Top 10 Best Chainsaw Brands – Learn Before Buying

| Last Updated: February 6, 2021

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There are so many chainsaw brands out there; it's often difficult to take them all into consideration before buying your chainsaw.

We've included information like their stand-out characteristics, reputation with certain chainsaws, and what makes them stand out from other brands.

Below are the top 10 chainsaw brands to choose from, rated from best to worst. 

  1. STIHL - A household brand with a known reputation, they have a fantastic variety of versatile chainsaws. 

  2. Husqvarna - A recently risen star in the chainsaw world, now considered a household name along with STIHL. 

  3. ECHO - Known for their durable design and lightweight material, they're mainly used for suburban tasks. 

  4. Blue Max - Produced in China, they're still a strong contender as they're cheaper and offer greater maneuverability than competitors. 

  5. Makita - Makita offers a massive range of cordless battery, corded electric and gas-powered chainsaws for all scenarios. 

  6. Oregon - Not a chainsaw manufacturer, but they offer some of the best spare parts available; you'll be able to rely on their bars and chains.

  7. Remington - Remington has a chainsaw for each of the three types, they don't have a huge selection, but they certainly get the job done without a fuss. 

  8. Craftsman - Two electric chainsaws and one gas-powered chainsaw are manufactured by craftsmen, the little variety of bar sizes restricts them to smaller sawing tasks. 

  9. Milwaukee - With two electric models on offer, there isn't a lot to choose from, but they do have some chains and additional bars that can be used. 

  10. Portland - Portland isn't a very well-known or established brand, but they get the job done with their lightweight 14-inch chainsaw, suitable for felling small trees and pruning. 

Top Rated Chainsaw Brands 

Below are ten of the best chainsaw brands to choose from and some notable characteristics we felt are worth mentioning. 


STIHL is probably the most well-known chainsaw brand in the world for its versatile range of chainsaws and product reliability. You'll find a whole variety of chainsaws ranging from rescue chainsaws to cordless, battery-powered chainsaws. 

The founder, Andreas Stihl, built his first chainsaw in 1926, and he was years ahead of the saw industry around this time, and for years after, two-man saws were still the popular choice for logging. 


Husqvarna is another household name within the chainsaw world; they miss out on the top spot as they have slightly less experience than STIHL. Nonetheless, they're still a great chainsaw brand. They've got chainsaws for both the professional logger and novice tree feller, in either gas or electric models. 

If you're interested in learning more, below are some of our in-depth reviews:


Founded back in 1972, they've since expanded into a reputable brand supplying hundreds of thousands of households with chainsaws as well as other garden tools. Echo chainsaws are known for their durability and lightweight design. 

They tend to be used by the suburban dad looking to fell the occasional tree or homestead owner gathering firewood. Regardless if they're used by professional loggers, they're still a great brand. 

Blue Max 

Blue Max chainsaws are owned by a US company but are mass-produced in China; they can certainly compete with the US manufactured brands but not to the extent of those above Blue Max chainsaws are cheaper and easier for beginners to control. The main complaint is that spare parts are hard to come by due to them being made in China. 


The Makita brand was first founded in 1915 in Japan. They've since developed over 100 different chainsaws among the cordless battery, corded electric, and gas-powered chainsaw types. The greatest benefit of using this brand is that their battery-powered devices all utilize the LXT battery system, meaning the battery is interchangeable with more than 225 of their products. 


The Oregon brand doesn't manufacture their own chainsaw, but they do supply chainsaw parts like bars and chains, known for their reliable durability. Along with that, they also supply protective equipment and chainsaw maintenance kits. If you ever want to modify your current chainsaw or just to look for parts, this is somewhere to seriously consider. 


Remington manufactures corded electric, gas-powered, and battery-powered chainsaws. Their electric models are known for their lightweight, compact design. However, there are only a few models to choose from. Their gas-powered chainsaws are best for homeowners as they're light and great value for money. 


Craftsman is a well-known brand that offers many products other than just chainsaws. They currently have two battery-powered cordless chainsaws, which offer 12 and 16-inch bars but are relatively heavier than competitors. Their 14-inch gas chainsaw has a two-cycle engine, which is suitable for small backyard trees. 


Milwaukee offers a smaller selection of chainsaws; their two larger models are cordless battery chainsaws, both 16-inch bars. However, that can be swapped out for various sizes they provide. They do have a smaller pruning chainsaw with a 6-inch bar.  


The Portland brand is not as well-known as the others featured. Their most popular model has a slim design with a 14-inch bar, great for pruning branches and felling small trees. It has an effective hand-guard system and is relatively quiet.


Now that you've got an understanding of what brands to look into, you'll have your perfect chainsaw in a matter of no time. The key is to find a manufacturer that can be relied upon for variety, customer service, and how easy you can find spare parts.