Best Cordless Circular Saws – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: April 1, 2021

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Cordless circular saws combine all the power of circular saws with all of the convenience of cordless models. If you are trying to tackle a large project, you will not find a saw better suited to lengthy hours of cutting.

Read on to learn more about these awesome saws and how they can help you step up your game.

Comparison Chart of the Best Cordless Circular Saws


Our Rating


Milwaukee 0730-22

Best Overall

DeWalt DCS373B


Black & Decker BDCCS20C

Best for the Money

Makita SH02R1

Best Cordless Compact Circular Saw

DeWalt DCS575T2 

Best DeWalt Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi P508

Best Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw

Makita XSH03Z

Best Makita Cordless Circular Saw

Bosch CCS180B

Best Bosch Cordless Circular Saw

When Would a Cordless Circular Saw Come in Handy?

These saws have the advantage of being portable and somewhat powerful, making them useful in various circumstances! They are specialized for some tasks however, and of course, might be lower power than the heavy-duty saw in your shop.

Working Offsite

You really can’t beat a cordless saw when it comes to working offsite. Any saw is convenient for use in a workshop with a bunch of handy outlets, but what if you are out doing external housework, or at a construction site? Cordless saws are the best option.

Working with Thinner Materials

If you are cutting thinner materials, you do not need the most powerful saw on the market. In fact, a more powerful saw would probably be cumbersome and unnecessarily laborious. A cordless saw is more efficient for that kind of project.

Working Long Hours

Cordless saws are designed to be used in the field, as referenced above, and as such, they are specifically engineered to be more lightweight and easy to carry. If you are going to be slogging away at a project for a long time, you want to do it with a cordless saw.

What Size of Circular Saw Do I Need?

The circular saw size that will be best for you depends on what you intend using your circular saw to cut. Typically, circular saw sizes range from anywhere between 5 1/2 inches and 7 1/4 inches (and when we say “size,” we are referring to the diameter of the circular saw’s blade). 

The greater your blade’s diameter, the deeper your circular saw will be able to cut. For reference, a blade 6 inches in diameter can cut through a 2 inch piece of lumber with one pass. Think about what you plan on cutting and size your saw accordingly. 

Review of the Best Cordless Circular Saws

We have compiled a comprehensive list of all the best cordless circular saws on the market: 

Best Overall:
Milwaukee 0730 22


  • Feels good in hand
  • Can easily handle deep cuts
  • 50 degrees of bevel capacity
  • Push-down safety button for an additional precaution


  • Blade guard needs to be properly tightened to work correctly

Our Review

There are a number of features on this saw which really differentiate it from the rest of the pack. Its integrated LED headlight allows for maximum visibility, and therefore maximum accuracy when you are making cuts. 

The rafter hook on this model makes it super easy to store – just hang it up and forget about it! It will not take up a ton of valuable shelf storage space in your workshop or garage.

And, thanks to this saw’s super powerful motor (more on that below), this saw can make cuts faster than pretty much any other cordless circular saw in the game.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The motor on this model is an absolute beast! It is far and above the strongest motor out of all of the saws we reviewed. It is a brushless model that spins at 5000 RPM! There is not much out there that this motor would not be tough enough to cut through.

DeWalt DCS373B


  • Guard comes with an additional metal shard protector
  • Recommended for use by professional sheet metal contractors
  • DeWalt is a reliable power tool brand that you will be able to trust
  • One of the longest battery life periods out of all the saws on this list


  • Lithium ion battery needs to be purchased separately

Our Review

What can this saw not do? Users report using this saw to cut through absolutely everything: plate, struts, angle iron, conduit, threaded rods, rebar, and even cold rolled pipe. It is a particularly awesome option when it comes to cutting through metal, though.

And, if you are making cuts through metal with the intent of welding pieces together afterward, you will not need to clean the cuts up at all after making them with this saw.This bad boy cuts so straight you will think the metal was made that way! It helps to have a sight line window, so you can make the most accurate cuts.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

If you have ever bought a Dewalt product, you know that they do not compromise when it comes to their product materials. This saw is no different. With its molded rubber grip, heavy duty steel components, and hardened casing, it will probably outlive you!

Best for the Money:
Black & Decker BDCCS20C


  • Blade is 5.5 inches
  • Compact, easy to carry and manipulate
  • Comes with a limited two year warranty
  • Battery and charger are versatile and can be used with other Black & Decker tools


Our Review

Are you sick and tired of struggling to adjust your saw’s bevel to make accurate angled cuts? You can kiss that frustration goodbye forever with this model. This Black & Decker has bevel adjustments with detents at both 45 and 90 degrees that you can automatically set and forget, and get back to the real business of cutting.

Oh, and if you also do not want to wrestle with a depth adjustment system that requires a bunch of tools to operate, this saw has got you covered there as well with its toolless depth adjuster. Less time wrangling, more time cutting!

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

A name-brand saw like this Black & Decker for such a small amount of money? You have got to be dreaming right? Wrong! This saw is every bit as much bang for your buck as you would expect. If you want a steal of a deal, you have to go with this model.

Best Cordless Compact Circular Saw:
Makita SH02R1


  • Good combination of precision and power
  • Adjustable cutting depth, up to half an inch
  • Great option for home improvement projects
  • Easy to transport, thanks to its lighter weight


  • Saw can’t cut more than an inch deep

Our Review

This saw is an excellent choice for people with a range of different circular saw cutting experience. It is endorsed for use by professional woodworking contractors, who particularly enjoy its versatility and ease of use. But, it is also a great choice for those who have never operated a circular saw before.

Makita has specifically designed this model to closely resemble the setup of a standard saw, so if you have never operated a cordless circular saw, with its wider range of motion, you will likely feel more comfortable working with this model than with the other models on our list.  

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

For most saws, a boost in power means a reduction in cut accuracy, and an increase of cut accuracy means a less powerful motor. The opposite is true for this Makita. It somehow straddles the line between strength and accuracy perfectly, with high levels of both.

Best Dewalt Cordless Circular Saw:
DeWalt DCS575T2


  • Does not make a ton of noise
  • Can easily be operated with just one hand
  • Good visibility of the blade when you are cutting
  • Dust blower funnels sawdust out of the guard and away from you


  • Trigger safety button is awkward to access

Our Review

We could not believe how hardy this little circular saw was. Every aspect of it, from the battery life to the blade, was super tough. The batteries were able to run for three days of heavy work before they needed a charge! And, when they finally do need to get charged up, they charge super quickly.

Say goodbye to waiting around and killing time while your batteries recover their juice. And also, say goodbye to frustrating blade changes. With the included and attached wrench, you never have to worry about forgetting the tool to switch out your blades.   

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Okay, we did not even know it was possible to make cuts this smooth. This saw turns even rough wood into polished glass when it slices through it! And that goes for whatever material this saw is cutting – even if the wood is wet.

Best Ryobi Cordless Circular Saw:
Ryobi P508


  • Lightweight (only 6.6 lbs)
  • Battery lasts nearly all day
  • Great option for light duty work
  • Brushless motor allows for soft, quiet starts


  • Struggles with deep cuts

Our Review

This saw is an excellent option for a variety of different do it yourself projects. Though it is not heavy duty enough for extended, tough work, there is plenty it can accomplish around the house. Users report that it is a particularly excellent model for cutting backing for drywall installation, or for cutting trim on doors or windows.

Its versatility extends to its operation as well – it is one of the only saws on this list that also offers a front pommel handle, so that you could use two hands to operate it if you would like. That additional stabilizing factor makes it a good option for those new to operating circular saws.  

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

You are not going to be able to find a saw with a more comfortable grip than this Ryobi. Their patented GripZone overmold is so user friendly, and it helps to prevent your hand from getting tired when operating the saw, which could be a safety hazard.

Best Makita Cordless Circular Saw:
Makita XSH03Z


  • Has a lot of power
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Endorsed for use by professional carpenters
  • Great for cutting at weird or awkward angles


  • Dust collection port needs to be purchased separately

Our Review

If you are looking for a saw that can really do it all, do not look any farther than this Makita. The overwhelming vibe from user reviews is that this saw makes anyone’s life ten times easier.

From its visible fuel gauge, which lets you know when the battery is running low and will need a recharge soon, to the wide variety of different woods this saw is able to tackle, everything about this saw screams increased convenience. Users report that it is an excellent option for framing, for ripping plywood, and for cutting both treated and untreated wood. 

What Makes This Product Stand Out? 

A lot of times, when you invest in a saw, you know that you will need to end up replacing the stock blade that comes with the saw out of the factory. That is absolutely not the case with this Makita. The included stock blade is awesome, particularly at making smooth cuts.

Best Bosch Cordless Circular Saw:
Bosch CCS180B


  • Bevel scale is easy to read
  • Compact – only 12.5 inches long
  • Endorsed for use by professional contractors
  • Spindle lock feature makes for quick and easy blade changes


  • Does not make the straightest cuts

Our Review

If you are a woodworking or construction professional and you need a handy circular saw, you will not be able to find one better than the Bosch. This saw is designed for the working professional user. Both the feet and the upper guard are made of heavy duty aluminum that is durable and built to last.

This is not your casual homeowner’s saw to only be used a couple of times a year. This saw is a beast! Plus, its patented Electronic Motor Protection and Electronic Cell Protection systems will prevent the saw from overheating and overloading after you have worked it all day.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

What is more frustrating than sliding your saw into your work piece, only to have it immediately choke up and spin out? Say goodbye to those moments forever with this Bosch. Its anti snag lower guard allows users to ease slowly into their work piece.

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Pros and Cons of Cordless Circular Saws

If you need some additional convincing to invest in a cordless circular saw, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons:



You just can’t get more convenient than a saw you can take anywhere and use to cut anything. Cordless circular saws will beat out their corded counterparts on ease of use every single time.


How much easier would it be to make cuts without having to worry about the cord tangling up underneath you, or even, horror of horrors, the saw accidentally cutting through its own cord? Cordless models wave goodbye to all of those worries forever.


If you are looking for a saw that you will be able to haul around all day and not be worn out by, cordless models are the option for you. They are significantly lighter than their corded counterparts.


Battery Power

No matter which way you slice it (get it?), cordless saws always have less power than corded models. If you have a hefty project you need to get through, it may be a better choice to rent a corded model for the time being, or you better make sure to bring an extra battery or two!


Cordless circular saws are really the pinnacle of convenience and powerful cutting. There is not much you will not be able to accomplish with a really good cordless circular saw. And the models we have reviewed above are really, really good – we promise you will be absolutely satisfied.  

People Also Ask

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cordless circular saws:  

How Long Does The Battery Last On A Cordless Circular Saw?

The answer to this question really depends on the battery in question, and how often you use the saw. Some of the models on this list have batteries that can last for a full eight hour day of cutting without needing a recharge.

What Is The Average Recharge Time Of A Cordless Circular Saw?

Most cordless circular saw batteries will require at least an hour or two to recharge. Some models come with two batteries, so you can pop one in the charger and use the other one until the first one is charged up.

How Loud Is A Cordless Circular Saw?

Cordless circular saws are less loud than their corded counterparts, but they are certainly not silent. Some brushless motor systems on these saws are more quiet than others.

How Heavy Is A Cordless Circular Saw?

Again, this really depends on the saw. Most cordless circular saws are under ten pounds. Some are heavier than advertised when the battery is attached, so keep an eye out for that possibility.