Best Corded Jigsaws – 2021 Top Report

| Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike will tell you a jigsaw is a must-have tool. If it’s corded, even better, since you’re going to reap extra benefits.

But how do you find the best corded jigsaw? What features should you take into account? If you’d like to know your options better, this guide is for you.

​Snapshot​! Best ​Corded Jigsaws

​In a hurry? Here are our top picks​:

Best Overall
Best for the Money

Comparison Chart of the Best Cordless Jigsaws


Our Rating


Bosch JS470E

​Best Overall

Porter Cable PCE345


Tacklife PJS02A

​Best for the Money

Dewalt DW331K

Best Dewalt Corded Jigsaw

Milwaukee 6268-21

Best Milwaukee Corded Jigsaw

Black and Decker JS670V

Best Black and Decker Corded Jigsaw

Can You Really Find a Quality Jigsaw That’s Affordable? 

Some corded jigsaws are really expensive. But that doesn’t mean one can’t find an affordable quality jigsaw. In fact, anything with a motor between 6 and 7 Amp is considered a powerful option.

​There are plenty of models in this category that won’t break the bank, even some with more advanced features!

​You can commonly find jigsaws with 4 orbital settings for more versatility with cutting different materials. And the LED light is a handy feature that paired with a dust blower will make your work much easier.

All these aren’t that hard to find. Our roundup of the best corded jigsaws from below is here to prove it!

Review of the Best Corded Jigsaws 

Coming up next, you’ll see the top choices in terms of corded jigsaws. Here’s how these options look:

​Best Overall:
​Bosch JS470E


  • Facilitates accurate cuts
  • Designed for user comfort
  • Features lots of control options
  • Comes with built-in safety mechanisms
  • ​Straightforward operation with orbital action


  • Doesn’t come with laser light
  • Doesn’t work with U-shank blades

Our Review

Bosch is a reputable manufacturer of power tools, and this particular jigsaw stands up to the expectations. We’ve picked it as the best overall corded jigsaw for quite a few reasons. But just to sum it up, this product does an excellent job of combining power with precision cutting.

The 7 Amp motor provides top power with SMP ranging from 500 to 3100. And its cutting capabilities target a 3/8-inch thickness on mild steel. For aluminum pieces, it goes up to 7/8 inches, and for wood, it varies from 5 to 7/8 inches. What’s more, it comes with Bosch’s Constant Response Circuitry to ensure consistent speed all the time.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This corded jigsaw from Bosch is built with high quality and designed to facilitate low vibrations, for comfortable operation. Whether for DIY contractors or for professionals, it will provide great value for its price point. And as a particularly appealing feature, during operation, speed can be easily adjusted by changing the pressure on the trigger.

​Porter Cable PCE345


  • Allows easy blade change, tool-less
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • Powerful motor that delivers as expected
  • Can handle a variety of working materials
  • Designed with lock-on button for extended use


  • Requires a learning curve
  • Customer service could be better

Our Review

The runner up comes from Porter-Cable, which isn’t necessarily a notorious manufacturer, though this product makes it stand out. It’s a corded jigsaw with a 6 Amp motor and 4 orbital settings. Power-wise, it is very close to the best overall, but it comes fast from behind with its wide range of speeds spread on 7 positions with up to 3200 SPM.

The lock-on button makes for a nice addition, especially if you see yourself cutting through long pieces or just for longer periods. Speaking of which, changing the blade without any special tool will contribute to your productivity. And so does the over sized front with the comfy handle over-mold.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

When you pick Porter-Cable’s 6 Amp corded orbital jigsaw, you’re getting a lot more than excellent power. This tool was designed with a trigger with an integrated speed dial, from where you can easily switch between 7 different positions. Convenient and intuitive to use, once you work your hand on it, operation will be a breeze.

​Best for the Money:
​Tacklife PJS02A


  • Comes with a great price tag
  • Includes accessories in the package
  • Equipped with an outstanding motor
  • Works with orbital action and supports bevel cutting
  • Features both laser line and LED light for straight cutting


  • No circle cutting guide included
  • A tad heavier compared to other corded jigsaws

Our Review

Tacklife’s PJS02A jigsaw hides a powerful motor in a well-designed chassis.  It is designed with a laser guide and LED light, a variable speed control, and a tool-less blade changing system. Either straight or curved cuts are easy to perform with it. And the entire package, with lots of accessories, comes for an excellent price.

Built to last and to cut with precision, it has a best-in-class motor, and it includes 6 replaceable blades for various applications. The only downside is that you might find it somewhat heavier than other similar products. But that doesn’t make it any less powerful or valuable!

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

For a low price, this jigsaw from Tacklife is giving you a 6.7 Amp motor that supports anything from 800 to 3000 RPM. What’s more, it also features an orbital cut control with 4 positions that you can swap as needed. It can cut plywood or wood, on the one hand, or thin aluminum, low carbon steel, and hardwood, on the other hand, each one with either slow or fast cutting.

​Best Dewalt Corded Jigsaw:
Dewalt DW331K


  • Comes with built-in dust blower
  • Ensures optimal speeds for various applications
  • Designed to support bevel cuts at different angles
  • Enhanced operation with counter-balance mechanism
  • Powerful enough motor for handling even demanding chores


  • Doesn’t feature a LED light source
  • Front metal gearbox tends to get hot during operation

Our Review

Whether you’re a Dewalt fan or looking to try one of their corded jigsaws for the first time, this 6.5 Amp motor may be just right for you. In any case, it’s the best rated and most competitive model from all the other Dewalt corded jigsaws we’ve tested. And you can rely on its 4-position orbital action and 500-3100 SPM for almost any working material.

Changing blades can happen in a snap, thanks to the lever-action blade clamp. Operation is smooth, due to the counterbalance mechanism and oversized rubber grip. And the dust blower it comes with will certainly allow you to run clean cuts with minimum effort and maximum visibility.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This corded jigsaw was built to cut with ease, through anything from the most delicate to some of the toughest working materials. If it’s a glossy material you’re trying not to scratch, you have a non-marring plastic shoe cover to protect it. If it’s a tough job, you can rely on the flush-cutting blade mechanisms that perform flush cuts with no up cutting whatsoever.

​Best Milwaukee Corded Jigsaw:
Milwaukee 6268-21


  • Handy tool, built to last
  • Handles bevel cuts for up to 45 degrees
  • Powerful motor can handle up to 3000 SPM
  • Designed for precision cutting, with practical features
  • Supports orbital cutting with 4 positions and tachometer feedback


  • No slow start-up feature
  • Includes some plastic parts

Our Review

If you’re specifically looking for a Milwaukee corded jigsaw, consider the 6268-21 model. As one of their most powerful tools, it comes with a 6.5 Amp motor that handles up to 3000 SPM, 4-position orbital cutting, and tachometer feedback. Even the toughest materials will hardly resist its strokes.

As far as the operation comfort is concerned, it is designed for low vibrations, with a welcomed counter-balanced system, and cushion grip handle to reduce hand fatigue. The blade conveniently locks in place with clamps, and the shoe adjustment is keyless, tilting all the way to 45 degrees on both sides.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

With this orbital jigsaw, Milwaukee walked the extra mile, ensuring not only accuracy for all cuts, but also ergonomic operation, versatility, and just enough power for the 1-inch strokes. It comes with an extra-long cord of nearly 13 feet, providing you with more flexibility in setting up your workplace or taking the tool where you need it. 

​Best Black and Decker Corded Jigsaw:
Black and Decker JS670V


  • ​Makes a budget-friendly option
  • ​Sets the best orbital setting automatically
  • ​Great balance of powerful motor and compact design
  • ​Comes with Line Finder function for increased cutting visibility
  • ​Designed to allow onboard blade storage and tool-free change


  • ​Only a wood cutting blade included in the package
  • ​Takes a learning curve, especially for cutting hardwood

Our Review

Black and Decker’s best corded jigsaw features a 6 Amp motor, orbital cutting with automatic selection, and it lights up the cut line for perfect accuracy and enhanced visibility. It even comes with a pen attached to the power cord, so that you always have it at hand when you need to draw a cutting pattern.

Changing the blade isn’t just straightforward, but also very handy, as you can always keep a blade on the onboard storage. And depending on what you need to cut, the Accu-Bevel angle adjustment with indicator view and quick action lever will take any hassle out of the equation.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The JS670V isn’t just the best Black and Decker corded jigsaw, but also one of the most affordable models you’ll find on the market. Without compromising on power, it works smoothly and it looks like a thoughtfully designed product. The SmartSelect orbital setting and the LineFinder are two of the most praised features it comes with.

Quick Recap: Best Cordless Jigsaws

In summary, here are the best cordless jigsaws:

  1. ​Best Overall: Bosch JS470E
  2. ​Runner-up: Porter Cable PCE345
  3. Best for the Money: Tacklife PJS02A

Jigsaw Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Success

Using a great cutting tool isn’t enough to get great results. And while practice will help you work your hand on it, some tips will prove useful and spare you from unnecessary failures. Here’s how to make the best of your jigsaw: 

Choose Your Blades Carefully 

You’ll find an overwhelming range of jigsaw blades, varying from width and length to the configuration of their teeth. And so, it can be very easy to pick the wrong model for the task. Consider the wider ones for long, straight cuts, and the larger blades with rare teeth for fast, rough cuts. 

Keep Your Saw On Track 

In case your jigsaw doesn’t come with LED light or the dust blower isn’t very effective, there are still things you can do to make a straight cut. You might have heard about using a straightedge guide, but consider clamping a second one, parallel to the first. Leave a distance that allows your blade to pass in between the two, considering its width and 1/16 of an inch extra. 

Consider Reverse-Tooth Blades 

When you really want to avoid splinters, a reverse-tooth blade might be your best choice. Its downward-facing tooth placement will allow you to perform clean and smooth cuts on the top surface. That’s because the jigsaw will cut on the up stroke, and with the teeth being downward, the potential splinters will always be on the inner side of the workpiece, not on the outer side.

Pros and Cons of Corded Jigsaws 

Corded vs cordless may seem like a tough choice. Especially since battery power tools are preferred by many beginners. However, there are plenty of reasons to prefer a corded jigsaw, and a pro will choose it at any given time.

​Corded Jigsaw Pros

  • Extra Power For Extra Hard Materials

    From all the types of jigsaws, the corded models are the most powerful. This means they are also the most reliable when it comes to cutting tough materials, like metal or hardwood.

  • ​Lighter Design For More Comfortable Operation
    A battery pack adds up to the overall weight of a jigsaw. With corded models not having to rely on batteries, they also come with a lighter design and a more comfortable operation.
  • ​Reliable Tool That Doesn’t Need A Break
    Another benefit of not having to depend on the battery level, if you pick a corded jigsaw, you can work with it for as long as you need. In any case, you won’t have to stop to change or charge the battery.

​Corded Jigsaw Cons

  • ​Can Limit Your Working Area
    The cord size might limit your operation area. But if you have at least one power source in your workshop, depending on its proximity, it will be a minor inconvenience.
  • ​Can Make You Deal With A Dangling Cord
    If the cord is too long, it can dangle in the wrong places at the wrong moments. Might even come in the way of the blade, forcing you to pull it away when you’d prefer not having to do so.


For either straight or curved cuts, whether on wood, plywood, particleboards, plastics, metals, or ceramics, a corded jigsaw is the go-to power tool. Knowing you should be looking for one with a motor of at least 6 Amp will focus your research. Take into account the top manufacturers whose products we reviewed, and you’ll get the best value for your money.

People Also Ask

Before you make up your mind on how much you need a corded jigsaw, consider the following particularities of working with it. Here’s what most first-time buyers have insecurities about:

Can I Replace The Cord On My Jigsaw?

A power cord is one of the corded jigsaw parts available for sale on most specialty shops. Replacing it is easy, though you should bear in mind that it is best to use a power cord recommended by the manufacturer. If not possible, make sure that the model you pick is compatible with the tool, as per the user manual instructions.

How Durable Is A Corded Jigsaw?

A corded jigsaw is more reliable than a battery one, which has extra parts that may become defective in time. Judging by the fact that many sellers are offering two to three years warranties, it speaks even more about the reliability and durability of corded models.

Is A Corded Jigsaw Water-resistant?

As an electric power tool with a high amperage motor, a corded jigsaw isn’t intended to be water-resistant. In fact, users must always make sure to avoid operating with one in humid conditions or with wet hands.

Are Corded Jigsaws More Powerful?

Yes, because they do not rely on battery power, corded jigsaws are more powerful. Also, because they have a lighter body in the absence of a battery pack, pairing them with a more powerful motor is a common practice among manufacturers.

How Much Is A Jigsaw?

A good quality corded jigsaw can cost as little as $60 or as much as over $300. The thing is that, at least as far as the motor is concerned, both price points can target the same amperage. The more expensive models carry the weight of their brand reputation or may come with extra features, but you should have no problem finding a quality jigsaw under $100

However, more expensive doesn’t guarantee higher quality. Suffices to look at the prices of the best corded jigsaws we reviewed above, and you’ll convince yourself that many of them are truly affordable.