Best Hybrid Table Saws – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: February 27, 2021

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Table saws are a must have. They are extremely useful around the house, especially if you love DIY projects. As shown in various movies across every genre, they look pretty cool on your home workshop.

This review covers everything you need to know about how a hybrid table saw can change your life, and what models are the best in the market right now.

Comparison Chart of the Best Hybrid Table Saws


Our Rating


Grizzly Industrial G0690-10"

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10

Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 HP


Shop Fox W1819 3 HP with Riving Knife

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast IronTable Saw

What is a Hybrid Table Saw?

There are three major types of saw; Portable, Contractor, and Cabinet. Portable saws are small and low priced tools used for small jobs, while a contractor’s saw is larger and more powerful. Contractor saws are the most common. Cabinet saws, on the other hand, are more expensive, since they are more powerful and with a larger surface to work on.

A hybrid table saw is a combination of the contractor’s saw and a cabinet saw, and is stationary, with an internal motor. It is effectively a contractor’s saw that is mounted on a fully enclosed stand, with the motor installed inside rather than on the back.

What is a Hybrid Saw Table Used For?

Hybrid table saws are excellent woodworking tools that are at home in both commercial and home workshops. They have the resilience and endurance to bear the demands of residential and light commercial jobs that cabinet saws are capable of. They also ideal for the smaller and more intricate craft, and DIY projects.

These table saws can be used for jobs that require power, such as ripping sheet material and deck boards. They can also be used for making framing material to be used in bookshelves and entertainment centers. Hybrid table saws can also be used to make different types of furniture around the home.

How to Choose a Hybrid Table Saw

By now, the importance of owning a hybrid table saw is apparent. Knowing you want one does not however constitute knowing how to choose a good one. There are certain universal qualities that are desirable in a hybrid saw, and they include:

Table Saw Safety

The first thing to look out for in your saw is the safety features it comes with. These are above and beyond the gloves, mask and helmet that you will be wearing when working on it. The first thing to look for is a riving knife. This sits behind the blade and is tasked with preventing kickbacks when you are cutting wood. This power button should also be easy to access, in case you need to shut the machine down quickly. Look for a well-built guard as well.


Most hybrid table saws are rated at between 1½ and 1¾ horsepower, but there are some that come with a motor capable of generating 3 horsepower. The amount, thickness, and the size of the wood you will be working with will determine the size of the motor to get. It is important to note that hardwoods require stronger motors than softwood.

Belt drive

There are two types of motor drive systems; direct and belt. The direct drive system connects the motor to the saw directly. The belt drive system on the other hand uses a pulley and a belt. The benefits to getting a hybrid saw with a belt drive are longevity and torque. You will however deal with a bit more noise and have to service the system more regularly.

Dust collection

This will be the difference between a messy work space and a clean one. It also ties in with health and safety. Most saws that are meant for use in the garage, come with 2 ½ inch collection ports, while hybrid ports tend to be in the 4 inch bracket. The bigger the dust collection port, the better the machine is for you.

Quick Take: Best Hybrid Table Saws

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best hybrid table saws:

  1. Grizzly Industrial G0690-10
  2. Bosch Power Tools 4100-10
  3. Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 HP

Review of the Best Hybrid Table Saws

Knowing what to look for in a hybrid saw is one thing but choosing one is entirely another. There are quite a number of options in the market which could be overwhelming, especially if you are new at this. This review has done the hard work of looking through the options for you, and presented the best available in several categories.

Best Overall:
Grizzly Industrial G0690-10"


  • Safe and easy to release riving knife
  • Strong and spacious cast iron table
  • High quality build on the trunnions
  • Durable triple belt drive system
  • Powerful 3 horsepower motor


  • Units only available in metric
  • Slow customer service
What are people saying?

What stands out for most people who have used this saw is the sturdiness of the blade. It requires very minimal tuning at the start as well. The set up process is relatively simple and the instructions for setting it up are clear and well explained. They have noted that this machine functions at par with more expensive “higher-end” saws.

What we love about it

This saw will cut through any type of wood. The 3 HP motor runs smoothly and works with the triple belt drive system to make short work of even hardwoods. The table is large and with wings added on to make it better to use. The entire machine is made to be a workhorse, with durable components including cast iron trunnions and table. The easy release riving knife adds to the safety as well.

Who is this perfect for?

This is perfect for beginners and semi professional woodworkers. It is a sturdy workhorse that can take quite a bit of punishment. It can run for long hours and cuts through different types of wood, with incredible accuracy. The riving knife is sturdy and will serve you diligently for several years.

Final Thoughts

As far as home woodworking hybrid saws are concerned, this is the best all-rounder. You get a quality saw with a sturdy build that will serve you for years. The components such as the trunnions, table, and wings are made from cast iron, to increase durability. It also has the option of a mobile base, which is something you should get if you plan on moving the table a lot.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10


  • Efficient and can be operated using one hand
  • Easy to move, collapsible, and lightweight
  • Large space that is easy to work on
  • Convenient  self-aligning rip fence
  • Powerful 4 horsepower motor


  • Dust and debris can damage motor
  • Bearings may need to be replaced
What are people saying?

This is a great saw to have thanks to the 4 HP motor, which is strong enough to cut through most types of wood. It is also easy to move, thanks to the collapsible design of the table stand, and the 8 inch treaded wheels. It is also relatively small, weighing only 60 pounds. This means it can easily be stored away when not needed.

What we love about it

The 10 inch blade is large enough to effortlessly ripping, cross-cutting, and rip-cutting different materials used for carpentry. It also has a guard system with a riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. It is designed to create a protective barrier when cutting, while also allowing you to see the cut clearly. It uses soft start circuitry to soak up the intensity of the motor on start up to reduce the chances of tripping the circuit breaker.

Who is this perfect for?

This saw is ideal for people with small workshop spaces, and people who require to move the unit a lot within the site. This is because the small size of the machine makes it easier to store away. It is also lightweight, which makes it easy to lug around thanks to the wheels. It can also be operated using one hand, which is ideal in a small space.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something small and powerful, this is the machine for you. It is also pretty affordable, making it ideal for a starter. There are a few issues with the motor being exposed to the elements during work, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying this hybrid saw.

Best for the Money:
Shop Fox W1837 10" 2 HP


  • User friendly fence with front and rear locks
  • Quick release guard assembly design
  • Enclosed 2 horsepower motor
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Nifty mobility system


  • Fence may need adjustment out of box
  • Varying quality control

What are people saying?

If you line up all the benefits in comparison to the cost, this is the best value for money hybrid table saw on the market. The enclosed bottom contains a 4 inch dust port with at least 400 CFM available, to keep dust and debris from accumulating in your workshop. It has a mobility base that is operated using a built-in kickstand, which allows you to move the machine to where it is most needed.

What we love about it

The two year warranty by the manufacturer is a big selling point. It comes pre wired to 120V and the 10 inch blade is turned at 3450 RPMs. The riving knife is interchangeable for when you are carrying out non-through cutting procedures.  The table is large enough to accommodate most woodworking materials, and is made of cast iron for superior longevity.

Who is this perfect for?

This is perfect for anyone who carries out a lot of woodworking projects, but not on a commercial scale. Since the blade can tilt up to 45 degrees, it is great at cutting compound meters, chamfers, and bevels. You can adjust the angle of the blade by simply loosening the tilt lock and turning the blade tilt until you are satisfied with the gradient. Lock it into place and begin cutting.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a table saw you can use continuously over a long period of time, this is the one. The large dust port and 400 CFM ability make this a great tool to use that will keep sawdust out of the workshop. The two year warranty is an added plus.


  • Mobile and easy to store due to wheeled base
  • Easy to adjust and accurate fence system
  • 3 year limited warranty on the product
  • Large ripping capacity at 32”
  • Strong durable 10” blade


  • Dust port is on the smaller side at only 2"
  • Somewhat heavy

What are people saying?

If you are looking for a top of the line hybrid table saw with a host of useful “high end” features for under $1000, then this is what you should get. It comes with a patented material support which allows you to use this to make narrow rip cuts. The 10 inch blade is covered with carbide for longer service

What we love about it

This machine comes with an onboard storage, which gives you easy access to the fence, riving knife, wrenches, miter gauge, and the blade assembly. The ripping fence flips over to allow for narrow rip cuts. The telescoping fence is capable of retracting and extending when needed, to keep the machine as small and portable as possible.

Who is this perfect for?

This hybrid table saw is excellent for anyone with sizeable carpentry projects. It is excellent for trim carpenters for ripping moldings and creating framing material for bookshelves and entertainment centers among others. It is also perfect for remodelers, cabinet and hardwood floor installers, and any other serious woodworker as well. 

Final Thoughts

This machine is small and portable, but still very useful. It weighs about 90 pounds, and they have saved on space by incorporating a rolling stand design. This can be set up easily and provides great support when you are working. The wheels are large enough to go over most debris at your workshop or site with ease.

Alternative Pick:
Shop Fox W1819 3 HP with Riving Knife


  • Useful miter fence design that includes added support
  •  Magnetic switch that comes with overload protection
  •  Functional and accurate T-fence system
  •  Powerful 3 HP motor
  • Large work table


  • Instruction booklet is lackluster
  • Not very portable

What are people saying?

If you are looking for an easy to use and accurate hybrid table saw then this the machine for you. The powerful 3 horsepower motor is attached to a triple belt drive for longevity. The massive cast-iron table and heavy trunnions make this a table saw that can take quite a punishment. You also get a t-fence system that is clearly marked and accurate. 

What we love about it

The assembly of the safety blade guard is well done, and comprises of a spreader with anti-kickback pawls on each side, and a clear shield made from polycarbonate. The clear guard lets you watch the blade as it cuts and make any desired changes. It is also designed to remain in contact with the piece you are working on throughout, and lifts to make way when the wood is pushed into it.

Who is this perfect for?

This machine is excellent for anyone with carpentry assignments that require power and precision, such as house remodelers, trim carpenters, home hobbyists, and cabinet installers. This machine makes accurate cross and ripping cuts ideal for rabbets, Mortise and Tenons and dados as well.  

Final Thoughts

This is a hybrid table saw that can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. It is well made and has nifty features such as the miter fence, which is designed to provide the piece you are working on with added support, and allows you to work on longer pieces.

Notable Mention:
RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp


  • 4" dust port that seamlessly connects to a vacuum
  • Accurate and easy to adjust aluminum rip fence
  • Heavy cast iron table with a steel body and legs
  • Decent sized 30 inch ripping width
  • Powerful 13 amp motor


  • Time consuming assembly process
  • Manufacturer warranty is limited

What are people saying?

This hybrid table saw designed to function quietly yet powerful enough to cut through hardwood. The motor delivers 3450RPM for a smoother cut and makes it hard to splinter or ruin the wood as you work. It comes with a heavy cast iron table, and a strong steel build to minimize vibrations and increase your accuracy.

What we love about it

The standout features of this hybrid saw is the aluminum fence. It is extra-large and made for smooth and precise adjustments that can be made quickly when needed. It also comes with accessory slots that are built in to allow you to work on pieces that are large pieces. It also comes with a 4 inch dust port which is preferred.

Who is this perfect for?

This machine is ideal for busy workshops and spaces where you may need to work with large pieces. This includes people who work in the construction industry, where you are required to quickly adjust to the size of the piece rather quickly. It is also capable of running dados which is an added advantage.

Final Thoughts

This is a saw does what is expected of it with minimal fuss. It comes completely accurate tight off the box, and even though the assembly can be time consuming, the end result will serve you diligently for years to come. It is easy to move thanks to the three wheels that come attached.  These are necessary since the cast iron table is heavy and the entire saw could need at least two or more people to move.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Hybrid Table Saw?

When it comes to purchasing hybrid table saws, there are certain things you should know. These will help you make a purchase selection that is more suitable for you. These include:


How much you have will dictate the size of the saw at purchase. It will also inform your preference for certain features such as retractable fences. Smaller spaces will work best on machines that are lightweight and have foldable components.


Machines that will need to be moved a lot will need to have sturdy wheels. They should also be easy to carry and load into the back of your truck. Look for machines that are below 150 pounds with wheels that are 8 inches and above in diameter. Larger wheels will be able to maneuver through debris which is inevitable at a worksite.

Accuracy and Width

Accuracy is a desired quality for anyone working with wood, especially if you work with smaller margins of error such as cabinet installers and trim fitters. Having an accurate machine reduces wastage and increases efficiency.

The rip width is also something you should pay attention to. Most machines will have rip widths of about 30 inches, so finding one that allows for more is an added advantage. 2 inches of extra width might not seem like much, but it is a lot of space when dealing with precise measurements.


Hybrid table saws are a must have for any serious wood worker. It combines many of the features available in cabinet and contractor saws. This means they produce better results than contractor saws, but are smaller and less expensive in comparison to cabinet saws. They also do not need as much maintenance as contractor saws either.

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