What is a Riving Knife? – Complete Answer (Pictures Included)

| Last Updated: March 1, 2021

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TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Below are a few aspects to remember when researching a riving knife. 

  • Riving knives are an important safety feature
  • They’re not essential but highly recommended 
  • A splitter is similar to a riving knife 

What is a Riving Knife on a Table Saw?

In this section, we’ll discuss in further detail what a riving knife is, how it works, and its similarities with other safety components. 

A riving knife is an important safety feature on most modern table saws. In the article below, we’ll discuss further what a riving knife is and how they work.

How Does A Riving Knife Work? 

Table saws are commonly used for cross-cutting and ripping and will often encounter times when a partially cut workpiece moves in on itself and pinches the blade. 

The pinched blade results in the workpiece flying towards the user at high speeds. The riving knife maintains a gap between the two cut sides, which stops jamming and nasty accidents caused by kickback. 

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Do I Need A Riving Knife?

They aren’t necessary to your table saw. But, they should be seriously considered. There are a few alternatives, such as a blade guard or splitter. 

One of these three should be considered, but there are many advantages to a riving knife that can’t be met by the other two safety features. 

What Is A Splitter? 

A splitter is similar to a riving knife because it protects the user from kickback accidents. The splitter sits behind the blade to stop the cut wood from pinching the blade. 

The main difference between a splitter and a riving knife is that a splitter is fixed in-place, and a riving knife moves with the blade. 

For a more detailed explanation, take a look at our splitter vs. riving knife article. 


Safety features are key to keeping you and others safe, and a riving knife has become a reliable and popular safety feature found in most modern table saws. There are other options out there, but they’re not quite like a riving knife.