Best Metal Lathes Under $1000 – 2021 Buying Guide

| Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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If you want to accomplish any sort of metalworking project, you are going to need to invest in a metal lathe. Do not be scared off by the giant price tags you will see on some of the most popular metal lathe brands – we guarantee that you will be able to find a lathe of just as high quality for under $1000. Read on to learn more about the best deals on the market today.

​Snapshot​! Best ​Metal Lathes Under $1000

​In a hurry? Here are our top picks​:

Best Overall
Best for the Money

Comparison Chart of the ​Best Metal Lathes Under $1000


Our Rating


Erie Tools Precision Metal Lathe

​Best Overall

Yaoshi Metal Lathe


Jectse Mini Metal Lathe

​Best for the Money

Acogedor Metal Lathe

Editor's Pick

Cgoldenwall TZ20002MG

Honorable Mention

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Metal Lathe

​While you can find a metal lathe for cheap, there are some major advantages in buying a higher quality product over ​the cheapest one you can find.

Material Composition

We referenced this fact in a few of our reviews above, but when it comes to power tools, you really want to invest in those made of the highest quality materials possible. And most of the time, that means you want the majority of the tool to be made of metal.


It goes along with material composition – these tools are really going to be put through the wringer when it comes to projects that will literally grate on their edges and wear them down. You want to invest in a high quality lathe so that you will not constantly be needing to spend precious money and time on replacement parts and maintenance.


We know that by virtue of you reading this article, you are probably most interested in operating a lathe that can work with metal. But you never know when your projects may expand beyond just metal material. Investing in a high quality lathe that can work with a wide range of different kinds of projects can really pay off in the long run.

Quick Take: Best ​Metal Lathes Under $1000

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best​ metal lathes under $1000:

  1. ​Best Overall: Erie Tools Precision Metal Lathe
  2. ​Runner-up: Yaoshi Metal Lathe
  3. Best for the Money: Jectse Mini Metal Lathe

Review of the Best Metal Lathes Under $1000

You do not have to just take our word for it – check out some of the most impressive metal lathes for under $1000 available on the market today:

​Best Overall:
​Erie Tools Precision Metal Lathe


  • Awesome for smaller jobs
  • Erie provides excellent customer service
  • Digital readout allows for quick processing
  • Great choice for those who are new to working with metal lathes


  • Can run a little more slowly than several of the other lathes on this list

Our Review

If you want to invest in a tool that will be able to do it all for you, you have got to go with this lathe from Erie! Although it is specifically designed for working with metal, multiple users report that it works just as well when turning wood or plastic as well.

Plus, this is definitely one of the most accurate metal lathes on the market today, thanks to its 4 in. of chuck diameter, which works to hold whatever work piece you are operating on in place with absolutely no wiggling.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?:

One of the reasons this product is so easy to use is because it arrives with a comprehensive user manual that explains just about everything you would ever need to know about operating a lathe. Users report it was actually impossible to be confused about any aspect of this lathe’s operation.

​Yaoshi Metal Lathe


  • Intentionally designed
  • Has a high level of functionality
  • Well made of high quality material
  • Endorsed for use by professional metalworkers


  • A little complex for inexperienced users

Our Review

This lathe is an excellent option if you intend to be working with several different types of metal, ranging from the softer metals such as aluminum and copper, to nonferrous metals, all the way up to the precious metals such as silver and gold. This lathe can handle them all, no sweat!

Plus, if you want to branch out beyond machining just metal, this lathe can also easily process acrylic and plastic. And, as a side note, if you want a machine that is going to stand out in your shop, you really will not be able to find one prettier than this lathe, with its electroplated parts.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The material used to comprise lathe parts can make a huge difference in its durability and precision, and Yaoshi has made the commitment with this lathe to work with the best materials possible. Everything on this lathe is made of durable metal with the exception of the drive belt cover.

​Best for the Money:
​Jectse Mini Metal Lathe


  • Has a wide bed
  • Creates smooth finishes
  • Efficient enough to help you save a lot of time
  • Six different speed ranges make for a wide variety of cuts


  • Can only process softer metals

Our Review

We appreciated that Jectse has included some additional metal cutting tools with any purchase of this lathe, expanding the range of cuts you will be able to make and types of projects you will be able to work on. This versatility comes in handy in any sort of workshop.

In addition to extra tools, Jectse also includes some backup parts to use as replacements, should anything go wrong when you are working this lathe. This is not to say that this lathe is not durable, but rather to acknowledge that everything breaks eventually and you should not have to wait for a spare part to arrive.  

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Wow! We simply could not believe our eyes when we saw the price point on this lathe. Even though all of the lathes on our list are under $1000, this lathe stands out from the pack in terms of affordability. Don’t miss out on this deal!

​Editor’s Pick:
Acogedor Metal Lathe


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent hobbyist lathe
  • Makes very accurate cuts
  • Durable enough to last for a long time


  • Motor can randomly stall out

Our Review

One of the most notable things about this lathe that we noticed right away is that Acogedor has included a hand wheel in the lathe’s design, which can really make a difference when it comes to boosting the overall accuracy when you are machining metal.

We were also impressed by the material used to build this lathe – it is almost entirely made of high grade iron, which really separates it from the rest of the pack. Even its internal gears are made of metal, so you will not have to worry about this lathe breaking down.  

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

We were impressed that a lathe of this size was tough enough to process even some of the most hard metals. There was really nothing we were able to throw at this lathe that it could not handle. It is an absolute beast!

​Honorable Mention:
Cgoldenwall TZ200002MG


  • Consistently produces strong results
  • Can help you save some workshop space
  • Chuck guard serves as additional safety measure
  • Great for people who are just learning to operate a metal lathe


  • Cgoldenwall does not provide great customer service

Our Review

Okay, we are not usually in the business of recommending the use of power tools to children, but we may need to make an exception for this model. It is so safe and straightforward to use, it almost seems designed for a child to be able to use it.

If you do want to introduce your (preferably close to the teen years) child to working with machining metal, this is definitely the lathe you should use to show them the ropes (just make sure you are always on hand to supervise!). And do not think for a second that it is not grown up enough for you to use on your projects as well.  

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Beyond its ease of use, we loved that this product came with two separate chucks. This opens up a wider range of possibilities for the different projects you will be able to complete when you are working with this lathe.  

Can You Find a Quality Metal Lathe Under $1000?

We get it – the title of this article probably made you a little bit skeptical. If you know anything about lathes, you know that they are huge, powerful pieces of metalworking equipment, and as such, they are typically quite expensive.

But we promise that you can actually find a high quality metal lathe for under $1000. It may not be as big as other lathe options, or maybe not as versatile, but it can certainly still get the job done at the same level as its more expensive competitors.


Metal lathes can be some of the most valuable power tools you will ever purchase, but that does not mean that you need to break the bank when doing so. There are many of excellent metal lathe options that come in at under $1000. We promise that you will not be disappointed if you choose to invest in any of the products from our list above.

People Also Ask

In case you have any lingering questions about metal lathes, here are some clarifying answers:

What Other Tools Are Essential For Working With A Metal Lathe?

It may not be particularly glamorous, but you absolutely need to keep oil on hand whenever you are operating a lathe. You do not want things to jam up when you are working with metal. Users also recommend having measuring equipment and a solid base to operate from.

What Can I Make With A Metal Lathe?

The possibilities are endless! You can make metal rings, metal tools, barrels for guns, clamps, handles, candle sticks, cups, bowls, goblets, bolts, pens – if you become advanced enough, we have even heard of users using their metal lathes to make an entire chess set.

How Often Should I Clean A Metal Lathe?

You should probably clean your lathe after every time you use it. This sounds laborious, but it actually is not that bad. You simply need to make sure you brush away the metal shavings so that they do not accumulate and end up gumming up your lathe down the line.

How Long Do Metal Lathes Typically Last?

Even if you go with one of our models and choose a lathe that costs under $1000, you are likely still going to be spending a pretty big chunk of change on this tool, and the last thing you want is for it to break down on you! Lathes can generally last for an extremely long time, though they may require some replacing of different parts over time.