Best Table Saws Under $300 – 2021 Round-up Review

| Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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Table saws are versatile tools usually used to make either long or short cuts in boards. These tools are powerful and efficient, making them a staple in any professional or home wood shop.

They are easier to use and much more accurate than ordinary hand saws but must be handled with care as they also have much more potential to cause harm or injury. Therefore, proper safety equipment such as eye and ear protection, as well as a push stick, are necessary when using these machines.

In this article, we're going to review a handful of models and explain their main features. With this, we're also going to break down a few of their pros and cons so you have all the information ready to move forward with your next purchase. Let's get started. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Table Saws Under $300


Our Rating


Crafstman 10-inch Table Saw with Laser Trac

Skil 3410-02

Foldable Table Saw

Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw

ShopSeries RK7240.1

What Should I Look For In A Table Saw?

These saws are generally adjustable to cut varying thicknesses of material, and while they can be used for plastics and other soft materials, most are made primarily for use with cutting wood.

The primary considerations in buying a new table saw are the cutting power, the reliability of the saw, and the design. There are in general, three types of table saws: benchtop saws, contractor saws, and cabinet saws.

Types of Table Saws

Benchtop saws are generally portable and are designed to be placed on a table or other type of support. These are the simplest versions and can be moved from job to job with ease, making them ideal for cutting small boards on projects that do not require much precision.

Contractor saws, in contrast, are permanently attached to a base or stand that can sometimes have wheels. These saws are often mobile in that the base moves, but do not detach from the base itself, making them more suited for shop-use than on the job use. This is in general what hobbyists use in their shops where stability and accuracy are required but there isn’t a need for the larger cabinet saws.

Lastly, there is the safer cabinet saw. These saws are very similar to contractor saws in design. They are much heavier than the other two types, allowing for minimized vibration and improved accuracy. They are used primarily when accuracy and precision are a must and when cutting things too large for contractor saws.

Review of the Best Table Saws Under $300

All three saw types come with varying amounts of power and blade reliability, although cabinet saws are usually the most robust, followed by contractor saws. We are going to review some of the best contractor saws on the market

1. Craftsman 10" Table Saw With Laser Trac


  • Comes with everything you need
  • Powerful motor and big saw can cut through most materials
  • Laser Trac system makes every cut perfect and precise, no matter the angle


  • Heavier than other saws
  • More expensive than other saws

Our Review

Probably one of the best saws under $300, the Crafstman 10-inch Table Saw with Laser Trac is a powerful cutting machine. It offers quick, precise, and clean cuts of even the thickest materials.

The base and table are exceptionally sturdy, although heavier than many other saws at about 64 pounds. While many other table saws maintain portability through folding legs, a potentially compromising mechanism, this saw instead features wheels for when the saw needs to be moved from one place or another.

This saw is primarily for in-shop use, however, and is perfect for those with a small wood shop in their garage or carpenters on a budget. The feed support is expandable, allowing for easy cutting of sheets up to 24 inches wide.

The 10-inch carbide blade can be adjusted to make most cuts necessary, with the laser trac system allowing for angled cuts with the utmost precision. This saw also features a detachable blade, a dust bag, and a push stick, making it ready-to-go right at purchase.

Bottom Line

The Craftsman 10-inch Table Saw with Laser Trac is a top quality product from a known and trusted manufacturer. This heavy duty saw is ideal for those who need to make accurate cuts without sacrificing power or performance.

2. SKIL 10-Inch Table Saw With Folding Stand


  • Easy-to-use measurement system
  • Designed to make quick, accurate cuts
  • Sturdy table provides excellent stability


  • Somewhat heavy
  • No ventilation system

Our Review

The Skil 3410-02 10-inch table saw is a premium contractor saw that comes with a built-in aluminum table. For a saw with a built-in table, this machine can be quickly set up as well as easily packed up for transport, making it fairly versatile for a contractor saw. It also features an easy to align measurement system and self-aligning rip fence to ensure an accurate and precise cut every time.

The 20” x 26” cast aluminum table is heavy duty and able to support a variety of projects, while the 5,000 RPM motor slices through material like butter. With this, the bevel adjusts from 0° to 45° and easily accommodates intricate designs. To ensure cuts are accurate, the saw also features an EZ view measurement system to quickly align the rip fence settings and any future measurements.

The table itself is sturdy, although somewhat heavy at 67 pounds. While the blade it comes with is fairly weak, the blade can be replaced with an upgraded saw in order to improve performance.

The main drawbacks to this unit are its size and its lack of a dust collection system, making it ideal for garage or outside use rather than in unventilated areas. Overall, this is a quality product for the price as it is powerful and reliable, yet also accurate.

Bottom Line

Small and portable, the SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch table saw is one of the most user-friendly table saws on the market, making it ideal for hobbyists and artisans alike. If registered after your purchase, SKIL offers a 3-year limited warranty. As a note, you have 30 days to do so from the time of your purchase to safeguard future mishaps and reduce the risk of unwanted costs - another excellent reason why SKIL is a leading source for all your tool needs.

3. Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10 In. Table Saw


  • Clamp systems are easy to use
  • Fairly lightweight compared to other table saws
  • Features quick release for easy adjustment of work material


  • Fence/guide isn’t adjustable via a knob like most other saws
  • Uses reduced miter slots, so most miter cuts are not permitted

Our Review

The Craftsman Evolv 15 amp 10-inch table saw is a fairly lightweight saw attached to a table featuring guides for stability. The table itself is foldable, allowing it to be stored and transported with relative ease.

Unlike many saws that use knobs for work material control, this saw uses a clamp system, making it easy to adjust although perhaps less precisely than knob-style controls. The blades themselves are carbide tipped, making it ideal for wood and composite materials, although it can cut thin gauge aluminum or brass if necessary.

The Evolv table saw also features a very safe design with blade guards that prevent self-cutting. This saw is lighter than many others on the market, at about 50 pounds, however it is powerful enough to make most cuts pain free. The Craftsman Eolv is the perfect saw for those who need to make accurate cuts on a budget.

Bottom Line

The Craftsman Evolv 15 Amp 10-inch table saw combines Craftsman's high quality brand with an easy to use system, making this one of the best saws for those just starting to dabble in woodworking.

4. ShopSeries RK7240.1 13-Amp 10" Table Saw With Stand


  • Very affordable for the power offered
  • Blade can bevel to allow for angled cuts
  • 10-inch saw allows for cutting fairly thick material


  • Not as precise as other saws
  • Basic table doesn’t fit all blades

Our Review

The ShopSeries RK7240.1 13-amp 10-inch table saw utilizes a tungsten carbide blade to cut through most materials encountered in woodworking projects. The table offers about 400 square inches of work space and is made from aluminum, making it fairly lightweight at about 45 pounds.

It features a quick-release fence and miter gauge that allow for precise and stable cutting with minimal hassle. The blade can also bevel 45 degrees to facilitate angled cuts, making this a very versatile saw.

While cost effective, this saw does not work with dado blades and the table is incredibly basic when compared to other products on the market. Nonetheless, it is a powerful saw that allows for relatively easy cutting, making it ideal for hobbyists or those on a budget.

Bottom Line

The ShopSeries RK7240.1 13-amp 10-inch table saw is one of the best saws on the market for the price conscious customer. While other saws may be more powerful or more precise, the RK7240.1 offers adequate performance at a relatively low cost.