knob dial, only a ratchet system

Our Review

This forestry system from Stihl has everything it takes to ensure heavy-duty protection. It meets all the ANSI, type 1, class C requirements for earmuffs, visor, and hard hat. And it has a noise reduction rating of 25 dB(A). The design of a perfect timber helmet makes it look and feel solid. 

The padded sweatband allows it to fit your forehead like a glove, for extra comfort. And it is ready to operate under all conditions. The six-point suspension system also contributes to a superior lightness/durability balance.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This premium chainsaw helmet will catch your eye with its looks. But it doesn't just look professional, it also feels superior, and it stands up to the expectations.

As a genuine OEM Stihl product, it is worth your attention, along with every penny.

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet:
Husqvarna 588646001


  • Both sideways and vertically adjustable
  • Includes high-quality etched mesh visor
  • Comes with an innovative ventilation system
  • Six-point harness that boasts a one-hand ratchet
  • Features a UV filter with dedicated expire indicator


  • Earpieces might prove a bit flimsy
  • Headband material doesn't absorb sweat too well

Our Review

This Husqvarna 588646001 chainsaw helmet system competes with the premium forestry Stihl model. It is the third one in the Husqvarna Forest line, after the Classic and Functional models. And it comes with a hard hat that encompasses innovative ventilation and UV protection.

Whether you keep its new mesh visor folded up or down, it allows full visibility. The adjustable head strap includes a ratchet system with one-hand control. And all the parts meet the ANSI standards for your peace of mind.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Additionally, the helmet system supports both vertical and side adjustments. It has reflective areas on all angles. And the UV expire indicator from the hard hat tells when the UV protection is low, and you need to replace it.

Are All Chainsaw Helmets The Same?

If you take a look at your options, you can pick the simplest chainsaw helmet you can find. But you will see that there are also sophisticated, three-piece systems. Systems that come with a helmet, earmuffs, and visor.

Assuming you're looking for top protection, system-helmets should be your first choice. Not all chainsaw helmets are the same. And there are differences even from one system to another.

You could be looking at ventilation holes vs. full hats, with six or four-point suspension. You might have to choose between one-size-fits-most or adjustable-circumference models. Some helmets even have an epoxy coating, to face corrosion better, or UV protection.

Some of these differences are for comfort only, but others should make you capable of trusting your life with the chosen chainsaw helmet.

How Do I Choose a Chainsaw Helmet?

You wear a chainsaw helmet for protection. So, it has to be compliant with the most common safety standards. But other than this compliance, you should look for some features that make a difference. You want it to offer a certain impact-protection, to feel comfortable and versatile.


Settle for nothing but top-quality materials for all the parts. You want a durable helmet that withstands accidental impact. One that won't tear due to sun or water exposure. And that includes double frontal protection – metal mesh visor and plastic face screen. Don't ignore the rain neck protector, either. You'll see it is more than for everyday comfort.


It takes wearing a chainsaw helmet for long to realize how its design can make a huge difference. So, look for an adjustable system with cushion cups for the earmuffs. A dial knob for the helmet circumference and a multi-point harness is desirable. And don't forget the ventilation holes!


Consider if it comes with interchangeable accessories and if it has replacement parts. Will you be able to use it with other types of activities too? A heavy-duty chainsaw helmet will better cover all your everyday needs. But it will also come in handy when working outside your backyard!

Pros and Cons of Chainsaw Helmets

The best chainsaw helmets currently on the market balance protection with comfort. The price tag is not always the most accessible, but who is willing to put a price on personal protection? If safety is still your primary concern, you will appreciate the following advantages.

To sum up, here are the main pros and cons of having a chainsaw helmet:

Pro: Encompasses a Sturdy Construction

Superior models boast UV protection, steel mesh visor, and polycarbonate face shields.

The more reference on their materials you can get, the more confident you should be.

Pro: Feels Easy and Intuitive to Adjust

The elements that bring together the system parts should be easy to adjust. But you should have good control options for handling the frontal protection, too.

A flip-up/flip-down model visor, for instance, would be great. And being as lightweight as possible goes without saying.

Pro: You Wear It Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To

The best chainsaw helmets become indispensable the moment you put them on. Lightweight, with a design that allows secure snug fit, these advantages are irresistible.

Add the benefit of proper ventilation and a joyful color that makes you stand out. And then, you won't even begin to think about taking it off!

Con: You Cannot Skip the Prep Work

The more complex the protection system is, the less likely it is to be ready to use straight out of the box.

So, a three-part chainsaw helmet will come with some instructions and assembling requirements. It takes a small learning curve with some models, which may cause some frustration.


Some people refrain from using top-tier protection. It's because they lack either knowledge or money. Sadly, sometimes it's because of ignorance. 

But you know better, and you know how to pick a model that will offer you the best possible protection. That, and the best value for your money! All while truly enjoying wearing it, instead of wanting to throw it off.

People Also Ask

The technical aspects left aside, here are some general questions people also ask about wearing a chainsaw helmet.

How Often Should I Buy a New Satety Helmet?

The manufacturer should give you clear indications of when to replace your helmet. Have you noticed signs of deterioration earlier than the date it recommends? Then you must change it sooner.

How Strong are Chainsaw Helmets?

Does the chosen model meet the ANSI standards? If so, it is strong enough to protect your head against impact from above and lateral. It also means it passed the test of penetration, electrical shock, and burn hazards. So, it is safe to say it is as strong as it can get, for the intended use.

How Comfortable are Chainsaw Helmets?

The harness usually dictates how comfortable the helmet is. This suspension system absorbs the shocks and allows the helmet to sit properly on your head. If it has an adjustable design, it is more comfortable. The same goes if it has a dial knob instead of a ratchet.

How Heavy are Chainsaw Helmets?

The average weight of the best chainsaw helmets varies between 1.7 and 2.2 or 2.4 pounds. Weight can vary depending on the materials, but also on how many parts the system has.

Do All Chainsaw Helmets Come with a Face Shield and Hearing Protection?

The face shield is a standard feature of chainsaw helmets. It can be a single shield (metal or plastic) or a double shield. Two-shield models may or may not allow the simultaneous use of the mesh and the plastic screen.

The hearing protection, even though it is not mandatory, is often included. Some manufacturers produce chainsaw helmets without earmuffs. Those models should offer you the option to buy separate ear protectors.