How to Change a Circular Saw Blade (With Pictures)

| Last Updated: March 31, 2021

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Knowing how to change a blade is beneficial for any circular saw owner as it most definitely will be an inevitable task. 

In the article below, we’ll explain the steps to change your circular saw blade safely and correctly. 

Changing Your Circular Saw Blade

It might take some time before you need to swap over blades, but it’ll eventually need to happen. It doesn’t take much preparation, and the process is similar to other electric saw devices.  

Turn Off the Power

You might be doing this by second nature by now, but always remove any power sources from the saw; this removes the risk of injury. 

Remove The Blade Using A Wrench

Removing the blade is simple if you do it right. On the inside of the blade, there might be a movement lock, otherwise known as an arbor lock, which can stop the blade from spinning. 

This allows you to screw the blade off without it spinning every time you turn; otherwise, you’d be getting nowhere. 

You can do that or If it doesn’t have this, put a pencil or screwdriver through one of the teeth, and when it moves, it’ll hit the frame at the bottom. 

A helpful tip is clockwise for a worm drive saw and counterclockwise for a direct drive saw. 

Clean As Well As You Can

Once everything has been removed, you might as well do some cleaning. You don’t want a brand new blade going on a dirty, clogged circular saw; this can be done using a damp cloth with some hot water. 

It might be useful to have a screwdriver or knife handy to pick all the gunk and sawdust out of the machine. 

Stay Organized & Keep Everything In Order

Don’t just start throwing the washer and screws around; this is how they get lost, especially outside. Make sure that you’re placing them in order of how they’re installed; this helps when you’re putting it all back together. 

Install Your New Saw Blade

The easiest way to install the new blade is to put the saw upside down as it’ll go back onto its mount without any hassle this way. 

Install your washer and then bolt it back on; you can screw it on with your hand and tighten it using the wrench.

Remember to place your blade with the teeth pointing upwards towards the wood. Most blades have an arrow directing you. 

Test Your New Blade

The most important thing you can do now is to test it out; if you can feel and see a noticeable cutting and handling difference, you’ve done everything correctly. 

If you’d like a visual demonstration of this guide, take a look at the video below!


As you can see, it doesn’t actually take much to change the blade from a circular saw. However, to a beginner, it can get confusing. The best thing to do is keep on practicing what we’ve explained above, and soon you’ll not need our guide. 

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