Best Circular Saws Under $50 – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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Initially devised as a saw used to turn logs into lumber, the circular saw has since become one of the handiest cutting tools in a professional or an amateur woodworker’s arsenal.

The beauty is that you don’t need a high-performance circular saw to do great things, a fact made evident by some of the best circular saws under $50.

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Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best circular saws under $50:

  1. Black+Decker BDECS300C
  2. Galax Pro USAGPL12367
  3. Black+Decker BDCCS20B

Comparison Chart of the Best Circular Saws Under $50




Black+Decker BDECS300C

  • 13-amp, 7-1/4-Inch blade
  • Available as saw only, or w/24T blade
  • Designed with a laser guide and user-friendly bevel

Galax Pro USAGPL12367

  • Best for the Money
  • 12-amps, 5500 RPM, 0-45° bevel
  • Comes with laser guide and rip fence

Black+Decker BDCCS20B

  • Best 5 1/2 Circular Saw Under $50
  • 20V design, perfect for small projects
  • Battery and charger sold separately

Why Did These Circular Saws Make Our List?

Aside from obvious pricing reasons, there are a couple of key factors that put these six circular saws on this list, over others.


Many of the saws on this list come with so many accessories for the money. Between one or two blades, various precision accessories, and even dust clearance systems, each of these saws has a lot to offer. In both quality of life features and precision.

Power and Blade Size

The saws featured in this article cover 5.25” and 7.25” blades. They’re small but also very convenient to use on light-duty tasks. Furthermore, just because the blades are small it doesn’t mean that their motors aren’t providing plenty of power for such compact builds.

Brand Reliability

You’ll notice that all circular saws in this article come from reputable manufacturers. That’s because even entry-level or compact power tools from reputable brands tend to have an inherent superior build quality to no-name products.

Simple Blade Adjustments

Whether swapping blades or making angle adjustments on the fly, blade adjustment was a key contributor to whether some circular saws made this list or not.

Review of the Best Circular Saws Under $50

These saws aren’t just affordable for any type of woodworker but they’re also very good in their own categories. Each recommended product is better than others at one thing at least. Therefore, it’s worth comparing all of them to find out what will meet your particular requirements.

Best Overall:
Black+Decker BDECS300C


  • Two-year warranty
  • 13A motor for plenty of power
  • Laser guide for added precision
  • Great bevel and depth adjustments
  • Fast blade change with spindle lock
  •  Comfortable weight and good balance


  • May be a bit too powerful for its size
  • The powerful motor also makes it a very loud saw

Our Review

The BDECS300C is a powerful 7.25” circular saw with a no-load speed of 5,300 RPM. It often tops the charts in terms of cutting power and precision, thanks to its reliable motor and included laser guide.

The 7lbs weight makes it light and easy to handle. You can make quick and accurate beveled cuts between 0-45° and adjust the blade depth down to 2.5”. It’s a very versatile tool and highly convenient as it also comes with a spindle lock for fast blade changing.

Apart from making a bit of extra noise, the saw operates way above its price range as long as you keep the blades sharp and use the right size.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Its powerful motor is the standout feature. This allows the saw to make short work of a wide range of materials including wood, tile, plastic, and others. Depending on your choice of blade. It’s also worth noting that packing this much power into a compact build is very difficult to achieve, especially at entry-level pricing.

Best for the Money:
Galax Pro USAGPL12367


  •  Lightweight design
  • Dust extraction and internal blower
  • 24T blade, guide, and hex key included
  • Adjustable rip fence that allows thinner cuts
  • Plenty of torque for a wide range of materials


  • May have a small kick to it when you start it
  • Some users report inconsistent an inconsistent build or accessory quality

Our Review

For the money, the Galax Pro USAGPL12367 circular saw offers lots of features and accessories. From great blade adjustability to a lightweight build, to having an internal dust blower, there’s a lot about this saw that can make your life easier.

The adjustable rip fence and laser guide are also nice touches. They allow for more accurate precision cuts as well as making thinner cuts, in thinner materials.

The visibility on the workbench is greatly increased by the dust extraction system, which may help your work look even more professional. The only thing it doesn’t do is offer a faster blade change system.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Enhanced visibility, great grip, and superior precision are the standout features. The rubberized grip can help you operate it for hours without slipping.

All the guides, along with the internal blower, will give you excellent visibility over the workbench. This should help you avoid mistakes, even as a beginner.

Best 5.5” Circular Saw Under $50:
Black+Decker BDCCS20B


  • Above average battery life
  • Tool-free blade adjustments
  • Lightweight for a battery-powered saw
  • Reliable small blade for light-duty work
  •  High-torque motor for extra cutting power
  • Cordless design helps portability and mobility


  • The battery and the charger are not included
  • Even with a spindle lock blade change, it can be tricky to swap blades

Our Review

This is a well-balanced circular saw that easily accommodates a 5.5” blade. It’s an ideal candidate for all your smaller projects. It’s also portable thanks to its cordless design and isn’t too energy-draining even when pushed to its limits.

The compact design and small blade size make it a breeze to use. Even more so with the help of toolless bevel adjustments and blade change system. While it doesn’t come with too many accessories, this is still an affordable and ideal saw to have as a spare, or for offsite projects that require more range of motion.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Its cordless operation and high-torque motor make a good pairing. It allows for very fast and precise cuts into wood, and even tile with the right blade. The BDCCS20B is also very power efficient, when used with the recommended 20V Max System battery and can help you work on a variety of offsite projects.

Spend $10 More:
Porter-Cable PCE300


  • High-torque 5,500 RPM motor
  • Quick tool-free blade adjustments and swaps
  • Auxiliary handle for added stability and control
  •  Metal casing for better durability and longevity
  •  Optimal steel shoe design for better line of sight


  • Slightly heavier due to heavy-duty metal casing and protector
  • The switch may feel flimsy and doesn’t always have the most consistent startup

Our Review

If you’re only interested in the most cutting power you can get for the least outlay, the Porter-Cable PCE300 may surprise. Not only does it boast a 15A motor and 5,500 RPM but it also has a sturdier metal build than most models in its class and price range.

The steel shoe is very reliable and helps boost visibility on the workbench. The handle offers a firm and comfortable grip, which is great given the added weight of this tool. Standard bevel and depth adjustments can be made without a tool, thanks to the spindle lock system.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

While it may lack accessories, the PCE300 circular saw is one of the best at heavy-duty tasks performed on a budget. Between its excellent handle, good balance and stability, and plenty of power, it can make short work of many home projects and repair work.

Spend $10 More - Runner-up:


  • Energy-efficient 5,500 RPM motor
  • Two carbide-tipped blades included
  • Great precision thanks to the laser guide
  •  Dual switch to prevent accidental startups
  • Multiple value accessories included for enhancing cutting accuracy


  • A bit heavier than other budget-friendly circular saws
  • There may be some inconsistencies with the grading on the accessories

Our Review

The laser beam is one of the best we’ve reviewed from beam strength to its positioning. Having a dual activation switch can help prevent kickback and accidental starts. The bevel adjustments are done without any tools and will allow for on-the-fly angle optimizations.

One 24-T and one 40-T blade are part of the package. This will allow you to cut everything from wood to tile and thin metal sheets. The 12A motor puts out 5,500 RPM. That’s a lot of speed, even though the motor may lack some overall torque when faced with thicker and denser materials.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The copper motor provides less resistance and thus helps improve the overall cutting speed on light to medium-duty tasks. Another standout feature is the inclusion of two very different circular blades so that you can tackle a wide range of materials right out of the box, without making additional investments.

Spend $20 More:
Tacklife 7.25” Classic Circular Saw


  •  Up to 4,700 RPM cutting speed
  • Laser guide and scale ruler included
  • Double switch for activation protection
  • Ample blade depth and angle adjustability
  • Two saw blades included: one for wood and one for tile


  • Not for woodworkers without a spare outlet nearby
  • A bit heavier than some of the other circular saws in the same price range

Our Review

The fact that this saw comes with two blades already gives it good value for money. The presence of a double safety switch may prove to be essential to beginners. Out of the box, this saw can be used for anything from wood, to soft metal, to tiles, thanks to the very different blades included.

Using an aluminum alloy guard is a good way of cutting down on production costs while still providing plenty of protection. Another reason why the Tacklife 7 1/4” circular saw is convenient and beginner-friendly is the inclusion of a laser guide and scale ruler.

These accessories should help maintain cutting precision in tough working conditions.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Two things make this saw stand out – the two blades, one for wood and one for tile and metal, as well as the corded operation. This can give you unlimited autonomy when working on your projects. The 10ft. of cable won’t limit your range or motion too much either.

    Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best circular saws under $50:

  1. Black+Decker BDECS300C
  2. Galax Pro USAGPL12367
  3. Black+Decker BDCCS20B

When Would a Circular Saw Come in Handy?

There are a variety of circular saws available these days. Many of them are classified based on blade types and strength, additional accessories, or any number of unique features that cater to very specific applications.

Cutting Tile

This is one of the best tools for cutting tile, and even bricks. Therefore, it can be an essential instrument when taking on home remodeling jobs or basic home repair work.

Making Curvilinear and Straight Cuts

A circular saw is far from one-dimensional. As a cutting tool it’s ideal for creating straight cuts and curved cuts, in a wide range of materials. When using the right type of blade and speed setting for the material on hand, you can accomplish many tasks with a simple circular saw.

You Need Precision Work

It’s no secret that a circular saw is very easy to handle. Its design allows for a very firm grip as well as very good visibility on the workbench. This allows you to make more precise cuts and even do some finesse work on large pieces of material.

Working with Thick or Varied Materials

Circular saws don’t come with the biggest blades and aren’t designed to split the thickest logs. However, due to the variety of blade types and innovative design, a circular saw provides the cutting versatility that few other saws can offer. You will often be limited to working on a workbench, but there are few materials you won’t be able to cut into.

Can You Find a Quality Circular Saw Under $50?

That’s the main question, isn’t it? And the answer is yes. Finding a quality circular saw under $50 is possible, even though a bit harder for some people. Knowing the brands and knowing what to expect from certain design features and specifications, will help narrow down a good saw.

But, it’s also important to remember that at this price range, the components and overall durability may not be high-end.

With that in mind, most circular saws in this price range are intended for DIY projects, household repair work, nothing heavy-duty, mind you. Another advantage of a cheap circular saw? It makes a great spare to have in your tool kit to avoid slowing down productivity at a worksite.


A circular saw is so versatile that it’s a shame not to have one, just in case. A cheap circular saw can go a long way towards helping you finish a variety of projects, as long as you have different blades to swap when the time is right.

People Also Ask

Knowing how to pick a circular saw is one thing. But it’s also important to really understand how it works and how to take care of it. For this reason, people often ask the following questions before and even after buying a circular saw and circular saw blades.

What Causes a Circular Saw to Stop While Cutting?

A circular saw may stop while cutting if you use a very low and unsuitable cutting speed for dense materials. Using a dull blade can also cause a saw to stop. Motor failure, insufficient oil lubrication, or a worn-out brass are also known causes.

Can I Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade with a File or a Dremel?

Circular saw blades can be sharpened with files, dremels, crank sharpeners, and other tools. However, most automatic sharpeners are likely to be too rough on the blade. Therefore, manually filing the blades is often recommended to avoid overheating or filling at a wrong angle.