Best Woodworking Classes in Orange County (Reviewed)

| Last Updated: September 20, 2020

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​Orange County may be known for its stunning vistas and fast paced life, but that does not mean you are not able to take a break from the hustle and bustle to focus on some good old fashioned DIY projects.

Plus, with the stunning beauty of Orange County’s local woods, including mimosas, oaks, and cottonwoods, who would not want to do woodwork here? Read on to learn about the best woodworking classes in the area.

Round-up of the Best Woodworking Classes in Orange County

We have come up with a range of classes and maker spaces devoted to woodworking in Orange County, California. Here is our comprehensive list:

​Best Woodworking Class in Orange County:
Urban Workshop

​Basic Info

  • Location: ​365-A Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  • Main Contact: ​Steve Trindale
  • Phone Number: (949) 296-2153
  • E-mail:


  • Dedicated parking lot
  • Centralized, convenient location
  • Provides classes and summer camps for kids
  • Offers high quality professional grade equipment

Why Did This Class Make Our List?

If you are looking for the biggest maker space you can find, it will be difficult to find one bigger than Urban Workshop. Memberships at Urban are offered on an annual basis, and most of their active members renew every year because of the awesome, stimulating environment the workshop provides.

Overall, we really like Urban Workshop. It is a great place to meet other enthusiastic, crafty people.

What Types of Programs Are Offered?

Urban Workshop offers a ton of classes on a range of different craft techniques. Their woodworking section allows for several different “basics of woodworking” options, along with some classes that are more specifically focused on certain projects or techniques, and a set of classes designated as more advanced.

Attendees pay on a per class basis and members receive a discount. You can also utilize their maker space in a less structured format if you're looking for a more freestyle approach.

​Best Beginner Woodworking Class in Orange County:
The Wood Workshop

​Basic Info

  • Location: Corona Heritage Park, 570 W Foothill Pkwy
  • Main Contact: Dennis Yuan
  • Phone Number: (951) 836-2052


  • Wood shop is stocked with tools
  • Gives back to the local community
  • Main instructor is a college professor
  • Offers individualized instructor attention

Why Did This Class Make Our List?

The Wood Workshop has a fully equipped wood shop with pretty much ever tool you would ever need in woodworking. They even offer instruction with guaranteed expertise.

Their main instructor, Dennis Yuan, also teaches classes at San Bernardino State University, so you know you are working with someone who really knows their stuff. The Wood Workshop folks also often volunteer in the local community.

What Types of Programs Are Offered?

The Wood Workshop really prioritizes individualized attention with its students, allowing them as much time as they need to complete their projects as opposed to rushing them through their classes. Their classes tend to focus on specific techniques such as wood turning, or woodworking with power tools.

Classes are often offered on a weekly basis. Attendees pay per class, and classes can be tailored to both amateurs and professionals.

​Best Retail Woodworking Class in Orange County:
Woodcraft of Orange County

​Basic Info

  • Location: 10770 Talbert Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
  • Phone Number: (714) 969-9663
  • E-mail:


  • So many different tool options
  • Tools are exceptionally high quality
  • Merges their retail and education components well
  • Welcoming environment, even for women and younger folks

Why Did This Class Make Our List?

It is incredibly convenient to take a class on woodworking techniques, and then be able to just step over to a retail area to invest in the tools and woods you were just working with in the class to be able to continue future projects at home.

Woodcraft provides excellent customer service, particularly to customers who also take a class with them, often hooking them up with significant discounts.

What Types of Programs Are Offered?

Woodcraft mostly focuses on introductory classes when it comes to woodworking. You can choose between a range of basic beginner projects, including the ever popular laminated cutting board, or even a Harry Potter wand.

They then have a set of classes designated as “Course 2,” which are a step up in terms of skill level and can produce projects such as dovetails. Attendees pay on a per class basis.


As you can see, there are a ton of options for awesome woodworking instruction and support within the Orange County area.

If you are a novice to woodworking, if you need to get some final guidance on that lengthy project you have been working on, or if you just need a space to connect with other woodworkers, Orange County has got it all. You will not be disappointed with any of our top notch class options.


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