How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

| Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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Correct and regular cleaning of your table saw blade is crucial in order for it to operate at its highest efficiency and effectiveness.

In the article below, we’ll show you the benefits of cleaning your table saw blade and the best method for a deep clean. 

How to Clean a Table Saw Blade

In order for you to have a sharp blade, it’ll require a regular and correct method of cleaning. Thankfully, we’ll be showing you exactly how to clean a table saw blade to prepare it for maximum efficiency. 

What Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll not need too much equipment or preparation; the items below are all you should need. 

  • Water  
  • Cloth
  • Socket & Open Wrench 
  • Soft & Hard Bristle Brush
  • Detergent - No particular Kind 
  • A Container Large Enough To Fit Your Blade Inside

Cleaning Method

Follow the steps below, and you’ll have your blade looking brand new in no time. 

  1. Remove Your Blade - Remove the arbor nut using your socket wrench while using the open wrench to hold the opposite bolt in place; this will give you better leverage if the arbor bolt is stubborn.
  2. Complete a General Scrub - Removing the loose dirt is quite easy; you’ll just scrub it with your soft bristle brush. There will certainly be rougher patches, so try to get as much of the dirt off with the harder bristle brush.
  3. Submerge It In The Soapy Water - Fill your container with warm water and mix with your detergent; let it mix for five minutes, and then submerge your blade for at least 20 minutes. The soak will loosen any dirt you can’t remove.

  4. Scrub The Rest Of The Dirt Off - After the first 20 minutes of soaking in soapy water, most of the dirt will have fallen off. To remove any remaining dirt, take your hard bristle brush and scrub until you’re happy with the outcome.

  5. Rinse With Cold Water & Dry - Remove your blade from the container and rinse with clean, cold water to get rid of any dirty water that sits on the blade. You’ll then want to dry the blade as best you can; if you leave the blade wet, it could result in rust developing. 

Perks of Cleaning Your Table Saw Blades

There are a few benefits to keeping your blades clean; there are also some benefits to throwing out those old ones for a brand new blade. Take a look at the perks below. 

Clean & Accurate Cuts

While regularly cleaning your blade, it removes all the dust and resin buildup from cutting fresh logs/wood. If the blade hasn’t been cleaned it could increase friction between the material and the blade; resulting in rough cuts with increased chance of tear out. 

Reduces The Risk Of Kickback 

Many of us know that kickback happens when a wooden workpiece is being cut and it pinches the blade, which then throws the workpiece towards you or others, potentially causing injury. 

When you haven’t cleaned your table saw blade correctly or regularly enough, the resin might increase the chance of kickback by sticking to the metal. Therefore, a clean blade will reduce this risk significantly. 

Your Blades Last Far Longer

With constant regular cleaning at least four times per year, with applying anti-rust agents each time; your blade won’t have the chance to begin rusting. By ensuring a regular deep clean, you’ll prolong the lifespan of your blade. 

Most people will understand that once rust begins to develop, it’s hard to stop once it begins to eat away at chunks of the material. Protection against rust saves you money in the long run.

What To Do With Old Circular Saw Blades

There’s so much that you can do with old saw blades that you probably haven’t even thought of. You could: 

  • Make your own knife - Depending on how crafty you are; you could take a piece of your saw blade and create your own knife. There are plenty of tutorials online that give you in-depth guides on how to do this.

  • Turn it into a pizza cutter - This mainly depends on the size of the blade; smaller blades are well-suited to this task.

  • Create a decorative piece - Let your imagination run wild with this one; a few examples include simply painting them to hang up or make a clock with a larger blade. 

How Often Should I Clean My Table Saw Blade?

Keeping your blade clean depends on how often you use your blade; if you’re using the same blade each day, you’ll be cleaning it once every two months.

If you’re using it occasionally, possibly once per week, then three or four times per year is recommended. 

Obviously, if you’re noticing that dirt or grime build-up is affecting your blade's effectiveness, then give it a clean and see if anything improves. 


There isn’t much to it; cleaning your table saw blade isn’t tiresome or grueling. If you end up buying a new blade, now you know there are other ways to reuse those older blades rather than throwing them away, and if you don’t have a creative mind, sell it for scrap.