4 Key Aspects to Cutting Granite With a Circular Saw

| Last Updated: April 1, 2021

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Granite is a tough and durable material that can be cut with a circular saw using specialized blades and techniques.

In the article below, we'll explain what you need in order to successfully and safely cut through Granite using a circular saw. 

How To Cut Granite With a Circular Saw

The following section will discuss the tools, techniques, and attachments that are necessary to cut through Granite safely and properly. 

Safety Equipment Should Always Be Worn 

You should always be wearing the correct protective gear to cut Granite safely. If you're completing a dry cut, there will be plumes of dust created. You can counteract this dust by wearing a dust mask

You should also be either outside or in a well-ventilated area with all windows open. The dust can cause serious respiratory issues if not properly protected. 

Other protective gear includes eye protectors, which will help protect your eyes from any flying shards/chippings that can be created with fast speeds. Ear protection is also necessary as any noise above 80 decibels can damage your hearing over prolonged periods. 

You may think that wearing gloves will help protect you. However, it could cause more harm than good as it'll weaken your grip on the saw. 

Diamond Tipped Blades Cut Through Granite 

You should always take the time to properly understand which blade suits the task and material at hand. If you're cutting through Granite, this should be done with a diamond-tipped blade; preferably one that has between 60 and 80 teeth with a small gutter space between each tooth. 

The less space, the less material is removed. The more teeth on the blade, the more precise and clean the cut will be. 

Perform A Wet Cut Rather Than A Dry One

Wet cuts will reduce the amount of dust created by the saw; it'll also lower the temperature of the Granite and stop the blade from overheating, which is created by the pressure. 

You can keep the Granite lubricated by using a spray bottle filled with water; it helps if you have a friend do this while you cut; alternatively, you could use a wet saw. The same amount of dust will be created; it's just that it'll turn into a sludge-like substance. 

Keep A Uniformed Line Using Tape And A Marker

To understand where you're cutting, you can use a marker and masking tape to help keep you on course. However, the masking tape also serves another purpose. 

Standard circular saws create a lot of vibration when cutting; this vibration can loosen any imperfections or fragments, causing chipping making the cut look rough and untidy. 

Although, if you cut through the Granite over the masking tape, this will dampen the vibration and reduce the chance of any chipping. 


Granite is hard to cut through. But, if you follow the information above, you'll have less of an issue cutting the it correctly, cleanly, and safely. Granite cutting is usually done by someone with plenty of experience cutting other materials; it might be worthwhile learning some other cuts first.