10 Simple Table Saw Projects With Pictures

| Last Updated: March 22, 2021

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A table saw is a versatile machine capable of completing many projects alone. However, many people still don't understand the capabilities of their table saw. 

We'll show you ten easy projects that can be completed with a table saw. 

Spacious, Sturdy Yet Lightweight Storage Shelf

This storage shelving unit makes use of hardwood in its construction to ensure durability and sturdiness, holding the heaviest of items while also boasting a lightweight design. The multiple cube shelving blocks will allow you to store plenty of stuff without the unit looking cluttered. 

A Solid Hardwood Customizable Box

The small box doesn't seem like much on the outside. However, the poplar wood it's made from allows you to easily paint or customize to your own discretion. Poplar is a hardwood that's mighty solid yet softer than cedar, offering a lightweight and hardy construction. 

A Staunch Table With Ample Storage Space

The table is made from heavier hardwood to provide stability and security for your centerpieces and coffee cups. The coffee table also provides substantial storage space with multiple deep pullout drawers for your magazines, books, and much more. 

Multi-Tiered Robust Oak Bookcase

Oak is the most popular wood to make a bookcase with due to its stocky characteristics; it's perfect for holding heavy books up. The multiple deep tiers also allow for even the most avid reader to struggle to fill the entire unit. 

Natural Looking Varnished Wooden Cabinet Door

These wooden cabinet doors are a simple design but beautiful when put together. The cabinet is made from hardwood which provides an alluring aesthetic when installed; the shiny varnish finish is what enhances the natural look. 

Sturdy And Customizable Cornhole Boards

The board is secured using the adjustable back legs that can change in height; although adjustable, the legs are fixed securely to the mainboard so that the weight from the cornhole bags doesn't collapse the board. The wood material allows you to fully customize the board with your own designs and colors. 

Deep Tiered Slatted Flower Planter

The slatted design allows for oxygen to absorb into any plants' roots inside the box; it also allows flooded soil to dry quickly to protect your plants from drowning. The deep box design provides the flowers/plants plenty of room for the roots to grow. 

Snug-Fit & Roomy Couch Cup Holder

The elongated box design allows for more than just a cup to rest on your couch. The wood design doesn't just rest on top of the arm; the wood molds around the arm to ensure the cup holder is secure and can't just be knocked off. By following the dimensions of your armchair, it'll fit comfortably around the arm. 

Varnished Bench With A Spacious Two-Tier Shoe Rack Underneath

The slatted shoe rack allows for two levels of shoes to sit comfortably. The slats mean that for dirtier shoes to be placed at the bottom, the dirt can fall off when dry and easily cleaned. This rack's benefit is that the top part can be used as a bench to sit on while tying your shoelaces. 

Reinforced Yet Lightweight Aesthetic Wine Rack

Using hardwood with lightweight properties is what makes this wine rack a standout product from competitors. Sturdy and reinforced enough to handle the weight from multiple bottles of wine while staying easy to carry and good to look at with its varnished finish. 

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What Types of Projects Is a Table Saw Good For?

Table saws are best used for certain tasks and projects. Take a look below at what types of projects are best suited to use a table saw

Straight Cut Projects 

Due to the fixed, circular design, you're restricted to straight cuts and grooves, which are required to create most furniture products and units. The table saw is, therefore, best suited to furniture projects. 

Construction Tasks Suit A Table Saw

It's a known fact that wood is the most commonly used material to build structures. This is why a table saw is a valuable machine to own when working on a construction project. You'll definitely need to do various crosscuts and rip cuts, which are the most basic cuts that can be done. 

What Kind of Table Saw Do You Need for Basic Projects?

When you think of a basic project, you associate simple and small cuts with basic. Take a look at what table saws are best suited to these smaller tasks. 

Benchtop Table Saw

A benchtop table saw quite literally sits on your worktop; they don't cover the same amount of area as a larger cabinet table saw or contractor table saw. Therefore, they're great for smaller, more basic cuts like ripping or crosscuts. 

Jobsite Table Saw

A Jobsite table saw is a portable table saw that can be wheeled around a worksite and extended securely. Like the benchtop table saw, they're far smaller than a contractor or cabinet table saw, making them suitable for smaller tasks like cutting angles or grooves rather than large-scale plywood cutting. 


There are many projects that can be completed with a basic table saw. Your own creativity is your limit to what can be created with a table saw. If you've just started out working with a table saw, try and complete one of the projects mentioned above to build your experience and technical handling.