Best Jigsaw Blades for Laminate Flooring (and Vinyl Plank) – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: March 29, 2021

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If you’ve ever used a jigsaw, you know that using the right blade type is just as important as finding the right jigsaw. There are specific blades made for cutting through laminate.

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What’s common about every laminate blade is that it is cheaper than other blade types, perhaps because it is not expected to last very long. In any event, there are plenty of good ones to choose from.

Comparison of the Best Jigsaw Blades for Laminate Flooring

  • Designed for laminate, but also multi-purpose
  • 3 pack, 3.62" blade, 14 TPI
  • Thin blade kerf to reduce heat and improve performance
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  • Features taper ground reverse teeth
  • 3 pack, 4" blade, 10 TPI
  • Fits all U-Shank jugsaws
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  • Best for the Money
  • 3 pack, 3.25" blade, 20 TPI
  • 1 blade for hardwood, 1 blade for laminate
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  • Editor's Pick
  • 2 pack, 4" blade, 10 TPI
  • Fits all Bosch and DEWALT jigsaws
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  • Honorable Mention
  • 3 pack, 3.5" blade, 10 TPI
  • Designed for high-temperature cuts
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What Makes a Jigsaw Blade Great for Laminate Flooring?

Man-made and laminated materials have a tendency to ruin the blade’s cutting edges. You don’t want to use any old blade for laminate. Here are what makes laminate blades different from others.

Downstroke Cuts

While many saw blades cut on upstrokes, laminate blades cut on downstrokes – meaning the spikes are turned downward. This means that the face side of the laminate (the side that matters) will get a clean cut and any cutting blemishes will be on the bottom side. This is important if you want to avoid having to sand and fix potential cracks on the face side of your laminate.

They Are Cost Effective

Look, whatever kind of a blade you intend on using for cutting laminate flooring, it’s going to get pretty dull fairly quickly. That means that even a heavy-duty expensive blade isn’t going to last long.

Laminate blades are cheaper. You also get more of them inside the package. So, instead of using any old blade, get some laminate blades and don’t worry about wasting them – they’re supposed to be disposable.

What Size of Jigsaw Blade Do I Need for Laminate Flooring?

There isn’t a hard rule in this regard. As long as you get a “laminate jigsaw blade,” you’re probably good to go. 

If you're into specs, however, you’ll want the height of the blade to be somewhere around 0.2”, its overall or total length around 3.25”, and its thickness about 0.05”.

The working (cutting) length is also important – it’s the area of the blade that’s going to do the cutting. It should be somewhere 2-5/16” long.

Again, there isn’t a particular rule here, but this is the general ballpark that you should be aiming at.

Why Did These Jigsaw Blades Make Our List?

The jigsaw blades that you’ll find below have been specifically designed for laminate cutting. They will all do a good job of cutting laminate flooring. But what makes them so good for the job?

Blade Direction

There are two blade types. The teeth are either going to be downward-focused or designed such that there is no damage or extra material left on the face side of your laminate flooring.

Downward-focused blades cut only on a jigsaw’s downstrokes, which ensures that all the excess material is forced away from the face side. Laminate blades are designed such that there is no excess material left on either side after cutting.

Teeth per Inch

Teeth per inch, or TPI, is a rating that describes how many teeth a blade has per inch. The lower the number, the faster and the less precise the cut. So, you don’t want the TPI to drop below 10 for your laminate jigsaw blades.


Laminate jigsaw blades are typically made of a fairly resilient material. Yes, the laminate will destroy the blades anyhow, but they need to last as long as possible. So, expect carbide, bimetal, carbon, alloy-steel blades, etc.

Review of the Best Jigsaw Blades for Laminate Flooring

All of these blades are particularly made for laminate cutting. Some of them may be usable on other materials, but the focus is laminate. Or laminate flooring, which is the most common.

Best Overall:
Bosch T128BHM3


  • Particularly intended for laminate
  • 14 TPI means extra clean cuts without chips
  • Equipped with carbide brazing technology for extended life
  • The advanced tooth design works great with brittle laminate


  • A bit on the pricey side, although they are the best

Our Review

Typically, as far as laminate flooring is concerned, it’s important that there are no chips or damages on the face side of the laminate. The Bosch T128BHM3 is a set of laminate blades that will provide clean cuts on both sides. This is thanks to the advanced tooth design that avoids chips and unwanted cuts on either side of the laminate.

The 14 TPI is great for this purpose but does require slower cutting. This is fine because you can’t expect to cut laminate quickly. This blade has been particularly designed to handle high-pressure laminates.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

That would definitely be its advanced tooth design. Unlike most blades, the Bosch T128BHM3 has dynamic teeth going from downward-focused to upward-focused (viewing from the upper side of the cutting length). As the teeth start to be less downward, they also get smaller. Thanks to this design, the Bosch T128BHM3 is arguably the best jigsaw blade for laminate flooring.

Ivy Classic 28545


  • High-carbon steel blade
  • Great for other materials too
  • The 10 TPI blade cuts quickly
  • Fits a wide variety of popular brands
  • Tapered ground teeth that are faced downward


  • More than 3 blades per package would be great

Our Review

The 10 TPI rating is pretty much at the bottom of the recommended range for laminate blades. Still, in some cases, performing a job quickly is more important than performing it impeccably, especially if you’re going to sand the laminate after cutting anyway.

The downward-facing teeth make sure that there are no chips, unwanted cuts, or excess material left on the face side of the laminate. The material of these blades is a very resilient sort, which is a huge plus for laminate jigsaw blades.

Although the Ivy Classic 28545 has been designed for laminate, it also does a good job with plastic, plywood, and wood.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

With a TPI rating of 10, you would expect a bit of a rougher cut. However, probably thanks to the tapered downward-facing blades, the laminate will end up pretty much impeccable on the face side. There are blades with this TPI index that wouldn’t be able to do such a pristine job.

Best for the Money:
Bosch T503


  • Very affordable for the quality
  • More power coming from five points of contact
  • Bi-metal construction promotes longevity and durability
  • Works with both curved and straight cuts for laminate and hardwood


  • Out of the 3 blades in the set, two are for hardwood and one is for laminate

Our Review

The biggest problem with this set is that it isn’t strictly for laminate materials. You only get one blade that specializes in laminate cutting and two that are for hardwood. Still, it works great if you also need hardwood blades.

Other than that, the laminate blade is great at what it does. It’s a bi-metal blade that is durable and will last a long time. The ability to attack from five points of contact makes the Bosch T503 blades extremely efficient and powerful.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

In most sets, especially in sets of 3, you’ll get three identical blades. Now, this can be seen as a downside, but people who work with laminate often need jigsaw blades for hardwood, as well.

You can even use the hardwood blades on laminate, especially in areas that are less apparent. In fact, Bosch clearly claims that all three blades can be used for laminate, as “special for Laminate” is imprinted on each blade.

Editor's Pick:
Dewalt DW3762H2


  • One-year warranty
  •  Fits all Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws
  • Ground teeth that stay sharp for longer
  • Available with a no-risk trial period of 30 days
  • Extremely smooth and clean cuts for a blade at this price point


  • Only 2 blades inside the package

Our Review

Yes, only 2 blades to the set, and for laminate cutting, this seems like a low number. However, thanks to the ground-teeth technology, Dewalt’s DW3762H2 blades stay sharp for a long time, meaning that they won’t get dull quickly, even if used on laminate flooring. Another cool thing is that the blades can support extremely fast cutting, without chipping away or damaging the face of the laminate.

The blades will fit on all Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws, and probably many other brands. If the blade doesn’t fit your jigsaw, you have 30 days to return it with no questions asked.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

It’s the precision ground teeth that make Dewalt DW3762H2 truly stand out from the crowd. These teeth ensure quick cuts sans any chips and face damage, and they’ll last a long time. If this doesn’t prove to be true, you get a confidence-boosting one-year warranty.

Honorable Mention:
Lenox Tools 1991404


  • Very affordable
  • 20 TPI precision blades
  • Ground teeth help to avoid burning
  • Great for tight curves and accurate cuts
  • Works great with cutting patterns and flooring


  • Longevity can be lacking

Our Review

Don’t expect the Lenox Tools 1991404 blades to last long. But then again, make sure that you buy them in bulk – they’re cheap and you get three pieces per package. In truth, they are best used in combination with another blade. But what the Lenox Tools 1991404 blades do best (which no other laminate blades can compare) is precision cutting. The narrow profile of these blades gives you enough clearance for cutting very tight curves.

The Lenox Tools 1991404 is definitely not the best laminate blade on the market, but no other blade does the precision job as well as this one.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

That’s a no-brainer – the precision. Whether you intend to use your jigsaw for cutting patterns or for simple floor installation, the blade will excel at it.

In summary, here are the best jigsaw blades for laminate flooring:

  1. Best Overall: Bosch T128BHM3
  2. Runner-up: Ivy Classic 28545
  3. Best for the Money: Bosch T503

What Are The Benefits of Cutting Laminate Flooring with a Jigsaw?

Make no mistake, as there are other tools that you can use to cut laminate flooring. However, there are a number of benefits to using a jigsaw.

Easy-to-Use and Safe

Anyone can pick up the use of a jigsaw very quickly. It’s very intuitive. This is one of the main reasons that a lot of amateurs and professionals prefer the jigsaw for cutting laminate flooring. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, they are about the safest power cutting tools that you can use.

Can Cut Any Shape

With laminate, you may want to go custom with the shape. This is something that you will find difficult with other tools. But not with a jigsaw – all of the competent jigsaws are easy to navigate and control.

Quieter and Less Messy

First of all, jigsaws are among the quieter cutting tools available. You may not find this important at the moment, but operating noises can get old very quickly. Additionally, jigsaws are precision tools that won’t make too much of a mess or chip away at the laminate too much.

How to Cut a Laminate Countertop with a Jigsaw?

Let’s see how you can make straight cuts in laminate countertops, for starters. Here’s a short step-by-step guide.

1. Making Measurements

Before proceeding, measure the chunk that you wish to cut away from the laminate countertop. Then, using a ruler or a measuring tool and a pencil, outline the cutting path on the top. Be careful when making these measurements, as this is going to be your final cut.

2. Preparing Your Cut

Now, position the tool on one end of the cut. Line up with any measurement markings you made previously. The shoe needs to be snug against the guide fence. Turn on the tool and wait for a couple of seconds for the blade to achieve the selected speed.

3. Cutting

Now, slowly and gently ease the blade into the laminate. Do it slowly to avoid making mistakes, which would ruin the workpiece. Feel free to take a break at any time. To resume, start the jigsaw again and wait for it to rev up before continuing.

4. Clearing Debris

If you're making multiple cuts, be sure to clear debris as needed between cuts. Safety should always be your number one priority!


From choosing the perfect blade, to trying it out and seeing whether it fits you, the journey to finding the ideal match isn’t a short one. Check out the reviewed blades above and find one that suits your needs, at least on paper. Then try it out and see how well it works. Oh, and make sure that you’re cutting that laminate flooring correctly.