Best Contractor Table Saws (2021 Reviews)

| Last Updated: February 26, 2021

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Here’s something you may not know. You don’t have to be a contractor in order to benefit from using one of the best contractor table saws available on the market.

If you simply plan on taking on a variety of projects, then this type of saw should have the right mix of features to make your life easier and your cuts accurate.

Comparison Chart of the Best Contractor Table Saws


Our Rating


Makita 2705

Best Overall

Bosch GTS1031


SkilSaw SPT70WT-01

Best for the Money

Delta Power Tools 36-6022

Best Delta Contractor Table Saw

DeWalt DWE7491

Best DeWalt Contractor Table Saw

What is a Contractor Table Saw?

As far as professionals are concerned, a contractor table saw is the perfect blend between a cabinet table saw and a portable table saw. It will have more cutting power than a regular portable table saw while at the same time being more convenient to operate because of the extra mobility.

In terms of design, you’ll notice that a contractor table saw features an open-based table design. This means that the motor will be hanging off the back, instead of encased in a cabinet. With the engine being this easy to remove, a contractor saw is more portable than its more powerful cabinet counterpart.

Are All Contractor Table Saws the Same?

No, they’re not. However, the contractor table saw is a subtype of the classic table saw. Due to the versatility it tends to provide, there are not subcategories of this type that are worth shining a light on.

With that in mind, contractor table saws can be very different from one another in terms of power, size, actual table size, blade size and cutting depth. Not to mention in the number of accessories and extra perks they offer.

The one thing that they all have in common is making the most out of combining the two other table saw types, the portable model (for mobility and flexibility) and the cabinet model (for cutting power).

Quick Take: Best Contractor Table Saws

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best contractor table saws:

  1. Best Overall: Makita 2705
  2. Runner-up: Bosch GTS1031
  3. Best for the Money: SkilSaw SPT70WT-01

Review of the Best Contractor Table Saws

While it’s natural to get some of the best table saws coming from the top manufacturers, it’s also important to be able to separate the average saw from the best saw. Here are some contractor table saw reviews that should help you do that.

Best Overall:
Makita 2705


  • Up to 4,800 RPM
  • Cam-locking rip fence
  • T-slot miter gauge included
  • Cuts 4X4 in a single pass
  • 15A motor equivalent to about 2.17HP
  • Tool-less blade guard system for quick recalibrations


  • Slightly pricey even without the optional stand
  • Not the best designed fence system as it may slightly move if hit hard

Our Review

The Makita 2705 isn’t just a fan-favorite but also a great saw. It has a very reliable and powerful motor, good balance, and all the accessories you need to hit the ground running on the worksite. Although it doesn’t come with a stand, it is compatible with various other models.

While the table may not be cast iron this also serves as an advantage as it relieves some weight and makes the saw more flexible and mobile. The wings are solid enough and almost perfectly flat, which is a big plus too.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

It’s build-defining feature is the 15A motor. This 2HP+ motor is built with impressive durability and is unlikely to be phased by cutting through thick wood for hours at a time. Or by all the dust flying into it, for that matter. Clearly, most of the asking price is just for the motor and engineering behind it.

Bosch GTS1031


  • High-quality steel base
  • Reliable square lock rip fence
  • All essential accessories included
  • 10” 24-T carbide blade saw included
  • Up to 5,000 RPM for more versatility
  • Ergonomic handle for comfort, precision, and safety


  •  It may be hard to loosen the blade at times
  • Can’t always get the fence set for 90 degrees cuts without multiple tries

Our Review

This contractor table saw has a lot to offer from the cutting power and high speed of its 15A motor to its superior design. The soft grip handle makes it more beginner-friendly as well as very useful on long-hour projects.

We also like the Smart Guard System which makes it very easy to change blades. Even though actually calibrating the tightness of the blades doesn’t always go smoothly. Although the tool may weigh more than others, it’s great for both straight and beveled cuts.

It’s also a rather large saw at 21.5”x22.5” in full table extension. That, and the 4HP motor, make it suitable for a wide range of projects.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The durability of the build is what makes it stand out. The Bosch GTS1031 has been designed for heavy-duty work on a variety of jobsites. Between the motor durability and the peace of mind and ruggedness provided by the all-steel base, there’s not a lot more you can ask for.

Best for the Money:
SkilSaw SPT70WT-01


  • 25” rip capacity
  • Reliable self-aligning fence
  • Brass-geared worm drive saw
  • Up to 5,300 RPM on a 15A motor
  • Dual copper windings for better cooling
  • On-board accessory storage for an even smaller footprint


  • Average quality blade
  • Poorly calibrated out of the box
  • A bit limited in angle adjustments compared to other similar models

Our Review

What makes a saw the best value for money? Aside from an accessible price tag, you need high-performance and consistency. The SkilSaw SPT70WT-01 is a well-built contractor table saw that comes with a self-aligning rip fence and up to 25” rip capacity.

It can do a lot for the money and it features superior motor cooling, thanks to its dual cooper winding. However, we recommend this saw mostly because of its superior precision and reliable calibrations that don’t seem to misalign just because of some hard bumps or vibrations.

You might also appreciate this model if you need on-board storage and a slightly lighter tool, at 49lbs.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Taking everything into account, this may just be the most accurate contractor table saw you can find, once you calibrate it properly. Not just in its price range, but also more precise and more expensive models. Angle adjustments flaws aside, its accuracy is its standout feature.

Best Delta Contractor Table Saw:
Delta Power Tools 36-6022


  • One foot extension
  • Three-way guarding system
  • Solid metal build for extra durability
  • 15A motor with good cutting power
  • 2.5” dust collection port helps with visibility
  • Comes with a detachable quick-release stand


  • Considerably heavier than most similar models
  • The plastic rip fence may need constant checking and feels a bit flimsy

Our Review

This saw is portable, comes with its own stand for more mobility and stability, and it’s very easy to calibrate every aspect of it. Even with a slightly less reliable rip fence, the Delta 36-6022 is a good saw for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The five-year warranty is a nice touch. We also like the shop vac 2.5” dust collection port as it allows you to work in a cleaner environment with better visibility and fewer risks of making mistakes.

The 15A motor is good, even though it’s not the most powerful in its weight class. The steel build makes this a durable tool too, even though it also raises its weight slightly.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Probably the fact that it comes with a mobile stand at an affordable price is what sets this Delta contractor table saw apart. Of course, its powerful motor and the dust collection port feature also factor in. But it’s likely the overall value that makes it an interesting alternative to other top-rated saws.

Best DeWalt Contractor Table Saw:
DeWalt DWE7491


  • Three-year warranty
  • Superior rip fence design
  • Standard shop vac dust port
  • Intuitive assembly and adjustments
  • On-board accessory storage system
  • 15A 2HP motor with up to 4,800 RPM
  • Portable quick-release table stand included


  • Considerably heavier than competitors with and without the stand
  • The miter gauge is not the most precise and may warrant an upgrade

Our Review

The DeWalt DWE7491RS isn’t the most powerful saw. However, its 15A 2HP motor does a great job and can spin the blade at up to 4,800 RPM. The included stand is always a nice benefit and should make it a more stable and reliable tool for cutting treated hardwood pieces.

The rip fence is one of the best in the industry not just because of its accuracy but also its stability in different calibrations. This model also features a 2.5” dust port and a max ripping capacity of 32.5”. The included 10” blade is good enough not to warrant an upgrade out of the box.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

We think that most professionals would agree that what separates the DWE7491RS from the rest is its rip fence. It’s accurate, can be flipped, and maintains its calibration through vibrations and bumps from the materials being cut. It’s also not as flimsy as many other manufacturers make theirs.

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Contractor Table Saw

Perhaps to be expected, but the main traits that make a contractor table saw an ideal choice over other types of table saws are the same features and perks that make it a different design.

More Cutting Precision

Table saws offer great stability and help improve your cutting precision. This is the main draw of any contractor table saw as it allows woodworkers to increase their productivity without sacrificing quality.

Portability Without Losing Power

As already explained, contractor table saws hold much more powerful motors compared to standard portable table saws. Therefore, you can still take them from jobsite to jobsite without losing too much HP and raw cutting power.

Not to mention that they take up less storage space than cabinet table saws and other stationary models.

Good Balance

If portability is a must for you, then a contractor table saw is a good choice. While it may not be as impressive as a cabinet table saw, it’s still much better balanced and more stable than a regular portable table saw.


Often times you have to make do with what’s available at a jobsite. However, a true professional will always invest in his own equipment. Plus, investing in a contractor table saw is more economical than investing in a high-powered stationary table saw. Especially for someone that does a lot of offsite work and contracting for various projects.


When talking about the best contractor table saws it’s all about finding the right balance between weight, portability, cutting power, and precision guides. There are many factors that determine the value of a saw but there should be very specific factors that determine its value in regards to the projects you’re most likely to take on.

People Also Ask

There are still some questions that might go unanswered from simply reading reviews. Therefore, here are some more common facts you should know about contractor table saws before you buy one. These are answers to questions that both hobbyists and professional woodworkers often ask.

What Size of Table Saw Do I Need As a Contractor?

Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer here as it all depends on the size of the materials you work with and what you’re cutting on a regular basis. More often than not, a one-foot extension should give you ample room and stability for everything from cutting door frames to making furniture. The ruggedness of the table saw is often more important than its size.

Should I Upgrade My Blade Once I Get My Table Saw?

If you’re buying a premium contractor table saw then chances are that the blade, and blade replacements that come with it will be very good too. However, if you’re trying to save some money, then you might want to consider an aftermarket set of blades for your new saw.

How Powerful Are Contractor Table Saws?

In all honesty, even a 1.75hp motor should be enough for cutting thick hardwood as long as you don’t feed the wood too fast. However, most professional woodworkers work with at least a 2hp motor or even a 3hp motor. You may need to get up to a 5hp motor for larger blades.

Do Contractor Table Saws Come with a Miter Gauge?

Most contractor table saws have tabletop machined slots for a miter gauge. Although there’s no written rule that says every contractor saw has to feature a miter gauge, the majority of them will include one. That said, the quality of the gauge will often depend on the manufacturer’s reputation and the money you spend.

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