Poulan Pro PP4218a Chainsaw Review (Updated – 2021)

| Last Updated: February 12, 2021

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We really like this saw. The technology described below shows how it stands out from the competition in terms of patented technologies.

Here are what we found to be the top features of this specific saw, hardcore specs set aside.

Poulan Pro PP4218a Specs 

Here are the specs and tech that make the Poulan Pro PP4218a a top pick:

  • OxyPower technology
  • Spring-assist pull cord
  • Automatic gear-driven oiler
  • Advanced anti-vibration system

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  • Superior engine efficiency
  • Facilitates simple operation
  • Makes for a great economical choice
  • Many aftermarket and OEM parts available


  • It may use a fair amount of oil for lubrication

Top Features of Poulan Pro PP4218a

Here are some of the best aspects of this model:

The Engine is Efficient

A 42CC engine is usually placed on average-power tools. However, this engine cylinder capacity is at the upper-tier in this middle class.

In other words, you’re getting the top-notch choice. It is one of the most powerful engines for the type of jobs it is intended to tackle.

With that, it is a steady and reliable power source. It will deliver high performance with a wide range of domestic cutting chores. And that is possible not only due to what it packs under the hood. The 18-inch bar it was paired with plays its part in the equation.

The OxyPower patented technology is also worth mentioning. What it does is to balance performance with efficiency. It scores the optimal performances, as designed by the manufacturer. And it takes the minimum amount of fuel consumption, thus minimizing emissions.

Operation is Easy for Experts and Beginners

Are you a first-time user or a more seasoned one? Either way, you won’t need long to get the ropes of the Poulan Pro PP4218a. Things are easy from the beginning until the end. But speaking of the beginning, its effortless pull starting stands out for easy operation.

All the controls are accessible and intuitive, thanks to a thoughtfully planned design. What if you will need a quick chain adjustment? The onboard scrench is ready to take out from its dedicated snap-lock cover.

And the SuperClean air filter system facilitates prolonged operation at optimal parameters. Thanks to it, users enjoy optimal power. All without having to worry too much about cleaning the air filters.

Like Most Poulan Products, This One is Affordable

The chainsaw comes with a couple of welcomed extras. It is built to reduce fuel consumption, so that you will pay less for the gas. This efficiency is facilitated through the OxyPower engine technology. But, also, through the air filter system that supports minimal fuel consumption.

On the one hand, the air filter system helps the engine. On the other hand, the same system prolongs the lifespan of the actual filter. At the same time, you have the automatic oiler to reduce the wear and tear of the bar and the chain.

Long story short, this product can be purchased for an affordable cost. Yet it was also designed with lower operation costs in mind, and with an extended lifespan.

Poulan Pro is yet another reputable power tool manufacturer. A brand that delivers impressive power through budget-friendly tools. And that’s precisely what it does with this particular chainsaw model, Poulan Pro PP4218a.

This chainsaw is sized to fit medium-duty cutting chores. And it comes with a lot more than the actual chainsaw in the package. For an appealing price tag, you’ll be getting a carry case and a spare chain. Plus, a built-in scrench and safety gloves.

Wondering just how much would you benefit from buying this 18-inch 42CC chainsaw from Poulan Pro? Let’s take a closer look at everything it has to offer.

What Makes The Poulan Pro PP4218a Stand Out?

This chainsaw packs some of the most popular Poulan Pro technologies. It is intended to put minimum operation strain on the user. And it also strives to provide enhanced fuel efficiency. Some of the features that make it stand out include the following technologies and systems:

OxyPower Patent Technology

This is the manufacturer’s patented technology for engine operation. Thanks to it, the engine generates superior power while requiring considerably less fuel. Poulan claims it takes 20% less fuel and outputs 70% fewer emissions.

EPS System

As a gas engine, you will still have to pull the cord to get it up and running. However, the Effortless Pull Starting is meant to put you through considerably fewer cord pulls. All due to the spring-assist pull cord paired with an easy-to-use purge bulb.

Automatic Oiler System

The chainsaw keeps its bar and chain properly lubricated. The operator doesn’t need to worry about this aspect. It’s all possible due to the automatic gear-driven oiler. This comes with the obvious benefit of requiring minimal maintenance. But it adds the reduced wear advantage.

How Will I Benefit From Getting This?

Poulan Pro PP4218a is a chainsaw from the medium-duty class. It can serve quite a few different chores. Are you looking for a reasonably inexpensive, small, but quite powerful chainsaw? One that you can handle without too much difficulty? This may be the one for you, and you can use it for:

Cutting Firewood

This model comes with the most popular type of chain currently on the market. But the 3/8-inch pitch and .050-inch gauge winning formula isn’t all. The chain also features the pro-style. It has 40% more cutters, meaning it will work faster. And it will help you tackle firewood in no time.

Handling Fallen Trees

With an 18-inch blade, Poulan Pro PP4218a will easily cut wood of up to 16 inches in diameter. That’s an average size for the trees you’ll usually have around the house. Therefore, it makes sense you will be able to handle most incidents related to fallen trees with a blade like that.

Storm Cleanup

Fallen or broken branches are likely to have even less than 16 inches in diameter. Cutting those and trimming bushes after a storm? They are all basic cutting tasks that you can perform with it.

What Are People Saying About The Poulan Pro PP4218a

Looking into the direct feedback from people who got their hands on the Poulan Pro PP4218a? The patterns are somewhat clear. Safety features rank high in buyers’ preferences. Most people appreciate how this item tackles the operator’s safety. Yet close behind it, the lightweight design and the good value for money are frequently praised.

Of course, not every user experience is flawless. Among the most common complaints, users mention that different sellers will forget adding some of the extra parts in the package. There are also some isolated complaints about the chainsaw blade. Some people got it slightly bent out of the box.

But through it all, the positive feedback takes up most of the reviews’ landscape.

Safety Features

Most buyers appreciate working with the Poulan Pro PP4218a for its low kickback bar and chain. They feel safe with the chain brake and chain catcher up and running. And they also appreciate the front and rear hand guards that make the design both practical and safe.

Light Weight

This chainsaw has a lightweight case that makes it highly maneuverable. People notice how easy it is to work with it. It’s great either for cutting fallen trees or for trimming overhanging limbs. And the experienced users are the ones who particularly praise this detail.

Value for Money

Those who order it online often notice how the acquisition price beats the one of local sellers. And after they put it to work? They can’t help but be impressed with how well it handles backyard chores.

Many would state it provides great value for the money. Basically, they underline that it doesn’t suit heavy-duty cutting. But that is perfect for average cutting.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

If you enjoyed what you’ve found out so far, keep reading. There are quite a few other details you might be interested in. Things that you would better be aware of, before actually paying for the product. Here’s what else you should expect:

One-year Consumer Warranty

This product comes with a default consumer warranty of one year. As expected, for the warranty to stay in place, one should always use only genuine replacement parts.

Maintenance Is Required

According to the user manual, this product requires annual replacements. Specifically, you’ll have to change the spark plug, fuel filter, and air filter. Replacement parts should all be original, and service performed by an authorized service dealer.

Guidance for Safe Operation

Are you a first-time buyer? Do you know little about operating a chainsaw? Then you will particularly appreciate the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

From technical data to step by step maintenance and operation instructions, you’ll get plenty of info. The user manual even includes working technique indications for different types of cuts!

Not Meant for Longer Bars

For this type of engine, the 18-inch bar is perfect, yet leaves no room for the change. The official recommendation is to stick to it as an optimal choice. That applies to both maximum and minimum bar length.

Snapshot Summary

The Poulan Pro PP4218a is one of the best chainsaws for medium-duty cutting chores. Not an option for heavy-duty, but an ideal choice for moderate tasks, it is worth the investment without a doubt.

It comes with a powerful engine and a large blade. It has all the necessary protection features built-in. And the manufacturer’s support, as reflected through the user manual, is extremely helpful. That applies to users of all kinds of experience levels.

As long as you don’t intend to use it on a daily basis intensively, it would make a solid choice for occasional chores around the yard.

People Also Ask

Not ready to wrap up your findings on this chainsaw from Poulan Pro? Let’s take a quick look at some other details. We’ve picked some of the more technical aspects that weren’t necessarily detailed above. For instance:

What is the Life Expectancy of The Poulan Pro PP4218a?

This chainsaw includes features designed to prolong its life. Think of the engine technology and the automatic oiling. Or the high-performance air filter. They all indicate a high average lifespan. Maintained according to the official recommendations and servicing with original spares, you could look at a few years of optimal functionality.

How Often Should I Service or Clean The Poulan Pro PP4218a?

The maintenance schedule suggests the following. Inspection and cleanup of the air filter, chain brake, and guide bar every 5 hours. An inspection and cleanup of the spark arresting screen and muffler every 25 hours. And each year, the spark plug, the fuel filter, and the air filter should be replaced.

What Are Some Notable Add-on Accessories That Go Well With The Poulan Pro PP4218a?

Some of the most useful accessories are already included in the package: the cover, the spare chain, and the protection gloves. If you want to try a different chain, keep in mind that it must fit the original chain profile. Consider purchasing special oil for two-stroke engines, too.

How to Start a Poulan Pro PP4218a

The user manual comes with extremely detailed, step-by-step, graphical instructions. Make sure you check it before you start the chainsaw. All in all, the process is relatively as expected with most gas units. You lock the chain brake and use the air purge primer. Then you pull the blue choke lever out and try your hand on pulling the starter cord.

How to Tune a Poulan Pro PP4218a

Tuning a Poulan Pro involves taking out its cover to access the T-screw from the nearby of the primer bulb. To make it idle faster, you must turn the T-screw clockwise. To make it idle slower, turn it counterclockwise.

Make sure you wear protective gloves in the process. Also, it is best that you adjust the screw with a quarter-turn every single time. Restart the saw to see how it works, after each quarter-turn tune. Then, keep tuning if still necessary.

How to Adjust a Poulan Pro PP4218a Chainsaw Carburetor

If the chain moves at idle or the saw won’t idle, you must adjust the carburetor accordingly. You will do so from the idle speed screw, labeled “T”, from the area above the air purge bulb. Turn that screw clockwise if you need to increase the engine speed. Or turn it counterclockwise if you need to decrease the engine speed.

What Size Chain Should I Buy for a Poulan Pro PP4218a?

This chainsaw comes with a 3/8-inch pitch, .050-inch gauge, 62DL chain. You can shop for chains from any manufacturer out there, provided it has the same size. As always, if you have access to genuine accessories and parts, try those first.