My Chainsaw Bogs Down When I Give It Gas – Problem Solved

| Last Updated: February 6, 2021

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Chainsaw bogging can be caused by a few problems that are all fixable and preventable.

The causes of this can range from issues with the fuel, how the fuel makes it to the carburetor, and the air supply.

In the article below, we'll go over these issues and how to solve them. 


Here are the most common solutions to why your chainsaw may be bogging down. 

How to Fix Your Chainsaw From Bogging When You Give It Gas

When reading through our explanation, don't rush and take your time. If you get stuck, go back and reread it. Once you rush and guess, that's when you break things. 

Fuel Stabilizers

The fuel supply of your chainsaw is essential when you want it to operate efficiently. If the fuel stabilizer is absent or just out of date, this can cause a gum build-up, which can clog the fuel lines and carburetor.

By maintaining a fresh level of fuel stabilizer in your tank, this will allow enough fuel to flow freely. 

Carburetor Adjustment

Bogging down is a sign that there isn't enough fuel reaching the carburetor to give you the full power of the chainsaw.

Therefore, the solution to your bogging down could be solved by simply adjusting the H screw located at the side of the chainsaw

You should carry out a quarter turn to increase fuel flow to the carburetor; you can make more turns if necessary. 

General Maintenance of Internal Parts 

Many people overlook the importance of carrying out regular maintenance on your chainsaw's parts.

Your maintenance should include checking spark plugs, getting inside the chainsaw, and removing any debris from the filters and carburetor

The fuel pipe that connects to the carburetor can often become loose or tear during operation; these could cause the chainsaw to bog down. Therefore it's essential to check them every so often. 


Carrying out the proper checks and ensuring you take care of the chainsaw properly is what will prevent you from this sore head of an issue.

By neglecting it, you'll only cause yourself stress and spend more cash in the long term. Following what we've suggested and you'll be able to care for your chainsaw correctly.