Best Arrow Fletching Jigs – 2021 Round-up Reviews

| Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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Fletching is, for shooting, what the steering wheel is for a car. Since there’s no point in shooting without it, getting the best fletching is crucial.

Want to learn how to pick the best arrow fletching jig? What to look for when researching your options? We’ve put all the information you need in this guide, straight as an arrow. Read on to learn more!

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best arrow fletching jigs:

  1. Best Overall: Bohning Complete Tower Jig
  2. Runner-up: Grayling Fletching Jig
  3. Best for the Money: Ms Jumpper Adjustable Fletching Jig

Comparison of the Best Arrow Fletching Jigs




Bohning Complete Tower Jig

  • Allows for both feathers and vanes (3 vane set up)
  • Very accurate and user-friendly
  • Fits standard crossbow bolts

Grayling Fletching Jig

  • Set comes complete with universal hook shaft holder, index shaft holder, nock receiver, crossbow bolt receiver and Straight Clamp
  • Directions are clear and jig settings hold true during work
  • Fits standard crossbow bolts

Ms Jumpper Adjustable Fletching Jig

  • Best for the Money
  • Durable and clamps hold vanes well
  • Easy indexing at 90- or 120-degrees

Bohning 12962 Helix Tower

  • Best Multi Arrow Fletching Jig
  • 3 vane set up at 120-degrees
  • Fits "press fit" nock style shafts

Fsskgx Fletching Jig

  • Editor's Pick
  • Comes with straight clamp which can be used to offset vane left or right
  • Inexpensive and works as it should

How Do I Choose an Arrow Fletching Jig? 

Just like with any other specialty jig, when it comes to fletching, there’s an abundance of options on the market. So much so that you might feel confused about how to choose the best one. To make it easier for you, look for a jig that is:

Strong & Durable

Once you learn to use a jig, you will not want to go back to doing it manually. So, you'd better make the best of your investment by picking a strong and durable model to last you a couple of good years.

Compact & Easy To Use

The simpler the design of a fletching jig, the better. Since its whole purpose is to make your job easier and save you time for doing other things you enjoy most, you want your jig to be intuitive and straightforward. Also compact, in case you want to take it with you or use it on different sites.

Versatile Enough For YOUR Needs

Versatility would translate through the type and number of arrows you can fletch on a jig. Most jigs are built to hold three arrows at once, some would hold more than that, others less.

As always, it’s best to pick what you need, not necessarily what tempts you the most. For beginners, in particular, it’s best to choose the best overall rather than a top of the range product.

Review of the Best Arrow Fletching Jigs

Can’t wait to get your hands on the best arrow fletching jig out there? First, let’s review together some of the top choices, to help you get a better sense of what to look for.

Best Overall:
Bohning Complete Tower Jig


  • Works with any size of arrow shaft
  • Also includes 7 different center posts
  • Generous package, includes 7 arm pairs
  • Designed for fletching three vanes at once
  • Highly-versatile tool, compatible with multiple arms


  • Doesn’t include clamp release tape strips for all arms
  • Application info for color codes imprinted only on the box

Our Review

The best overall arrow fletching jig we could find is this complete kit from Bohning. The compact design and the tools that it comes with are making it an excellent choice. With the main benefit here being the ability to fletch three vanes at once.

The base can take in any pair of arms. And you get 7 pairs right in the box. To top it off, the manufacturer includes 7 center posts, 3 rings, spacer plates, plus the useful clamp release tape.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This arrow fletching jig is the only tool you’ll need. It fletches both vanes and feathers. It can do all three pieces at once. And it comes with pretty much anything you need, right from the producer. It doesn’t cost that much, either!

Grayling Fletching Jig


  • Budget-friendly option that still provides great value
  • Supports an offset of up to 6 degrees on its magnet
  • Glass-filled nylon construction facilitates easy cleanup
  • Complete package with everything required to get started
  • Works for fletching new arrows or fixing the damaged ones


  • Fletches only one vane at a time
  • Comes with certain limitations for smaller-diameter arrows

Our Review

Are you a newbie, or do you have a limited budget? You’ll want to consider this model from Grayling Outdoor Products. It’s sold as a fletching jig with a straight clamp set. The price is more than tempting. And there are plenty of accessories in the box.

One can use it to repair old, damaged arrows or fletch new ones. The setup is straightforward, and the instructions are useful, easy to put into practice. Through it all, it’s a solid choice despite its incredible price tag.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Just like our best overall selection, this is a generously-designed arrow fletching jig kit. While it fletches just one vane at a time, it does it easily, with great quality. The value it provides makes it a good option even for those who are more experienced.

Best for the Money:
Ms Jumper Adjustable Fletching Jig


  • Comes with a built-in scale
  • Glues either vanes or feathers
  • Works with a wide range of arrows
  • Features a large grip for easy operation
  • Ensures consistency with its preset dial stops


  • Requires drilling for bench-top mounting
  • No index marks for offset or helical fletching positions

Our Review

If you need a reliable, easy to use arrow fletching jig, choose Ms Jumpper and save your money. This adjustable tool handles either straight or helix fletching, including quite a lot of adjustment options. And it’s even more affordable than our budget-friendly runner up selection.

It just makes consistent fletching easy, for either 3 fletch at 120-degree or 4-fletch at 90-degree, having preset dials for these. The magnet adjustment works smoothly. Plus, the large grip adds to comfortable use.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This fletching jig truly provides the best value for the price you’ll pay. It also has a unique design, with bold colors for those with more personality who like to express it. Not to mention it supports both 3- and 4-vane fletching for wood, aluminum, carbon rod, or fiberglass arrows.

Best Multi Arrow Fletching Jig: 
Bohning 12962 Helix Tower


  • Fast and easy to fletch with
  • Supports accurate helical fletching
  • Designed to fletch three vanes at once
  • Comes with a lot of accessories in the package
  • Allows repairs without having to remove any vane


  • Made of plastic
  • Compatible only with shafts with push in nocks

Our Review

Want an arrow fletching jig with multiple utilities? Bohning has yet another solid option. Their 12962 helix tower jig for 2.25-inch vanes works easy, fast, and always accurate. It fletches three vanes at once. And it takes around 30 seconds to get the job done.

If you like to fix old arrows, you’re going to love it even more. With this jig, you now have the option to replace just one damaged vane while keeping the others in place. In fact, it will all fall smoothly into the jig arms' guides, letting you correctly position the new vane.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The brand behind this jig is more than popular, and this particular model makes an affordable, versatile choice. It significantly speeds up the process, and it does it for a hard to beat price.

Editor's Pick: 
Fsskgx Fletching Jig


  • Comes with built-in scale
  • Handles both vanes and feathers
  • Can stick anything from 2 to 4 feathers
  • Durable construction for long-lasting utility
  • Compact, lightweight, for easy transportation


  • Metal clamp not fastened to the housing
  • Straight clip, won’t support a true helical fletching

Our Review

Yet another option you won’t help but want to consider, the Fsskgx adjustable fletching jig caught our editor’s attention for all the right reasons. It’s a small, compact and lightweight jig that works well right where you put it, but can also make a portable tool.

It features its own scale, working with any arrow type and fletching either plastic vanes or real feathers. What’s more, it can be used to fletch two, three, or even four feathers on accurate angles. Suffices to get a grasp of how it works, and you’ll want to keep using it.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This elegant, sleek arrow fletching jig catches the eye with its looks, though its functionality won’t go unnoticed either. The sturdy, anti-rust body is guaranteed to serve you well in the long run. And its price is in line with some of the most affordable jigs.

In summary, here are the best arrow fletching jigs:

  1. Best Overall: Bohning Complete Tower Jig
  2. Runner-up: Grayling Fletching Jig
  3. Best for the Money: Ms Jumpper Adjustable Fletching Jig

What Makes a Jig Great for Arrow Fletching? 

An arrow is narrow, and the fletches are even narrower. So, fletching an arrow manually can prove quite daunting. That’s where using a jig specifically designed for arrow fletching will make a world of difference. Shortly put, a jig is an excellent choice because: 

Quicker Fletching 

Adding fletchers manually is a real pain, and it can take you a few hours. With a fletching jig, you can cut the time to a couple of minutes, at least once you work your hand on it. The more you practice fletching with a jig, the better you’ll get at it. And the learning curve is really short and smooth. 

Higher Quality

Because the jig will secure both the arrow and the vane, the results are significantly improved. You can apply the glue onto the vane easier and with more precision. And you will attach it to the arrow without mistake. Using the fletching jig leaves significantly less room for errors in the process.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Fletching Jig

The quality of the fletching will determine the stability, the trajectory, the amount of turbulence, and the noise that the arrow will manifest on its way to the target. Investing in a quality fletching jig will give you tremendous advantages, all revolving around:

Accurate Fletching

The position of the vane along the arrow shaft is crucial. When you don’t need to fiddle with applying the glue and you skip the shaking hands part, you’re getting a more accurate fletching and all the benefits that come with it.

Stable Arrows

There are different types of fletching you can work with and arrows can take in more than one vane. But whatever the setting you’ve chosen, if it’s accurately implemented, you’re getting more stable arrows.

Precision With The Trajectory

When you space the vanes correctly, in the right position and at the right angle, the arrow will be more stable while in the air, increasing the odds of hitting the target with ease. It will have a flat trajectory, easier to anticipate, and to set into motion.

Comparison Overview 

In theory, fletching implies attaching vanes to arrows. In practice, one can attach those vanes in more than one way, not to mention that the vanes can be shaped differently. And that’s what generates a few terms that might confuse a beginner. Bellow, you’ll find them explained by contrast:

Helical vs Offset Fletching

Helical fletching implies single-curve vanes, for minimal wind impact on the arrow spin. It gives you the highest accuracy and stability, making an excellent choice for shooting broadheads. But it loses speed faster.

In offset fletching the vanes start straight at the arrow’s shaft and are gradually offset from the front of the fletching to the back. It still provides good stability, though it’s a better choice for long-range shots rather than shooting broadheads.

Right vs Left Helical Fletching

When fletching an arrow with feathers, if the web is placed at the right side of the quill base, it’s called a right-wing feather. The same for the web from the left of the quill base, it’s called a left-wing feather.

Whether it’s a right helical fletching or a left helical fletching, the impact on the arrow’s flight will be the same. The only thing that matters is to pair the wings with the arrows correctly. Always use a left-wing feather for an arrow that is spinning left, and a right-wing feather for one that is spinning right.

Helical Fletching vs Straight Fletching

In helical fletching, the vane has a curve, whereas in straight fletching, it has none – the vane is straight with the shaft of the arrow. When shooting with a straight fletch, the arrow won’t create any additional spins, thus reaching the highest speed.

Helical fletching is best for shooting broadheads because it gives you stability and accuracy and because it loses speed pretty fast. By contrast, straight fletching will reach the best speed, and since wind is more likely to affect the arrow, it's best for close-range shots.


Archery is fun, but fletching the arrows not so much, if you don’t have the best fletching jig at hand. However, now that you’ve seen your options and grasped the basic notions, you’ll know exactly what to look for and how to pick a model that will serve your needs and your current skills at best!

People Also Ask

New to this and still haven’t figured it all out? A few introductory questions along with their answers should help you get things straight ASAP:

What Is Fletching?

Fletching describes the process of attaching a fin-like part to an arrow. The main purpose is to stabilize the arrow and, equally importantly, to give it extra spin while it travels, ensuring a straight trajectory. Commonly, feathers and vanes are the best materials for fletching an arrow.

Are Arrow Fletching Jigs Hard to Use?

Fletching jigs are actually designed to make your work easier. Basically, such a tool allows you to handle both the arrow and the feather or the vane with ease. It secures them both, separately, letting you rotate the arrow and applying glue on the vane. It also features details that will make the work more precise and less messy.

How Much Is an Arrow Fletching Jig?

Some of the most affordable, though still of good quality, fletching jigs will cost anything from $60 to $100. However, as you get closer to the $100 threshold, you can consider a particular fletching jig moderately expensive. The top of the range, or just highly-priced because of the brand, models can reach the whopping $200 price.

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