Best Sanders for Trim Work (2021 Guide)

| Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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If you're looking for a smooth and even finish, you'll require a quality sander to ensure a fine finish on that wood trim. 

In the article below, we'll dive into what makes a sander great for trimming work, along with a few of our favorite sanders. 

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best sanders for trim work:

  1. Makita BO3710
  2. Ryobi DS1200
  3. Teccpo TAMS22P

Comparison Chart of the Best Sanders for Trim Work




Makita BO3710

  • Ergonomic rubber grip
  • 11,000 OPM speed
  • Built-in Counterbalance

Ryobi DS1200

  • Triangular head pad
  • Operates at 13,000 OPM
  • Weighs just 0.75lbs

Teccpo TAMS22P

  • Best for the Money
  • Oval shaped head pad
  • Runs at 14,000 OPM

Genesis GMT15A

  • Multi-purpose tool
  • 21,000 OPM
  • Comes with a 19-piece accessory kit

Hammerhead HADS014

  • Oval shaped head pad
  • Triangular detail attachment
  • Dust sealed switch

What Makes a Sander Great for Trim Work? 

There are specific benchmarks to be met and features to be available for a sander to be considered sufficient for trim work. Below are a few points to keep in mind when researching sanders for trim work. 

Size Matters

When using a sander for trim work, you'll want to ensure that the size is big enough to cover a large enough area to complete the job within a reasonable time. 

However, not too big as this will be heavier than necessary and uncomfortable. It also depends on the size of the material you're sanding. 

Sanding Head Pad

There are various sanding head pad shapes on the market, and you'll undoubtedly notice an operational difference with each. The most common would be a rectangular shape, which is excellent for larger materials as they cover more area. 

Triangular or oval shapes are useful for reaching tighter corners. You'll also notice circular pads, which significantly reduce the chances of any marks or friction burns. 

Comfort is Key

Like with any tool, you need to be comfortable when handling it for prolonged periods. Soft-rubber that limits vibration is your best bet when looking for a sander that prioritizes comfort. 

You should also get a firm grip on the handle; look for contoured rubber handles and various gripping positions on the sander. 

Review of the Best Sanders for Trim Work

We've picked out some of our favorite sanders to use on trim work. These sanders will give you an idea of what to look for when researching. 

Best Overall
Makita BO3710


  • Efficient dust system
  • Vibration isn't an issue
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Lock-on button to reduce finger fatigue


  • No speed controls

Our Review

Any great sander should have comfort as one of its priorities; you certainly get that with the Makita. The soft rubber material used on the handle provides a firm and comfortable grip for continued use. 

There's also a lock-on button that allows you to operate the sander without having your finger on the trigger. 

Another beneficial comfort feature would be the built-in counterbalance, which significantly reduces vibration. The sander can operate at 11,000 OPM and efficiently contain most of the dust it creates. 

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The two-finger trigger switch has a lock-on button that will allow you to operate the machine without holding down a trigger. 

Not many manufacturers think of comfort the way it's been implemented in this sander. This dramatically reduces finger fatigue and is an excellent sander for anyone suffering from medical issues like arthritis. 

Ryobi DS1200


  • The elongated body allows for better control
  • Utilizes a hook and loop adhesive attachment
  • Lightweight design reduces the chance of fatigue
  • The triangular shape allows you access into tight corners


  • No variable speed control

Our Review

The triangular head pad design is what makes this sander perfect for detail and finishing work. The head will allow you to sand in small areas and tighter corners. The elongated body design provides better control and maneuverability. 

Another feature that sticks out is that this sander weighs just 0.75lbs, which is incredibly lightweight for a sander. You'll also be given 5pcs of sandpaper with your purchase, which can be easily swapped around using the hook and loop adhesive system.  

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The feature that sets this sander apart from the rest has to be the head pad's shape. Triangular and oval-shaped head pads are best for detailed work because they can get into places bulkier sanders can't. 

Best for the Money
Teccpo TAMS22P


  • Simple hook and loop attachment system
  • You receive 12pcs of sandpaper with your purchase
  • Dust is sucked from the bottom of the pad into the container
  • A soft-rubber handle means excellent comfort and less vibration


  • Creates noise of 90db

Our Review

This sander has an oval-shaped head pad that will cover a decent area size and get into tight corners, which isn't possible for larger sanders. 

You receive 6pcs of 60-grit and 6pcs of 120-grit with your purchase, which will cover most sanding tasks. The sandpaper can be easily changed using the hook and loop adhesive. 

The soft-rubber handle is also relatively comfortable while also dramatically reduces the vibration caused by the sander. The dust extraction system is also straightforward and practical; it just sucks the dust from the pad area into the bag. 

The only downside with this sander is that it creates a noise of 90db while operating. This will require you to wear ear protection if you're using the sander for longer than 10-minutes continuously. 

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This sander provides you with all the same great features as our other featured sanders. It practically out-classes many expensive sanders out there on the market. You can get a sander of this standard for such a low price, which makes this product stand out the most. 

Editor's Pick
Genesis GMT15A


  • Is an extremely powerful sander
  • Can be used for more than sanding
  • Elongated body design for better control
  • Contoured rubber handle provides comfort


  • The vibration can affect your comfort

Our Review

The Genesis GMT15A can operate at an exceptional 21,000 OPM while sanding; this ensures your sanding task will be done in no time. Not only does it sand, but it can grind, cut, and scrape materials thanks to the accessory kit, you can easily change the head to suit the task. 

The elongated body provides you with better gripping options and more control over where you're moving the sander. The contoured finger placement also provides the user with a more firm grip. 

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The stand out feature for this product has got to be the multi-purpose application. It's tough to find a sander effective at not just sanding but also offering cutting, grinding, and scraping in the one device. 

Honorable Mention
Hammerhead HADS014


  • Easy attachment method
  • 12pcs of sandpaper included
  • Detail attachment helps with hard to reach locations
  • Reduces the likelihood of dust entering the internal components


  • The hook and loop adhesive wears away quickly

Our Review

A common issue with sanders is that they can sometimes become clogged with dust; this sander has a dust-sealed switch that keeps the particles away from the internal components. The hook and loop system is excellent for quick attachments. However, it can wear away faster than expected. 

If you need to reach tight spaces, the triangular attachment allows users to do just that. With the purchase, you'll receive 12pcs of sandpaper, which is great value for money and means you don't need to waste your time at the hardware store trying to find the specialized shape of sandpaper. 

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The triangular attachment is a useful side-piece to have when you're working on any woodwork project. There's always going to be that small spot that doesn't seem to shift. Therefore a smaller and more precise attachment will be a great asset to any carpenter. 

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying? 

Below are a few considerations to keep in mind when reading through the article and during your research. 

The Type of Sander 

Different types of sanders will have their pros, cons, differences, and similarities. It's important to understand those various features and characteristics. 

For example, belt sanders cover large areas and remove vast amounts of material within short periods. In contrast, detail sanders are great for shaping wood and precision sanding. 

Dust Precautions

When operating a sander, it can quickly get messy with all the dust that's swirling around. This dust can get into your lungs if you're not wearing a mask or using a dust collection system. Toxic particles can also be in the air, which makes dust precautions even more important. 

Size of Project

If you're trimming a large piece of wood, you don't want to be using a small sander as it'll take longer than necessary. Understanding the task's requirements, such as the material's size, is important to your work efficiency. Ensure the tools fit the task. 


Trim work doesn't need to be an issue, and it won't be if you take in what we've shown you today. It's all about finding a balance and ensuring that the tool is suited to the task as best it can be. 

This type of task can be confusing at first. Still, hopefully, after the information we've provided, it makes it much easier for you. 

People Also Ask

Understandably you'll still have a few questions. We've compiled and answered some of the most commonly asked questions regarding trim work's best sanders. 

How To Sand Wood Trim

Perhaps you want to smooth out some sharp edges on your wood trim; there are a few ways to go about this. 

The most common way is to use a clamp to hold the wood steady, and you gently glide the sander across the wood, just enough to remove the sharp edges but not too much that you're re-shaping the wood. 

Do I Need To Sand Baseboards Before Painting

Yes. If you want an even and smooth finish, you should sand the baseboards before any painting. If you don't, you could find yourself with rough and uneven baseboards. 

Do You Have To Sand Trim Before Painting

Yes. Sanding your trim should be done if you want a quality finish. Just like your baseboards, sanding your trim removes any rough patches and makes them look more professional after painting. 

Do I Need To Sand Wood Before Painting

If you're working with wood painted before or it isn't very smooth, you should sand it over until all the issues have been removed. This allows a professional finish and looks when painted. 

How To Clean Painted Woodwork And Trim Work

Trim work quickly gets dusty because of where it's placed. Therefore, the best way to clean painted trim and woodwork is to vacuum any dust and use a damp cloth to remove any grime. Most modern paints won't come off using a damp cloth. 

What Kind of Sander Do I Need For Trim Work?

Control over your sander is important when working on the trim. Therefore an orbital or detail sander is a good option. It would be best if you considered using an oval or circular sanding head for this task.  

What Grit Sandpaper Best for Trim Work?

Suppose you're in the finishing stages of working with your trim and require removing small inconsistencies. In that case, super-fine 800-grit sandpaper will suffice.