Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw Review (2021)

| Last Updated: February 12, 2021

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For the seasoned user, Husqvarna is always a great option to take into account. Are you planning on purchasing a new chainsaw for some heavy-duty cutting chores? A rancher model, like the Husqvarna 450, is worth taking a look at.

It comes from a reliable brand, and you can tell it is generously sized. It will serve well homeowners and landscapers or ranchers alike. And as long as you are into felling or bucking and clearing large woods, you won’t help but want to try it out.

In case you're still on the fence, we've compiled an exhaustive review of Husqvarna's 450 chainsaw including the good and the bad. 

Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw Review


For a Rancher chainsaw, Husqvarna 450 hits the sweet spot on all the factors that matter. As far as the advantages are concerned, you can expect:

  • Wide range of safety features
  • Ergonomic design that eases heavy-duty cutting
  • Excellent power and high performance on cutting hardwood


With this chainsaw, you enjoy above-average quality and operation, just as expected. The only downsides you can expect of it would rather have to do with occasional bad luck:

  • Very rarely, some units happen to manifest a glitch straight out of the box

Should you be unfortunate to encounter problems from the first use, you have a warranty you can easily claim right away.

This Husqvarna 450 chainsaw can cut any piece of wood, ideally under 18 inches.
Here are the specs and tech that it relies on:

  • 11.3 pounds
  • 50.22CC two-stroke engine
  • 3.2 HP power output
  • 9000 rpm maximum power speed
  • 15.22 fl.oz. fuel tank capacity
  • 8.8 fl.oz. oil tank capacity
  • 20-inch bar
  • X-TORQ engine technology
  • Centrifugal air injection system
  • Smart start
  • What Makes The Husqvarna 450 Stand Out?

    Clearly, it boasts some of the features that the manufacturer is most proud of. But here’s what makes it stand out for heavy-duty cutting, the primary purpose of this Rancher chainsaw:

    X-torq Engine Technology

    Most engine-related technologies aim for extra power. However, with X-TORQ, operators get a double advantage. Aside from that welcomed additional power, you gain efficiency in fuel consumption. The 450 Rancher model fits the largest jobs while playing it safe on the efficiency side.

    This translates into lower emissions, at standards that comply with the air emission standards in your living area. But also into refilling the tank fewer times, and saving some money in the process. 

    Centrifugal Air Injection System

    All good-quality chainsaws operate with high-performance air filters. This chainsaw adds superior air injection to it, through a centrifugal air cleaning system. Thanks to it, the larger dust particles will be pushed aside while you cut.

    The amount of debris that reaches the air filter is significantly lower. Both the engine and the air filter will, consequently, benefit from a higher lifespan.

    Smart Start Technology

    Larger doesn’t necessarily imply harder. Many gas chainsaw operators care about how easy it is to get a saw up and running. This model, in particular, combines the start and stop switch in a single control.

    Thanks to the Smart Start function and the built-in oil pump, it takes the startup pressure off of your shoulders.

    Key Features of Husqvarna 450 Chainsaws

    Power & Performance

    The Husqvarna X-TORQ engine is already famous. Providing power and durability with low fuel consumption, it handles the job in a snap. It has a 50, 2-inch cylinder displacement, and it revs up to 9000 rpm, hence the ample torque it generates. So, it makes it a pleasure to cut with it, on any type of wood, but mainly on hardwood.

    Performance is given by a great balance between power and design. The crankshaft comes as a three-piece part with roller bearings. As expected, this provides enhanced reliability and helps to reduce internal wear. On the outside, as an ergonomic unit with low weight and a large bar, it lets you make the most of the power under the hood.

    In a nutshell, it makes an excellent and highly versatile choice.

    User Comfort and Control

    Easy to start, with the Smart Start feature, combined choke/stop control, and air purge & fuel pump, this unit is outstanding. You’ll get plenty of standard features that make for smooth operation. Plus, lots of small details that make a world of difference. For instance, you have an auto return stop switch. The moment you hit it, the switch will reset to the ON position by default.

    Also, did you know that the engine features metal springs that reduce the level of vibrations? And that the handle boasts a tilted front handle? This small design change reduces fatigue and facilitates a better grip. It is a detail that only the Rancher units have. And it is particularly handy when you need to cut multiple trees at once.

    The list of nice additions includes a flip-up tank cap, fuel level indicator, and felling marks for an easy lining of the bar with the cut.

    Operational Safety

    As expected, safety is a significant concern for any chainsaw user. And Husqvarna played it well with this model. You have a side-mounted chain tensioner so that you can adjust it in a jiffy, without excuses. And you have inertia activated chain brake.

    Just in case you bump into a strong kickback, if you have no time to reach the top handle chain brake, you’re still covered.

    Other than that, you have a chain catcher and throttle trigger lockout. There’s also a right-hand guard to protect your hand should the chain break.

    How Will I Benefit From Getting This?

    We’ve mentioned it at the beginning of this review. Husqvarna 450 is a dependable, well-rounded chainsaw for serious cutting chores. Especially if you go for the Rancher unit, you will be able to handle large jobs for extended cutting times.

    Since it works so well on the heavy side, you can expect it to handle smaller tasks efficiently, too. Though if you intend to use it for lighter tasks, mostly, its size might prove a bit of an inconvenience.

    Suffices to say that the heavier its use, the higher the benefits you’ll reap.

    Heavy-Duty Cutting

    This is what the chainsaw does best. With a powerful engine and a long blade, plus all the comfy design features, it makes sense to use it for challenging jobs. Those who make a living with a chainsaw will be particularly interested in it.

    Tree Felling, Storm Cleanup, Firewood

    You could also benefit from it if you own a big portion of land where you have large trees. They will undoubtedly need periodical cleanup. And this robust chainsaw will do the work. Obviously, you can use it to turn the large branches into firewood.

    Fallen Limbs & Pruning

    If it cuts through hardwood, it will cut through small branches on the double. As mentioned, however, you might prefer to use a smaller chainsaw for smaller tasks like pruning.

    What Are People Saying About The Husqvarna 450?

    People who bought the Husqvarna 450 fall in one of the two categories. They are either happy customers leaving raving feedback. Or unhappy customers who had problems with the unit from the first use.

    Naturally, those from the second category are just a small percentage. Those who made the best of it are happy to provide positive feedback, to say the least. Buyers often praise:

    It Has Power

    Practice confirms that the engine delivers as promised. People are thrilled with how it tackles most of the chores a homeowner is interested in. And they often mention using it to clean up large trees after severe storms.

    ...And Maneuverability

    Admired in many different reviews, maneuverability is mentioned along with power. Specifically, the Husqvarna 450 is said to feature a great power-to-weight ratio. So, users are happy with how light it feels compared to the cutting force it delivers.

    It is Easy to Use

    For a powerful tool that is highly maneuverable, it is perceived as easy to use, too. The light format and the low vibration are often brought up in direct feedback. And they only add to the general feeling that, despite its size and cutting power, it doesn’t pose many challenges.

    Again, the landscape is mostly positive with regard to users’ experience. There are, however, some buyers complaining about the chainsaw not working correctly. Or not working at all after the first use. Those are taking their turn to customer support for warranty validation.

    What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

    So, you like its specs, and you’re pleased with other customers’ reviews? Before deciding to purchase it, consider the following extra details.

    No Farm Tough Bar

    Some of the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw pictures displayed online show a Farm Tough bar. However, the unit doesn’t come with this blade, and many buyers were confused by the photos. As per the manufacturer’s indications, you will not see the Farm Tough label imprinted on the actual blade.

    No Bar Cover Included

    If you like to keep your chainsaw in good shape, a cover for the bar is useful. This model doesn’t include one in the package, however. So, you should be prepared to purchase it separately.

    Works Best With a 20-inch Bar

    Many people wonder if they can upgrade the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw 20-inch bar. You should know that this blade is considered optimal by the manufacturer. If interested in a longer bar, it is best to look into the next model in the Rancher series, the 460 model.

    Cuts Best With a .325-inch Pitch, .050-inch Gauge Chain

    If you want to buy spare chains to have at hand, consider this particular chain size. For the 20-inch bar, a chain with this pitch and gauge, 80 drive links in total, will cut best. Since it’s a Husqvarna chainsaw, an X-Cut chain model is even better.

    Product Comparison: How Does It Stack Up?

    Husqvarna 450 has many direct competitors on the market. Not only from Stihl or Echo, but also from the same manufacturer. How does it compare to all the other options? Let’s take a quick look.

    Husqvarna 450 vs 450 Rancher

    From a distance, they look almost identical. From engine and operation efficiency to safety features, it’s hard to tell which is which. However, the 450 Rancher model will cost more.

    That’s because the Rancher comes with a small design tweak, supposed to be worth the extra price tag. Its handle is more ergonomic, which makes it more comfortable to use with heavy-duty chores for longer periods. That’s it.

    Husqvarna 450 vs 455

    The 450 is slightly behind the 455 model in terms of cylinder displacement. You’re looking at 50.2CC vs. 55CC. That might not necessarily make a big difference in practice. But look at the bigger picture, the intended use.

    The Husqvarna 450 is lighter than the 455. Nevertheless, it has a comparable CC, hence its edge - it can tackle both heavier and easier tasks. Whereas the Husqvarna 455 might take the lead for heavy-duty, it feels a bit too much for smaller tasks.

    Echo CS 490 vs Husqvarna 450

    At 11.3 pounds, the Husqvarna 450 is heavier than the 10.6 pounds Echo CS 490. It also has a smaller fuel tank, 15.22 vs. 16.56 fl. oz. Yet because it features the X-TORQ engine technology, the small difference in fuel capacity is really no problem whatsoever.

    Another advantage that the Husqvarna has over the Echo is that it does feature a more ergonomic design. Hence, it is a more attractive model.

    Stihl MS 271 vs Husqvarna 450

    At the same cylinder capacity, the Husqvarna 450 has slightly less horsepower – only 3.2, compared to the 3.5 HP for the Stihl MS 271. They both have low vibration technology. And still…

    The Husqvarna model can take the lead with at least two important features that the Stihl is missing on: the smart start and the centrifugal air cleaning system. If these two matter to you, chances are you’ll prefer the Husqvarna 450.

    Snapshot Summary

    Even just by looking into the above comparisons, one thing is obvious. The Husqvarna 450 chainsaw is packed with lots of design and functionality features that make it stand out. What’s more, it is lighter than many other models in this class.

    Because of the power it generates, it can serve multiple uses with ease. For those who prefer the Husqvarna quality, choosing it over its competitors seems like the most natural choice!

    People Also Ask 

    Have more questions about the practical aspects of working with this chainsaw? That’s what we thought! Read below a roundup of the common questions that fall in this category. We bet it was already on your mind, so, take a look at the answers:

    How to Start a Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw?

    Whether you’re new to this or not, it is always best to begin by looking into the user manual for this part. The main steps would require you to: turn on the chain brake and pull the choke control; then, purge the air and take off some of the cylinder pressure; finally, start pulling the cord and enjoy the easy start.

    How to Tighten Chain on a Husqvarna 450?

    This chainsaw features a dedicated tensioning screw and a combination spanner. Use the latter to tighten the chain by simply tweaking the tensioning screw. You’ll know you got it right when the chain no longer sags from the underside of the blade.

    What Size File for a Husqvarna 450?

    The chain that comes on this chainsaw has a .325-inch pitch. You can look in the user manual. You’ll see that, for this chain pitch, you’re going to need a 4.8 mm round file diameter.

    What is the Life Expectancy of the Husqvarna 450?

    As always, the product warranty gives a decent clue on how long you can expect your chainsaw to last. Husqvarna is giving you the same 2-year warranty for this model.

    With the option to extend it to four years, if you want. Either way, you follow the maintenance requirements and use only original spare parts. It should serve you well for years to come.

    How Often Should I Service or Clean the Husqvarna 450?

    The user manual features a generous section with details on maintenance schedule. Expect to have to look at carburetor adjustment options, chain brake & front hand guard checks, inertia brake release check, and brake trigger. Basically, all of its built-in safety features need regular verification, to benefit from the highest degree of protection.

    Then, you also have to regularly check and clean the recoil spring, the air filter, the spark plug, the tip sprocket, the cooling system, and the air injection system. If you could do a quick inspection of all these parts every time you take it out of its box, it would be great.

    What Are Some Notable Add-on Accessories That Go Well With the Husqvarna 450?

    First of all, you’ll want to have spare chains at hand. Then, you will want to invest in some protective accessories. Gloves are mandatory when working with any chainsaw. And because the Husqvarna 450 will most likely tackle large trees, a helmet system might also come in handy.