Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review (Updated: 2021)

| Last Updated: February 12, 2021

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The Husqvarna 435 chainsaw comes from one of the world’s reputable manufacturers. It stands out as a leading gas-powered saw. And it was built to handle anything up to medium-duty cutting like a champ. Of course, it packs some of Husqvarna’s latest innovative features.

Lightweight and maneuverable, equally portable, it delivers just the right power. And so, it makes an option hard to overlook. Plus, the balance of usability and performance is outstanding.

Beginners and professionals alike will find it straightforward to operate with it. But what else can you expect from this gas-powered Husqvarna chainsaw?

Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw Review


Think of features and specs, but also of performance, ratings, and price point. Any way you look at it, there are many reasons for adding the Husqvarna 435 on your shortlist. To sum up, this chainsaw delivers:

  • Many of the much-coveted safety features
  • Intuitive operation with short learning curve
  • Superior performance with fairly low fuel consumption


After all you’ve seen, it’s hard to pick a drawback, though not impossible. To name one notable con shared by many chainsaws: they require carburetor adjustments.

  • Not all the units have the carburetor properly adjusted from the factory.

The Husqvarna 435 is best for wood under 14 inches. Here are its main features:

  • 37 x 9 x 11 inches
  • 9.2 pounds
  • 40.9CC, 2.2HP two-cycle X-Torq engine
  • 9000 rpm maximum power speed
  • 16-inch x-force chainsaw bar
  • x-cut chain with automatic oiler
  • SmartStart technology
  • LowVib system
  • Air Injection system
  • 2/4-year warranty

What Makes The Husqvarna 435 Stand Out?

While this saw may look similar to others on the market, we can assure you that it is an excellent chainsaw that excels for at-home use. Here are some of the things we liked the most:

Superior Performance

First, there’s the proprietary design of the Husqvarna X-Cut saw chain. It comes with low stretch requirements and an optimal cutting angle.  Plus, high cutting efficiency and durability. It is sharpness that lasts, carved of an ideal chrome and steel microstructure, with superior lubrication.

Then comes the Husqvarna X-Force bar. To keep up with the chain, the laminated guide bar has cutouts in the center plate, reducing its weight. Has a closed bearing system, reducing its maintenance. And it features more nose sprockets and a larger nose radius, for enhanced durability.

To top it off, the engine relies on the X-Torq technology. It consumes fuel more efficiently and emits safer non-toxic fumes.

Straightforward Operation

Regardless of your experience, chances are you will enjoy using this one. The Smart Start lets you start it simple and easy, every single time. The lightweight design with low vibration will make it comfortable. And the air purge feature lets you eliminate air from the fuel system or carburetor at the push of a button.

You can stop worrying about lubrication, thanks to the automatically fixed flow oiler. There is no need to keep manually releasing oil for the bar and chain. And maintenance, in general, is minimal, even for the air filter. Thanks to the air cleaning system design, most of the debris is removed before it reaches the filter.

Safety Features

It starts and stops easily, and idles perfectly. Comes with vibration dampening, reducing hand fatigue. And the risks of wrong moves caused by muscle strains also diminishes. Plus, it meets the ANSI standard requirements for gas chainsaw safety operation.

The guide bar and the chain boast a low kickback design. They rely on inertia activated chain brake. Even if kickback occurs, the front and rear hand guards significantly cut injury likelihood.

The throttle control has a lockout button. The chain catcher comes as an extra protection for your hands, should the chain come off. Whereas the muffle will keep noise levels to a minimum and redirect fumes away.


Hands-on experience with different Husqvarna 435 chainsaws reveals it. Not all the units have the carburetor properly adjusted from the factory.

If you’re a technical, seasoned chainsaw operator, you could adjust the carb tool yourself. Otherwise, you might have to ask a professional to do it for you.

Of course, once this small impediment is fixed, the chainsaw delivers as expected. Still, it can slow you down in enjoying, from the very beginning, what otherwise is a superior product.

How Will I Benefit From Getting This?

The numerous details composing its design, operation mode, and power features make it pretty clear. There are several different, specific circumstances for which this chainsaw model would work best.

No Experience Needed

Don’t have too much experience running gas chainsaws? Need something a tad more powerful than a battery-powered model but not sure where to start from? This low-maintenance product can give you a good start. It works easily, and it comes with intuitive user instructions.

Domestic Use

Are you planning on taking care of your small garden? Perhaps you have a few trees scattered around the backyard that need periodical trimming? Would you like to give a more practical use to those unnecessary branches you’re pruning? For domestic use, the Husqvarna 435 is perfect.

Average Cutting Chores

Changing the 16-inch bar for a shorter, 13-inch blade will give the 40.9CC engine a stronger kick. Using a longer blade of up to 18 inches will cut back some of its power. And so, from clearing brush to fixing a fence or cutting firewood, you’ll find plenty of chores to take care of, with its help.

Husqvarna Quality, Through and Through

This chainsaw is packed with features that make operation a breeze. It is compatible with other Husqvarna bars between 13 and 18 inches. And it starts without too much fuss, facilitating prolonged use without extra strain. Needless to say, it boasts technologies that extend its life.

Take a look at some of its strongest points:

Well-balanced Construction

The tool is convenient to handle and not particularly heavy. It features large handles with a soft, rubber-like cover. And it facilitates a firm, comfortable grip. Along with the clever asymmetric design, they all make it plain easy on the hands.

LowVib System for Vibration Dampening

The chainsaw vibrates less than expected. So, both beginners and professionals appreciate using it for as long as they need. The high-efficiency X-Torq engine plays its part in reducing vibration levels.

X-Cut Chain & X-Force Bar

Pre-stretched from the factory, the X-Cut chain comes with outstanding sharpness. The updated profile of the X-Force bar makes it lighter and more durable, requiring less maintenance. Together, they increase both product efficiency and lifespan.

Engine Flood Protection

The choke and stop-control make for an easy start. And they prevent engine flooding and stalling. For the connoisseurs, these two come to eliminate a problem of the older models.

What Are People Saying About the Husqvarna 435?

A popular product with hundreds of reviews, it shows some clear tendencies from a distance. On the plus side, it stands out the most for its maneuverability, lightweight design, and ease of use.

The one complaint that tends to surface more often has to do with the need to tweak the carburetor. Of course, only some people talk about this. So, it looks more like an occasional glitch and less like a drawback that can be attributed to all these chainsaws.

Focusing on the bright aspects, people appreciate that it is:

Easily Manuevered

Pretty much anyone you ask – expect for those who unfortunately had to tune the carburetor first – will tell it’s easy to start and that it works well. It’s a great saw, before anything else, because of how comfortable people feel when handling it.


As a gas unit, it is intended to be carried around the property, as far as you need. Thanks to its lightweight body, operation is pleasant. Even when it involves an extended period. So, people often mention this positive aspect, too.

Usable by Almost Anyone

Some buyers decided to go for it after dealing with fallen trees on their properties. They have researched and concluded it makes a great fit for a typical homeowner. After using it even for this purpose, to chop fallen trees, their expectations were easily confirmed.

Product Comparison: How Does It Stack Up?

So, the Husqvarna 435 made it to your shortlist? Then you must know, by now, that it closely competes with two other Husqvarna models, the 435e and 440. But, also, with the Stihl MS 211. Here’s how it stands compared to each one.

Stihl MS 211 vs Husqvarna 435

Part of the same category of 16-inch chainsaws for residential use, Husqvarna 435 has the edge over its Stihl competitor. It seems to be designed with more ergonomic features, thus being a more comfortable, preferred choice.

Even its size cylinder is slightly larger, at 40.9CC compared to only 35.2CC for the Stihl model. So, with a more powerful engine, for the same blade, the Husqvarna chainsaw will take the lead in terms of performances.

Husqvarna 435 vs 440

These two are almost identical, though the Husqvarna 435 provides slightly less power. With the same engine of 40.9CC, the 435 model delivers 2.2 HP, whereas the 440 model reaches 2.4 HP. The comparison makes sense, if you think that the 440 model was developed after the 435, and had to pack in a little extra punch.

Husqvarna 435 vs 435e

The technical data for these two Husqvarna chainsaws are almost identical. The 435e chainsaw without bar, chain, and with empty tanks weighs 9.7 lb. The 435 model weighs 9.3 lb. The significant difference, however, is in the new technology that the 435 e brings in. Specifically, it comes with the X-Cut chain and the X-Force bar for superior performances and a longer lifespan.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

If you’ve come this far, you are probably wondering if you haven’t missed anything. Sure, it is challenging to grasp everything there is to know about the Husqvarna 435, but consider these:

Made in Sweden

In case you were wondering, Husqvarna is a reputable Swedish company. Most of their chainsaws are made in Sweden. And many OEM parts you might later need are also made in Sweden.

It Doesn't Come with a Case

If you like to keep your chainsaw as well protected as possible, a case might be on your list. Consider that purchasing this model involves the additional cost of a dedicated canvas case.

Needs Both Oil and Gas

Husqvarna chainsaws are renowned for their straightforward operation and clear instructions. What else should be clear to you? While it comes ready to use out of the box, you will need to purchase and fuel it with oil and gas yourself. For safety reasons, its tanks come empty.

Features a 2-year Warranty

By default, this chainsaw comes with a 2-year warranty for residential use. Should you decide to register it online, you can extend it up to 4 years. If you’re not planning on using it very often, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to enjoy a longer warranty.


Clearly, the Husqvarna 435 chainsaw is one of the competitive options on the market. Of course, it stands out for the use it was intended for, which is light to moderate cutting tasks. Homeowners will be most interested in it, whether for occasional or routine use.

If you’re from the second category, working with a chainsaw in your backyard on a regular basis, the 435e II model will pack the most value for your money. Either way, the products in the 435 series manage to balance usability and performance in an outstanding way.

Consider it, and you won’t regret it!

People Also Ask

Got even more questions? Take a look at the following general concerns that people share when considering the purchase of a Husqvarna 435.

What is the Life Expectancy of The Husqvarna 435?

As a top-quality chainsaw from Husqvarna, this model has a lifespan of a couple of years. Of course, it also depends on how you maintain it. But the fact that you can benefit from warranty for up to 4 years is a good indicator of its life expectancy.

How Often Should I Service or Clean a Husqvarna 435?

Detailed instructions on what, how, and how often to clean or service are in the user manual. You’ll see general mentions like “the air filter must be regularly cleaned”. Or specific mentions like “clean the cooling system with a brush once a week, more often in demanding conditions”. All these should be adjusted to how often you’re using it.

What Are Some Notable Add-on Accessories That Go Well With a Husqvarna 435?

First of all, the product doesn’t come with a bar cover, so you will want to shop for one separately. Adding the carburetor issues reported in some chainsaws, having spare carb parts at hand wouldn’t hurt either. If you want to use it extensively, search for an appropriate belt and tool kit, too.

How to Start a Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

Activating the chain brake, pulling the choke control, purging the air, reducing the cylinder pressure, and then starting to pull the cord are regular steps. Thanks to the Smart Start technology, however, you should discover it will start much easier, as the starter cord reduces its resistance, and requires less strength.

How to Adjust Idle on a Husqvarna 435 Chainsaw

To adjust the idle, your Husqvarna chainsaw has a special screw with a “T” stamp above it. You’ll find it close to the pull rope, on the chainsaw casing. According to the user manual instructions, to get a higher idle speed, turn the T-screw clockwise. To lower the speed, turn it counterclockwise.

How Many CC is a Husqvarna 435?

It is a two-cycle gas engine with a 40.9CC displacement. Most homeowners who buy chainsaws for domestic use settle for anything between 32CC to 45CC. So, this model scores quite well on this scale of engine capacity.

What Size Cylinder for Husqvarna 435

Size cylinder, or cylinder displacement, as it is often referred to, is set to 40.9 cubic centimeters. It may also be labeled as 2.49, the equivalent in inches. So, the size cylinder is 2.49

What Size Chain for Husqvarna 435

This model comes from the factory with a .325-inch pitch, .050-inch gauge chain. For a 16-inch bar, you will need a chain with 66 drive links. And you can pair it with bars of 13 to 18 inches length. Just make sure to pick the right number of drive links for the bar size.