Best Track Saws of 2021 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 30, 2021

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If you have any experience with woodworking or with operating power tools, you likely have had the classic frustration at some point: why is it so dang hard to cut things in a straight line?

You need a power tool that will enable you to forget about keeping your saw straight and instead focus on the end game: your final project. You need a track saw. Read on to learn more about these awesome products.

Snapshot! Best Track Saws

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:

Best Overall
Best for the Money

Comparison Chart of the Track Saws


Our Rating


Bosch GKT13-225L

Best Overall

DeWalt DWS520K


Wen CT1065

Best for the Money

Festool TS 75 EQ

Best Festool Track Saw

Makita XPS02ZU

Best Makita Track Saw

DeWalt DCS520ST1

Best Dewalt Track Saw

What is a Track Saw?

Track saws are similar in design to circular saws, which can cut through a wide variety of different kinds of materials. But track saws differ from circular saws in one crucial aspect: while circular saw blades are exposed, track saw blades are concealed, which means they are much more adept at making plunge cuts.

Track saws also take their name from their ability to be connected to a long metal rail (the “track”), which then guides them along longer work pieces to make straight, smooth cuts. Track saws are usually more easily transported than other kinds of saws.

How to Choose a Track Saw

With so many different track saw options available on the market today, how can you possibly narrow it down? Never fear, we have got you covered with what you should be on the lookout for:

Straight Cutting Capability

The whole point of a track saw is that it can make straighter cuts than pretty much any other saw available on the market. Make sure when checking a saw out that it has a proven track record (get it?) of the straightest cuts possible. 

Depth Scales

Everyone knows straight cuts are not particularly helpful when they are made in the wrong place or to the wrong depth in a work piece. Invest in a track saw with a quality depth scale so you can make sure your cuts are also as precise as they can be.


This is a basic requirement for any saw, but do not forget about it with your track saw just because you are focusing on the types of cuts it can make! Ensure your track saw is powerful enough to cut through any type of material you may want to throw at it.

What is a Track Saw Used For?   

Track saws are simple tools, but their utility is hard to overstate. They serve many useful purposes, the more common of which we have described below.

Plunge Cuts

Plunge cuts are the most complicated cuts you will ever attempt to make, and you really should not even try them unless you have a track saw. Since a track saw’s track is versatile and can be placed at any angle imaginable, you can work your saw to make fine, precise plunge cuts.

Long, Straight Cuts

Track saws are great if you have to cut a large number of long, straight cuts (for example, if you are cutting plywood boards). Because the saw is guided along a track, it can go the distance and maintain a straight line where other saws could not.

Complicated Cuts

Track saws are great for taking your saw to the project, instead of your project to the saw. If you have a work piece with a lot of strange angles, or maybe a piece that is outside of your work shop, a track saw is your best possible option.

Quick Take: Best Track Saws

Hoping to cut right to the chase? Below are the best track saws:

  1. Best Overall: Bosch GKT13-225L
  2. Runner-up: DeWalt DWS520K
  3. Best for the Money: Wen CT1065

Review of the Best Track Saws

Now that you have a better sense of what you should be keeping an eye out for with track saws, let’s go check out some actual products:

Best Overall:
Bosch GKT13-225L


  • Simple to set up
  • Will not bog down or overheat
  • Included stock blade works great
  • Tough enough to cut through hard woods like red oak


  • Has more friction than other saws

Our Review

There sure is a lot to love about this saw. It has a number of convenience features designed to make your life easier and allow you to focus on the most important task at hand – your cutting project. These features include a dust collection port that actually locks into place so it can securely funnel all of the sawdust away from your work space.

This saw also comes with a handy carrying bag for its different tracks. The bag even has an extra side pouch so you can store the connector and the clamps as well.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

We loved that this saw actually includes both metric system measurements and American system measurements. With all kinds of project instructions out there these days using both types of measurements, it’s nice to know that your saw is capable of measuring both.

DeWalt DWS520K


  • Depth scale allows for precise cuts
  • Can make quick cuts and plunge cuts as well
  • DeWalt is a reliable power tool brand you can count on
  • Can make straight cuts in both directions thanks to its dual edged tracks


  • Saw can sometimes get stuck in the “off” position

Our Review

This saw is a beast. It is capable of chewing right through materials up to 2 1/8 inch thick when cutting at a 90 degree angle, and it can still handle materials up to 1 5/8 inch thick even when cutting at a 45 degree angle.

You will not have to worry about this saw ever making a mistake when cutting, due to its anti slip aluminum track. But do not think this saw is difficult to push along – it also incorporates four low friction glide strips to keep the cutting process as smooth as possible.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The versatility on this saw is absolutely unbelievable. Thanks to its blade guard being built lower than other models, you can make cuts in tight spaces that other saws will not be able to navigate. There is very little this saw will not be able to cut!

Best for the Money:
Wen CT1065


  • Has a lot of power
  • Great option for DIY projects
  • Well made of high quality material
  • Depth gauge has a high level of accuracy


  • Included track is on the shorter side

Our Review

This saw is an all around excellent option, particularly for beginners and those who are new to operating a track saw and may be feeling a little bit intimidated by the process. It is straightforward and simple to operate – you will be making cuts in no time.

And those cuts will be as smooth as they could possibly be, as users report that this saw produces little to no splintering. There is also little to no kickback, which is another plus for people who are nervous about engaging with this tough of a power tool.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

You are not going to believe your eyes when you see the price point on this product. A track saw for that cheap has got to be poor quality, right? Wrong! We are pleased to report that this saw is actually a steal of a deal.

Best Festool Track Saw:
Festool TS 75 EW


  • Has variable speed control
  • Good for cutting thick sheets
  • Great option for professional use
  • Motor’s soft start feature boosts cutting precision


  • On the heavier side

Our Review

We loved the attention to detail on so many of the different design aspects with this saw. Its riving knife/splitter system is spring loaded, which helps to keep the cut kerf open to the point where the cutting material will not pinch the saw’s blade as you are cutting (which also helps to prevent kickback).

It also boasts a slip clutch, which prevents undue wear and tear on the gear case, the blade, and even the motor. And, it is super comfortable to operate, even for long periods of time, thanks to its intentional ergonomic design that prioritizes the comfort of the user.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

One of the biggest hassles of working with track saws is swapping out their blades. But with the Festool’s patented Fastfix system, you can kiss that hassle goodbye. It locks both the switch and the arbor simultaneously, so no more struggle.  

Best Makita Track Saw:
Makita XPS02ZU


  • Rail guide system is optional
  • Durable enough to last for a long time
  • Can make bevel cuts from -1 to 48 degrees
  • Has rubber overmold twin grips to maximize user comfort


  • Instructions are difficult to understand

Our Review

What can this saw not handle? Spoiler alert: not much! This Makita is a boss. Not only can it cut through wood, including luxury hardwoods, it can also easily make straight, smooth rips through melamine, flooring, and many other different kinds of materials.

Its soft start system prevents you from revving up the torque on your initial cut and potentially causing splintering. And, if you have to make super precise miter cuts, this saw will lock into the track and not flip out, thanks to little discs that slip into the track’s grooves and hold the saw in place.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

Users are saying that their favorite quality about this Makita saw is its variable control speed dial. You can adjust your saw’s cutting speed to match the particular project you are working on, with a range anywhere from 2,000 RPM to 2,5000 RPM.

Best DeWalt Track Saw:
DeWalt DCS520ST1


  • Will not bind up easily
  • Comes with its own storage kit
  • Excellent for breaking down wood
  • Cuts everything from finished wood to plywood


  • Not as powerful as some of the other saws

Our Review

If you want the perfect combination of smooth cuts and speed, this DeWalt is the product you have got to go with! This saw makes some of the fastest cuts we have ever seen, with absolutely zero compromise when it comes to cut quality.

And that will not fade away over time – multiple users have reported that they use this saw every day, and it still cuts just as quickly and just as accurately as it did on the very first day they used it. This could be due to the excellent blade housing, which keeps overall sawdust to a minimum.

What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The very best thing about this saw is that it is a cordless model that runs entirely on battery power. Say goodbye to always being tethered to a power cord, or feeling like you can’t bring your saw to a job site because you don’t know if you’ll have electrical access.

Comparison Overview

You may be struggling to choose between a track saw and another kind of saw. Never fear, we have broken down the most commonly compared saws here:

Track Saw vs. Table Saw

As mentioned above, track saws are more portable than table saws, which are some of the least easily transported saws you can find on the market. Table saws do tend to have a more powerful motor than track saws, but you should also consider how much space they take up in a workshop compared to a track saw. Track saws can easily be tucked away in a corner of your workshop or even on a shelf.  

Track Saw vs. Circular Saw

You may be thinking that a cordless circular saw will serve basically the same function as a track saw. While it is true that both track saws and circular saws are similarly portable, they are not similarly accurate. Circular saws make much more rough cuts than track saws do. The bonus of circular saws is that they are often priced lower than track saws, although your precision will suffer.

Track Saw vs. Panel Saw

Panel saws are designed for cutting very large work pieces. They have a lot of the same limitations as a table saw in that they are not particularly portable compared to a track saw. The selling point for panel saws is that they are fairly easy to learn how to use and to continue to use, although even beginner woodworkers could learn to use a track saw relatively quickly as well.

Track Saw Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Success

New to track saws? Need some pointers? Look no further, we've got your back! These are the three things we suggest you look for when using a track saw.

Carbide Blades

You should definitely go with a carbide blade when working with your track saw. These blades are heat resistant so they will not burn your work piece, and they are durable enough to last for a long time without wearing down.

Track Clamps

A track saw is only as straight as its track, and its track can sometimes use a little extra help to be held in place. Track clamps are the way to go for this issue. Invest in one hand clamps, which (as their name shows) require only one hand to lock into place.

Locking Dust Hose

Many of our models discussed above have a dust hose collection system that locks into place. You should really choose a product with this feature so you do not have to worry about dust swirling around and messing up your cutting angle.


Track saws are really your best option not only for making consistently straight cuts, but also for investing in a power tool that is easily transported and can make cuts at all kinds of weird angles. Basically, no matter what project you are working on, a track saw is probably a good option for you. We promise that you will not be able to go wrong with any of our top notch products listed above. 

People Also Ask

In case you have any lingering questions about operating a track saw, we have rounded up some of our most commonly asked inquiries:

How Much is a Track Saw?

Track saws are available for a range of prices. We have seen saws anywhere between $100 and $800. Keep in mind that price is not always the best indicator of quality – our reviews above break down what you should be looking for.

Can You Use a Track Saw Without the Track?

You can use the track saw without the track – in fact, in some instances that is actually preferable, such as when you are making curved cuts or plunge cuts. Most track saws are easily separated from their tracks.

Can You Turn a Circular Saw into a Track Saw?

You can turn a circular saw into a track saw, but you will need to purchase an additional track saw kit on top of the cost of your circular saw. You will also need to make sure the kit is compatible with your particular make and model of circular saw.